My client Audrey of Boston Food Finds sent an article in the Boston Globe my way over the weekend that mentioned this book and as soon as I read it, I knew I had to get this book.

It’s about the history of typography. Seems silly but it’s actually really interesting for a font nerd like me. There are all sorts of little tidbits about movies and how they use type incorrectly (i.e. a typeface invented in the 90’s in a movie about the 40’s) as well as the people who invented different typefaces. I won’t go into details, but the guy who invented Gill Sans was a freak!! But hey, it is a nice font…. :-)

And then there is the Comic Sans debate. I have to be honest: I HATE COMIC SANS. And that’s part of why Audrey sent me the article because we had a bit of a back and forth (friendly of course!) about using Comic Sans on her website. Well, if you read the article, you’ll see that the typography community and graphic design community as a whole consider it a no-go. There’s even a movement to ban it!

So anyway, that’s what I’m reading right now and it’s proven very interesting. I’m all over the place with what I read though…next up on my nightstand is a total girly feel good book.

Do you like to read? Do you stick to one genre or bounce all over the place? How do you feel about fonts lol?


  1. Haha, very interesting. I love to read and usually I'll get obsessed with one genre and read A TON from it. Right now it's YA Fiction lol.

  2. I dream in fonts… def not comic sans!

  3. I too am team KILL COMIC SANS!

  4. tiffanylanehandmade says:

    I'm not a reader at all! I tend to think I will like to read and even went on a book frenzy a few years ago. Needless to say all but one of those books I wanted for Christmas have never been opened…shame on me. And for the record, I do not like Comic Sans either!

  5. Ohhhh, I might have to check this book out because I love fonts! When I first discovered all the many fonts out there, I flipped! I have dreams of creating one some day, but don't know if I will ever get to that :) Font nerds are cool :)

  6. I have to agree….Comic Sans has to go! As for reading, I'm all over the place too! It keeps things interesting :)

  7. This book looks like a very interesting read. I might have to get a copy!

    My reading material is all over the place, I'm reading a handbook on pricing and also harry potter :)

    And I hate comic sans too! It makes me cringe every time I see it on something.

  8. I need to read that Boston Globe article, thank you for the link! I definitely loathe comic sans!


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