I absolutely love these gorgeous gold foil wedding invitations. With their Art Deco inspired flair, they are so much fun, a bit unique, but still feel formal too.





The wedding was at the Gibbes Museum of Art, which is such a perfect venue for this style of invitation. The bride loved gold, so we had to go for gold foil wedding invitations and I am thrilled with the result.

Gold is so popular right now but it is a tricky color in print. Unless you go for gold foil, you have to look at gold as more of a “bronze” or deep tan / golden yellow sort of color. Without the shine, that’s just how gold looks (think about aged monuments or brass), so if you really want the shine in your printed materials, you have to go for the foil. One little trick we use to get around that sometimes is to print on shimmer paper, which helps by giving it a bit of shine, but definitely isn’t as authentically-gold as foil.

This sweet bride & groom tied the knot in March, and we’re so happy for them! Congrats Elizabeth and Bryan!

credits: calligraphy by paige tanenbaum | mediocre photography by me


  1. Oooh I love the fonts!