A whole year of Paper Junkies, already! I remember coming up with the idea last year and being so excited about it, and it really has proven to be such a fun little project for us.

With all the goodies we have around our office at any given time, the possibilities are almost endless for color, type, and setup each month. We really tried hard to make sure that we did something unique and ran the gamut of style from sweet to mod to classic and everywhere in between. That said, like everything, I feel like we get a little better each month too, which is always a good thing!



One big change we’ve made is that signup is open all year round now. Originally when we started the program I wanted to do periods of signups to keep things simpler for us, but we’ve gotten into a groove and we’re going to make it work for year round signups now. It makes a great gift idea for a friend to spread the holiday cheer out past the holidays!

If you want to join and be part of the fun, visit PaperJunkiesUnite.com.