…even when it starts out like this!


So I’ve been hinting at things for awhile now, and I’m finally ready to share now that it’s real. ((drumroll please))

We have an office ladies and gents!

It’s a big step personally and business wise, so I’ve been agonizing over the big stuff and the little stuff for quite awhile now. I’ve written many times about the perks of working from home as well as the downsides, and it’s been an awesome 3 years of working “in pajamas.”

Change is good too though, and it’s really exciting for me personally to get a little bit of home back. It’s the biggest downside of working from home and I’m ready for a bit of differentiation between work time and being home time.

And on the business side, can we say decorating?

It has been so much fun figuring all of this out. While it’s still a design-on-a-dime production, it’s very important to reflect our style and design sense and this is the first time I’ve gotten to do that in a real space.

Here’s how it looked before…



A beige box. Keep that in mind because tomorrow we’ll show the makeover!

So besides decorating, I can’t wait to have more samples and papers and such right here on hand for clients to check out in meetings, both business and stationery clients alike. I can only ever carry so much to a coffee shop.

Stay tuned tomorrow to see the end result!


  1. Oh my gosh, yay! Congrats, Sarah, so happy for you. What an exciting BIG step!

  2. www.newlifeinspain.com says:

    Oh wow! Congratulations! How exciting. Best of luck!