Almost no one is able to have a “local” wedding anymore. It’s just so rare that people actually live in their hometown or near family that virtually all weddings have a high proportion of out-of-towner’s. And so, wedding welcome kits were born!

I’ve had the opportunity to do several and I think this is such a great place for a couple to let their personalities really come through. Unlike the invitation and even the program, where etiquette is a bit “stuffier” we’ll say, this is a place to really have fun. Shown above is a program + welcome kit — that May bride (only 10 days married!) even included a “hangover remedy” in her adorable welcome kit.

So in case you’re wondering, these are often left at the guests’ hotels along with other gifts (often location related – i.e. Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka in Charleston, etc.).

It’s a good thing to keep in mind because, if you want to do them, they can definitely fall through the cracks in that crunch time month or two before the wedding. For the most part, the information you want to include should be ready well before that (other than maybe final ceremony times) and so it would be a good thing to discuss with your stationery sooner rather than later.

ideas to include in a wedding welcome kit

  • Itinerary.  This is probably most important / helpful.  Let guests know exactly where you want them to be and when.
  • Directions.  At the very least, addresses so they can put it in their phones.
  • Transportation advice: for example, in Charleston, it’s not the kind of city where you just catch a cab (unless it’s a pedicab!).  You’ll need to call ahead and plan that, so giving your guest the 411 on how this works in your area is helpful.
  • Parking: depending on your venue, that could be an issue.  Will they need to plan ahead to find a spot?  Have cash for the garage or change for a meter?
  • Contact information: if you have a planner, ask if you can include their phone number.  That way, if anyone has any questions or emergencies on your big day, they have someone to call and it’s not you.
  • Where to eat: food is important.  Sharing your favorite spots and/or convenient places for your guests is very hospitable and takes some of that stress out of their trip.
  • What to do: anything I can’t miss while I’m here?  Tell me now — don’t tell me two weeks after the wedding when I find out I missed something awesome.
  • Quirky things: again, the bride with the hangover kit was quite clever.  Throw in something fun too if you can – a mad lib, a pop quiz about the city or the couple, or other fun anecdotes.
  • Thank You note / letter: include a personal note to your guests.

Have you been to a wedding that provided a welcome kit? Was it helpful and/or anything unusual? Did you or will you include one at your own nuptials?

Happy #ww!


  1. That’s such a clever idea! I like that it can be a bit fun and quirky too!

  2. I love the idea of a welcome kit, they’re such a fun idea. And these are super cute.

  3. Fun idea! I’ve heard of doing that, but hubs and I didn’t do it at ours. It was something that would have been nice to do, but in the end, wouldn’t have worked out. But so cute and clever!