I went AWOL again…sorry about that guys. I have definitely found that moving to an office made work-life separation so much easier to achieve, but I think it’s made blogging much harder. Once I get to the office, I’m ready to dive into work and get things started, and when I’m home I’m ready to relax. Blogging is somewhere in between I suppose! I am going to try to do better though :-)

We have been very very busy in the interim though…Olivia Rae James came and took photos of the studio and some of our stationery. She is incredibly talented.




In the last couple weeks, I also found out that we are finalists for a Louie award! I know you might not know what that is, but it’s actually a greeting card award given by the National Greeting Card Association. I’m super super excited.

We also launched one of our most ambitious and fun web projects yet – The Perfect Match Studio.


It’s a directory site for the wedding market in Florida. It was a great way to combine two of the things we love to do – wedding stationery & web design!

Speaking of websites, we used some of the amazing shots Olivia took to update our own website and blog some. I have more in the works on that coming soon, but we went ahead and did a little facelift for 2013.


I might not have been blogging much, but we’re definitely Instagramming a lot. It makes it so easy to snap photos as we work. Right now we’re in major spring and summer wedding invitation mode and we’re getting them out as quickly as we can. I am so thankful to have Kellie three days a week now – I don’t know how I would have survived without her! We’ve both had a lot of fun finding new ways to package orders and streamline the process.

So, what have you been up to lately?