Oh my goodness, this wedding was gorgeous. I had the pleasure of working with this couple to create a true wedding suite – all the way from save the date to place cards + signage. Designed by Southern Protocol, this Lowndes Grove wedding was all about classic style with Lowcountry influences.

Paige Winn was their photographer and she was sweet enough to share these images with me.

The day of paper included signage, programs, diecut gate menus (LOVE!), place cards & escort cards, and favor tags. It was quite fun for me! :-)

These photos of course are not going to measure up to Paige’s beautiful photography, but here are a few photos I took of the pre-wedding paper: save the dates and invitations.

I really love how, because we knew we were doing multiple elements of paper throughout the wedding, we were able to create a theme without being too “themey” (does that make sense?). i.e. we didn’t put a house on everything and call it a day – we were able to weave this sort of Lowcountry story throughout with trees, gates, and architecture.

To see more than just the paper, visit Paige Winn’s blog!

A quick post today to share this adorable Save the Date photo that the bride was sweet enough to share with me. Based on the Charleston Garden Party invitation, we created a sign for them to use in the picture and it turned out so cute.

Photo Credit: Jean Marie Photography in Pullman, WA

I am so excited about these booklet invitations I couldn’t even wait for the 1000x better photos that Jeni at Seastar Arts will be taking this week! It’s always so exciting when a couple thinks outside of the box, and it’s been a pleasure to work with Christina & Tim on their awesome booklet style wedding invitations. Plus, Magnolia Gardens had a fantastic map we were able to use that suits the style perfectly!

This bride has the right idea: for a July wedding in the Lowcountry, let’s give everyone fans! Wedding program fans hot off the presses :-)

How’s your week going? Wherever you are, I hope you’re cooler than we are in Charleston, 100% humidity and a heat index of 110 degrees. I have taken up residence in my freezer. :-)

These were a complete blast to draw and create for a bride in Washington, DC hosting a carnival themed reception at Glen Echo Park. We wanted something along the theme but nothing cheesy or over the top, and I think this monochrome design turned out to be the perfect fit!

with a bug.

I am a complete and total girl about bugs. It all started with a bee sting at the age of 6 from which I’ve never fully recovered (emotionally that is). It doesn’t matter what kind of bug – bees, dragonflies, waterbugs, etc. – I detest and fear them all equally. That goes for critters too – I was never a kid to play with frogs or anything. Yeah, I’m a girl about it alright.

So you can imagine my horror at living in this wonderfully hot, marshy city of ours that is just full of life and nature and – consequently – critters. Especially at this time of year.

Last Friday we were coming home after a movie and I walked into the powder room to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. As I reached down to grab a tissue, what was waiting for me but a darn Palmetto Bug (waterbug) on the toilet paper roll! When I pulled the paper he launched across the room in what was basically a fully prepared assassination attempt, I’m sure of it.

I have never run so fast in my life! My poor fiance thought there was a robber or something in there as I’m hysterically shrieking about the giant bug – he’s at least 6″ long certainly (I kid) – and demanding that he do something about it.

So, he searched and I searched for that dang bug and we still haven’t found him. Then last night, he makes another brief appearance, and apparently he has some sort of superhighway underneath the bathroom cabinet where he can disappear in like two seconds flat.

So now I’m walking into the bathroom with a broom in my hand everytime lol. Bug, you’re on notice.

Admitted: I’m ridiculous. Happy Friday :-)

I am thrilled to share these amazing photos courtesy of Sea Star Arts today – isn’t Jeni amazing?

These invitations are for a Citadel chapel ceremony and a Magnolia Plantation reception, and the bride is incorporating lots of vintage and handmade elements, so we went for an elegant but rustic invitation style. I am thrilled with how they turned out – the burlap and lace ribbon, the string enclosure envelopes, and the perforated RSVP postcard are so unique and – I hope – will be lots of fun to receive in the mail!

Congratulations Janie :-)


.first let us say we are thankful to be here.
.but how jealous i am that miss sarah is in nyc.
.lived there for two years and i crave it everyday. .everyday.
.hoping she’s enjoying herself and for now i’ll just revel in her lucky fortune.
.because chucktown’s pretty awesome too.


.meet husband and me. .and our pup, roy, too.




.a film man.
.honest at all cost.
.smarty pants.
.dry and witty.
.all things brazil.
.master bowler.
.a digital rockstar.
.dancing diva.
.original southern belle with the heart
.and soul of a new yorker.
.creating everything possible.
.baby hungry.
.three year marriage pros.
(.insert eyebrow raise and laughter here.)
.lowercase and period users.
.in love with our photography biz.
(.and eachother of course.)
.dedicated dog owners.
.pillow talkers.
.infatuated with burgers.
(.or all food, for that matter.)
.rule breakers.
.faithful bloggers.
.new to chucktown.
.we have been in charleston for a little over a month now.
.and when i say we…i mean me.
.husband is due out in a month,
after finishing school,
only to be starting more school
upon arrival at musc.
.our favorite thing about charleston after one month?.
.how much stuff you can do here.
.there is a festivity or week for everything.
.shrimp, design, weddings.
.you name it.

.our ‘not so favorite’ thing about charleston after one month?.

.the crazy weather.
.but we’re hopeful it doesn’t last
throughout the summer because
we want to spend it on the beach
and not hiding in our closets.

.come and meet us over at husbandandme.com.
.we want to make some chucktown friends.
husbandandme ♥