Hello friends! I’m sorry I suddenly went AWOL. Between small biz ownership, wedding season, a largely DIY home renovation, and packing for the move, something had to give.


Since we’d spent every waking moment at the new house over the past five weeks, there hadn’t been much moving prep to speak of. So on Thursday, after a late night of “final” painting work Wednesday, we had planned to box up the apartment. Unfortunately we discovered in a trip to the new place that that our ceiling touch up paint in the new kitchen was not successful – you could totally see it – and found ourselves repainting the whole ceiling instead. Luckily we’re kind of pros at that now. So Thursday was another late night packing.

We moved in on Friday and, with the help of the great team at Sure Load Moving, were able to get almost everything to the new place on that day.

Let the unpacking commence.

Unpacking is much more fun than packing, although the not-fun part was that, for the same reason the apartment wasn’t packed, I was wwaayy behind on laundry. I think I spent all day Saturday doing laundry, but I didn’t mind too much. It gave me a chance to spend a little time with this house of ours.

The past few days we’ve been able to settle in a bit more and try to get used to house-living as opposed to apartment-living. There are definitely differences that I had kind of forgotten — although I grew up in a house, I haven’t lived in one really since I was 18.

The first and only thing to get hung on the wall so far is my vintage key hook I brought back from our last Paris trip, because it is WAY harder to find your keys in a house I’ve discovered. Plus, I haven’t hung this in any of our houses before, and it’s just so wonderfully symbolic, isn’t it?

I actually purchased it on New Year’s Eve 2012, right before attending an amazing concert at Sainte Chappelle in Paris, and I dumbly bought it forgetting I would have to carry it through security. Somehow they didn’t even stop me, and I’m not really sure how I feel about that..? Either way, it has a great story and I’m excited to be able to find my keys!

Stay tuned for new cards, house pics, DIY tutorials, and messes in the kitchen…hurray for normal life again!


  1. Carly Totten says:

    I’m so excited for you and R! I can’t wait until you post pictures. I’ve been loving all of your sneak peeks on Instagram!!

  2. Yay that’s so exciting, I can’t wait to see pictures!