It’s funny how color trends work, isn’t it? Mint is all the rage right now and I can’t help but love it too.


I’m noticing a lot of triangles in products and designs lately too. I really want these adorable coasters. Details bug me – as much as I love my Georgia Bulldogs, the red “G” coasters just stand out as so out of place in the living room I’m carefully curating. Yes, I know, that’s kind of silly, but aren’t these lovely?







OK so maybe those didn’t all end up being mint but I think they looked nice together, and I’d happily take any of them ;-) I have always wanted a globe for some reason. Not sure why. And the old style alarm clocks are just so much prettier than a digital piece.

How do you feel about mint? Do you fall in with color trends or stick to your favorites? For me, I might love the trends, but I almost always gravitate back to the blue, green, and gray.

Check out the lovely finds above in these shops:

mint green scarf | vintage blue alarm clock | vintage globe | wood bunting | polygon necklace | vintage camera | mint triangle coasters


  1. I’m loving the mint green trend. I’m not usually a fan of soft colors, but the green us just too pretty to pass up. Also I’m 100% with you on the globe! I want a vintage globe. Hoping to do some flea market shopping and find myself one when the weather gets warm :)

  2. SeaStarArts says:

    I bought the scarf ;-)

  3. says:

    I am so attracted to globes as well, and I can’t really say why but I love them. Especially old ones. I need to get me a globe one day!