Tis the season….

for boxes, boxes, and more boxes! On Tuesday morning, I had several errands to run, an orthodontist appointment, and flu vaccine (yuck), and when I finally got back to the office, this lovely array of boxes awaited me. Something about getting packages is always exciting, even when they are full of adhesive or something equally boring. I just wish the boxes would make themselves disappear once they’re opened!

We are busy with pretty holiday cards, spring wedding invites, and summer save the dates around here. I’m anxiously trying to make sure everyone has everything they need before our Paris trip (16 days and counting!), and printer #2 hasn’t helped by breaking down. So that’s been a lovely little mishap to overcome — thankfully, another is on the way!

I’m excited to go get a tabletop Christmas tree tonight. I decided against getting the normal big one since we will be gone for the holidays, but I just can’t resist having at least a little bit of Christmas cheer in the house. Have you gotten a tree yet?

Also, for more Christmas cheer, come out and see us this weekend at the Lowcountry Artist Market! I’m so excited – it’s such a great way to meet people and find great hidden gems. What are your weekend plans?


  1. Oh the joys of the holidays and craziness! We got our Christmas tree Monday night and I love it. We got a live, potted full size tree and now that we have a backyard, we will keep it back there and try to keep it alive for next year! Good luck getting it all done before your amazing trip!

  2. www.newlifeinspain.com says:

    In Norway most people have real trees for Christmas, so they are not taken in until 20th December the earliest (often not until 22nd or 23rd). I am used to that, but I am actually warming up to the idea of a fake tree to be able to enjoy it longer! It’s so cozy! Another thing is that to me Christmas normally means it’s cold and dark and white outside. Now I am living in Las Palmas with its ‘eternal summers’ and I actually don’t have any feeling Christmas is around the corner. I am going to Norway for Christmas though, so it’ll come for sure :)

  3. Krysten Hartenstein says:

    We have a fake tree, but normal sized. My folks are buying a real tree, which I’m excited for. I love the smell!