Being in a somewhat in-between time for invitations lately, I’ve managed to find a little bit of time to take care of a few projects on the “other” to-do list. You know, the one that sits by patiently and pretty much never, ever happens because your must-be-done-today list beats it every time? That to-do list.


Now that we’ve been in our office for about nine months (can it really have been that long?), there were definitely some things that could use streamlining. For one thing, we had no closet. Fortunately, I have a very nice landlord and a closet across the hall that was just begging to be uber-organized and full of pretty paper. I set out on that mission about two months ago and luckily was able to make it happen, so we were able to move a lot of the storage type stuff out from underfoot.

So of course then it was rearranging time. I toyed with all sorts of ideas, but we ended up with relatively what we had as I think it’s ultimately the best solution. Rearranging did involve acquiring this fabulous bright blue piece from Nadeau though, with which I am totally in love…


Next mission – filing cabinet. We had had one in the home office but it stayed there for our personal stuff. So now that we had a little room, it was time to bring one into the office. However, being a bit crazy and far too in love with my office space, I couldn’t bear to bring in an ugly beige filing cabinet. If you’re going to be a part of my 175 square feet, you’ve got to bring something to the table ;-)

So I found one on Craigslist and planned to paint it. A few weekends ago the weather looked great and my sweet husband offered to help. So we borrowed my MIL’s backyard and got to work.


All was going great, and we popped into a neighbor’s house, only to come back outside to a straight-up downpour. Out. Of. Nowhere. We ran out and stood over it with some cardboard, thinking it would blow over, but not so much. Imagine three people holding cardboard over a Craigslist filing cabinet in the pouring rain…yes, I know, I am crazy and very lucky to have people like that in my life! We found a box that fit over it though when the rain wasn’t stopping and figured we didn’t have much choice at that point but to wait it out inside and see what happened.

The paint was dry to the touch when the rain started, so luckily the water beaded up on it and wasn’t much of a problem. It was dry enough to move that day, but I will say that it took a few days for it to completely lose its tackiness – i.e. setting stuff on top of it kind of thing. But overall, I think the blue was worth it!


And then there was the pegboard on which I had my heart set. They are not easy to install though. Again lucky for me, my wonderful assistant Kellie has an equally wonderful husband who’s a homebuilder, so he spent a Friday morning helping us hang up this huge beautiful pegboard. Yes, we have 32 square feet of pegboard space. For someone who loves rearranging like I do, it’s a really good idea.

I spent that Sunday afternoon throwing some white paint on it and dancing away. It really didn’t take long at all. White latex paint worked great.


And then that week, we got to start hanging stuff! I wish this photo was better, but we are blessed to get really nice light from our big window, and I’m not a talented enough photographer to adjust for that well.


Lastly, the invitation catalog. This is seriously the longest project in the making. Finding a way to organize samples and present them well is a huge challenge. They could be organized in so many different ways — color, style, date, name, venue, printing type, etc. Finally, I realized that the way I really identify each suite is with the bride for whom it was made.

So we now have a “Bible” of sorts for most of the invitations we’ve ever created and they can be looked up by bride — it makes it so much easier when I’m talking because I know exactly where to find an invite I want to show someone.


Hopefully we’re good to go for another six months or so until some idea strikes. We are off to Florida this week for a mini vacation and I couldn’t be more excited. I hope summer is treating you well so far! What have you been up to?


  1. Katherine says:

    love your little space! It is so you, happy and pretty :) miss you!