Hello friends! I’m sorry I suddenly went AWOL. Between small biz ownership, wedding season, a largely DIY home renovation, and packing for the move, something had to give.


Since we’d spent every waking moment at the new house over the past five weeks, there hadn’t been much moving prep to speak of. So on Thursday, after a late night of “final” painting work Wednesday, we had planned to box up the apartment. Unfortunately we discovered in a trip to the new place that that our ceiling touch up paint in the new kitchen was not successful – you could totally see it – and found ourselves repainting the whole ceiling instead. Luckily we’re kind of pros at that now. So Thursday was another late night packing.

We moved in on Friday and, with the help of the great team at Sure Load Moving, were able to get almost everything to the new place on that day.

Let the unpacking commence.

Unpacking is much more fun than packing, although the not-fun part was that, for the same reason the apartment wasn’t packed, I was wwaayy behind on laundry. I think I spent all day Saturday doing laundry, but I didn’t mind too much. It gave me a chance to spend a little time with this house of ours.

The past few days we’ve been able to settle in a bit more and try to get used to house-living as opposed to apartment-living. There are definitely differences that I had kind of forgotten — although I grew up in a house, I haven’t lived in one really since I was 18.

The first and only thing to get hung on the wall so far is my vintage key hook I brought back from our last Paris trip, because it is WAY harder to find your keys in a house I’ve discovered. Plus, I haven’t hung this in any of our houses before, and it’s just so wonderfully symbolic, isn’t it?

I actually purchased it on New Year’s Eve 2012, right before attending an amazing concert at Sainte Chappelle in Paris, and I dumbly bought it forgetting I would have to carry it through security. Somehow they didn’t even stop me, and I’m not really sure how I feel about that..? Either way, it has a great story and I’m excited to be able to find my keys!

Stay tuned for new cards, house pics, DIY tutorials, and messes in the kitchen…hurray for normal life again!

We are in such a time vortex right now. I am in utter amazement that it’s been only 16 days since we took over the house, but at the same time, it feels like we’ve done so much and I can’t really comprehend how. Hardly a night has gone by that we haven’t come home from work and headed right to the house, and we have spent the entirety of the last three weekends painting, scraping, ripping, assembling, and you-name-it at our new address.

So needless to say, before this whirlwind officially began, I spent a lot of time poking around and dreaming up the look. I thought today – in celebration of starting to see light at the end of the tunnel – I’d share some fun home decor picks I’ve been saving around the interweb.


I just love the look of these linen pillowcases. Don’t they look so cozy and homey?


We know how I feel about marble. Love these authentic vintage bookends – we are so fortunate to have lots of awesome built-ins in the house and I can’t wait to fill them up with fun things like these.


This clock would look awesome on the accent wall. So unique and fun.


I think the hexagonal shape of this cute end table is unique but the materials are still classic. And again with the marble!


Obsessed with this color and I love the simple type of course. This Etsy shop is adorable – you should definitely check it out!


This pocket storage set up is awesome in the stripes and would be so good in a mudroom or laundry room.

Enjoy & happy Monday!

baltic linens | vintage marble equestrian bookends | wood starburst clock | hexagon side table | dreaming pillow | wall storage

…and so my obsession with re-imagining random old pieces of furniture continues. This little not-yet-a-beauty was a Craigslist find from a few weeks ago.

diy upholstery

I really liked the bones of the chair – the clean but still somewhat traditional lines, the cane detail, the fact that it’s real solid wood, and that it looked plush and comfortable – but boy I can’t stand that red velvet business. I’m sure it was great somewhere some time, but I’m thinking a dramatic makeover is in order.

Upholstery is not an area I’ve experimented with too much yet and it’s something I wanted to try out. I plan on trying out Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint on the frame (I’ve been reading Miss Mustard Seed and Perfectly Imperfect so long that it was bound to happen sometime). Now that we have a house (although we aren’t moving in until spring), I’m thrilled to really make it our own and finding/creating one of a kind pieces is a big part of that. So it seems like figuring out this upholstery thing is a good skill to pick up. Famous last words, right?

diy upholstery

diy upholstery

After reading extensively about how to upholster, I dove in over the holiday break. Ripping apart a chair is quite helpful in understanding how they work. It really is a lot like wrapping a present. One side note: the deconstruction part is messy. This chair is definitely older – who knows how old – and so some of the foam along the edge was coming loose. It’s really in pretty good shape overall and definitely reusable, but still, have a vacuum handy!

diy upholstery

The one thing I still can’t decide is whether to keep the tufting. I’m worried that’s too much to get into for my first stab at upholstering. I was surprised when I pulled out the little tufted buttons to find that they were actually metal pieces – I was expecting them to be sewn in. On the fence about whether that makes it easier or harder.

diy upholstery

If I decide to keep the tufting, I can reuse the foam. If I want to get rid of it, I’ll have to cut out a new piece of foam. Either way, keep the pieces as you remove them so you can make templates from them later.  While removing the upholstery, a penny from 1947 fell out which I thought was kind of funny.

2013-11-29 13.36.38

So for now, this is where we sit (or don’t sit, haha!). Basically, all you need for diy upholstery part one is a good knife (I just used an Exacto), a staple remover, and trash bags/dustpan/vacuum to clean up the dust. Just cut along the edge and unwrap.

I just need to finish getting those darn staples out so I can try painting it. Chalk paint supposedly requires zero sanding or prep, which is so hard for me to believe, but it has such a huge following and everyone seems to concur on that. Have you ever tried it? Any tips? It sounds lovely not to have to sand!

So that’s part one of the chair upholstery project…next up, paint! Stay tuned for part deux. Happy Tuesday!

I get unreasonably excited about furniture. It’s just my thing I guess. Ever since we got an office, I’ve wanted to have a more comfortable place to sit for our guests and for me from time to time too. Since everything had to do double duty, that just didn’t happen at first, but once we expanded a bit, I knew having a more comfortable sitting area was key.

So this post is dedicated to the piece everyone commented on: that fabulous vintage sofa. And here I have to give a giant shout out to Sarah, who owns 428 Main, a vintage rental company.

vintage sofa

She is basically a magician, because she found an awesome candidate for makeover in no time at all after I mentioned the idea to her. Prepare yourself, here is the before…


So once we had the sofa, I had to figure out what to do with it. Part of me wanted to do something crazy with it, like paint the frame blue or turquoise or something. I toyed with patterned fabrics. I imagined a million different versions, but ultimately, I settled back into my normal: classic, clean, and modern. It’s funny how you sometimes have to detour to know what you really want – I see that with my clients all the time and I am no different.


It worked out great because I was buying a can of gray paint for the stripes anyway, so Sarah picked that up and used it for the frame. Funny enough, it actually looks a lot different on the frame of the sofa than it does on the wall – I like it that way, but it’s just interesting because you wouldn’t know they were actually exactly the same color. I struck gold with the fabric at a local fabric store – it feels wonderful and is a nice weight for wear.

I’m in love.

So if you’re in the Charleston area and you need a vintage sofa to lounge on for your bridal portraits or snazzy up your reception, definitely give 428 Main a call!

No surprise — I love an excuse to send cards and handwritten notes, and is there really a better one than Christmas?  It’s the perfect time of year to remember your loved ones with a little thoughtful note.

I managed to be pretty on the ball this year when it came to planning what I wanted to send.  I’m not ready to show you the whole shebang yet, but I did want to share a great Etsy find: Verde Studio.

This year I decided I wanted our holiday cards to have a bit more of a traditional vibe with the true Christmas red and green. To compliment that, I started thinking how neat vintage stamps would look. As they are a little bit more expensive, I couldn’t do them all with the vintage stamps, but that worked out great because I had planned anyway to have some with red envelopes, some green, etc. It’s a good thing I own a stationery studio ;-)

Verde Studio has an awesome collection, shipped my order nearly instantaneously, and packaged them up beautifully. If you want to add a little extra touch to your cards this season, vintage stamps are a really fun way to go — especially since my darn post office has yet to have holiday stamps somehow. Really? It’s December 4th. How do you not have them? >.rant over.<

Are you planning on sending out Christmas or holiday cards this year? Do you normally?

Antiquing and/or thrifting is full of highs and lows. What makes it at once thrilling and frustrating is that you really never know what will even be available – unlike the mall, where there are certain to be shirts when you’re looking for shirts – looking for some specific unique or vintage item is a lot more difficult.

One of my favorite pastimes is wandering through antique and vintage shops. Especially when I am preparing for a show or redecorating, I often wander through there hoping to come across “the one” – you know, that one missing magical object that will tie the room together or fit perfectly in that weird space.

I have probably been there a dozen times or more looking for the ideal card display. Sure, I could buy one from a retail fixtures supplier, but that just never felt right. I never really knew exactly what I was envisioning / looking for, but it FINALLY appeared before my very eyes over the weekend!

An antique, handmade, spinning, metal tabletop card holder that – miraculously – exactly fits the size of my cards.

It’s kismet.

I am ecstatic to have it to use in my office, at the Indie Craft Parade, and many more markets to come. It’s a very special piece. I’ll reveal it more clearly with the rest of the fun stuff I’m cooking up for ICP.

Have you had experiences like that?