The weather has me a bit exhausted this week. Something about the crazy humidity and stifling heat just saps the energy. To top it off, today we are experiencing a torrential deluge of rain, complete with a wonderful low rumbling thunder, which would make for an optimal afternoon nap. But of course, the show must go on!

It had me thinking about our summertime brides and how program fans are a most excellent idea.


I love the photo of Barbara’s classic yet fun version, and then Kelsey went a bit more rustic with the Kraft paper. I love that linen-y ribbon…it’s still one of my favorites. Both brides changed up the ribbon they used – tying half in one color and half in the other – which makes for a very eye-catching program basket!


Stay cool, my friends. (corny! haha)


  1. This is a wonderful idea! Both styles look great! I’m sure the guests would be thankful for them! :)