I have always loved crafts. When I was little my mom was always coming up with fun crafts we could do together and they are some of my favorite memories. One memorable year we made three nutcracker soldiers out of clay pots. It looked so simple but it was such a complicated project lol. They were so neat and we still have one of them today, the other two being given away as lovely handmade gifts.

Of course in college and stuff I was a bit busy with “serious art” and didn’t have any place to decorate hardly anyway. And then Pinterest came on the scene, and now I’m dying to make about a million different holiday crafts this year!

Cupcake Liner Carnations

How easy is this? And so cute!

Yarn Wreaths

I made a yarn wreath a few years ago that I donated, but I would love to have one to keep. This little snowman is so cute!

Source: etsy.com via Carolyn on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Book Pinwheels

It would be so cute to make a bunch of these for the tree, and inexpensive too.

Source: bhg.com via Sherry on Pinterest

Snowman out of Wreaths

This is SO clever & easy.

Source: pinterest.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Salt Dough

The other thing I’m loving is this salt dough tutorial posted by Simply Savannah Events. They would make the cutest ornaments!

So, are you a crafter? Have any good ones to share as we gear up for the holiday season?