I go through major highs and lows with decorating, and now that we’re in our new place, I’m definitely in one where I’m enjoying decorating quite a bit. In the past, and still now too, I struggle with the feeling of needing to finish a room. That’s how my job works…we start design projects and we finish them. But I think your home is different and you have to learn to embrace the evolving nature of it. I am working on that!


In case you didn’t know, I am a bookworm and I always have been. My brother and husband will both tell you in a very dejected way that they had to carry entirely too many books up three flights of stairs. I love everything about books though…that they work even when the power is out, the feel of the paper, the way they take you to places faraway, and the library-like smell.

So when it comes to decorating, I love being surrounded by books. I am excited to have more places to display our books in the new place so over the weekend I experimented with how to display them.


I am kind of in love with how the color coding thing turned out. I am trying not to get obsessive and scour all my books for the same number of each color. We’ll see how long that lasts :-)


I don’t remember where I saw this, but I’ve also seen books done this way before where they are actually turned the other way. It’s definitely not the best for spotting a book you want, but the paper lover in me kind of likes how you see the different pages and how, although they’re all some shade of white, they are slightly different. I’m trying this out for awhile to see what I think.

What is your favorite decorating piece or trick?


  1. Newlifeinspain.com says:

    I looove books. My father owned a bookstore when I grew up, and I basically grew up there. I loved spending time there, reading, touching, and smelling the books. Books definitely have a dear place in my heart, and I always love places with books. People’s homes, or restaurants or bars with a bookshelf always feel more cozy straight away! I could go on and on, but I think I’ll stop here, just needed to say how much I agree that books are awesome!

  2. www.lifecoachwannabe.com says:

    Oh, my husband also had to carry too many books up three flights of stairs when we moved to our apartment :D But I just love books, I always buy them! I can never have enough of them!

  3. I’ve always dreamed of having amazing built in bookshelves with lots of beautiful books, but my collection is pretty sad at the moment, especially now that I have an e-reader.

  4. I LOVE being surrounded by books and using them to decorate.