When we moved into the new house, we inherited some old porch furniture from the previous owners which we were more than happy to accept, not really having any of our own. Our move coincided beautifully with the arrival of spring, so the porch has quickly become one of my very favorite parts of the house. It’s no wonder then, that I sit out there and dream up ways to make it better.


While the rocking chairs were fine like they were, the cushions were so faded and tired and I just thought a fresh coat of paint would really make them feel a little less like a free old pair of rocking chairs. In my head, I saw a vivid, smooth, lacquer-like bright yellow to really punch it up in our sea of wooden porch + furniture. I bought a couple cans of spray paint and got to work.

Unfortunately, my best laid plans quickly shattered. After two coats of yellow spray paint, I was left with this monstrosity.


Holey moley that does not look like I imagined it. My best guess is that the wood was so dry and completely unsealed that it just sucked the paint right up, and I was left with the grain showing through in a very pronounced way that made the yellow look dirty and blotchy.

That’s about when Robert started wondering allowed if anyone’s ever sued Pinterest for giving them bad ideas. Determinedly, I decided I would not end on a Pinterest fail, and instead I’d embark on the rescue mission.

The guy at the Lowe’s paint counter gave me the insightful advice that I might just need to do a new color. Yellow is apparently a notoriously hard color when it comes to paint. Lesson learned. So the weekend before last, I got out the plethora of flat white paint we still have from our renovation, a paintbrush, and set to work “resetting” the rocking chairs. Let me tell you, it takes awhile to paint something with so many rungs and nooks and crannies by hand.


Bye bye yellow.

Once I did that and let it dry overnight, I moved onto the new color: dark blue. I landed on it because it’s a color I like and also I knew that it would hide the grain if it still insisted on rising up and creating dark spots. The contrast would be a lot lower. So here we go…


Tip: painting rocking chairs is an obnoxious task if you don’t prevent them from rocking. Some old 2×2’s made a good “platform” of sorts and also made it easier to paint the bottom edges / keep it off the plastic.

Thankfully, this plan seemed to work better than the first go round.


So we are now the proud owners of the most thoroughly painted yellow-white-blue old rocking chairs ever. I am glad I did it because they are so cheerful now, but I sure didn’t set out thinking it was going to be a two week project. Has that ever happened to you?


  1. I was bummed that the yellow failed because it’s such a fun color, but I do love the color you settled on. Well done!