I had La Duree macaroons the last time we went to Paris and just knew we had to have some again this go round. They really are delicious and much different than even the French style ones we have here. They say it’s in the origins of the ingredients (ie French flour) and maybe they are right! Either way, I love them.

Not only are they pretty, but they are delicious too. There are La Duree locations all over Paris and even around the world, although the only one in the States is in New York.

It’s not just about the product either – their packaging is to delightful. Beautiful bags, tiny perfectly sized boxes for scrumptious treats, and pretty paper to accompany all of it. I wish I had stopped eating it so fast to take a few more photos :-)

The first time we went we bought macaroons and took them with us, and the second time we managed to squeeze in and get a table in the tea room. I really couldn’t get a good sense of whether it was only tourists that do that or not, but there was a lot of French going on around us so it didn’t seem that way. The tea selection was actually really wonderful and we enjoyed the one we had very much.

Have you ever had La Duree macaroons or been there? What’s your favorite flavor?


  1. Newlifeinspain.com says:

    I haven’t tried these, maybe I should? I have tried macaroons in Barcelona a few times, but been disapointed every time and not really understood what the fuss was about. (I almost feel brave for saying this haha! It seems it’s one of those things you should love…) So I haven’t given up yet, but assume I have been at the wrong places when trying them. If i ever come by a La Duree I promise to give it another try! What flavour should I go for?

    • I actually don’t love them either when I’ve had them here, but the “authentic” ones really are delicious. I like the lighter flavors — like pistachio, vanilla, and I can’t remember the other one! Oh, rose is interesting. My travel buddies were much more into the raspberry and chocolate. It was definitely a fun experience!

  2. This company has such pretty branding and store displays! Thanks for sharing the photos, I’m living vicariously thru you.

  3. Katie Ellison says:

    Oh those look amazing! I adore macaroons and would kill to try them in Paris! Maybe one day lol. Judy and I found a really good place downtown the other day. Christophe Artisan was the name I think. They had all kinds of macaroons, pastries, and chocolates. They have an adorable patio or upstairs siting area.