It would really stink to have a hurricane named after you.

I guess I don’t really think of hurricanes as that big of a deal. I have been in Charleston my whole life and never evacuated.

I was only 2 years old in 1989 when Hurricane Hugo came through, but it was a doozie and I do remember bits and pieces.

Then in 1999 Hurricane Floyd came through and I was an oh-so-fun-to-be-around 12 year old. We lost power for several days but Dad had a generator and for the most part it was just boring. We did get a week off from school and we did also lose a few huge oak trees that turned our backyard into a disaster zone and crushed my dad’s old trucks.

In between those two & since we have had countless hurricanes that were headed our way. It seems when they’re out off the coast of Africa they ALWAYS think it’s going to hit Charleston and then it turns to (bless those people) cream the Outer Banks instead.

But first thing on Monday it was all Irene talk and I find it interesting that, as Charleston has grown and there are so many people here who aren’t natives, the reaction to potential hurricanes seems much more exaggerated than it ever did before. Most native Charlestonians have been through at least a few. It feels kind of like a rite of passage to me.

That said though, my fiance said he was going to kidnap me and evacuate me whether I liked it or not. Evacuating just sounds miserable – 14 hours on the Interstate. What if you get stuck there?

But, thankfully, it doesn’t APPEAR at this moment that Irene is heading my way. I am however worried about all of my friends and readers further north because they are definitely not as used to storms like this threatening their shores (kind of like the panic that sets in around here in a snowfall). You are all in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that big mean storm takes a right hand turn!

Happy weekend dears.


  1. People are all up in a tizzy here too for Irene! I don't usually pay attention to weather reports until we are in the midst of it. But if it does hit, I'm looking forward to an excuse to say home and catch up on Netflix….granted that there are no power outages.

  2. I've never been through a hurricane so I'm sure I'd be a bit more freaked out. I'm used to tornadoes!