I keep a roll of kraft paper around pretty much at all times. There’s just nothing more versatile, and even though you see it everywhere, I’m never tired of a “brown paper package all tied up in string.” Of course, I love all the fun and beautiful wrapping papers the holidays bring out, but it’s also fun to get a bit crafty with dressing up some kraft paper packages.


I admit that I do have the distinct advantage of an office full of stationery supplies. However, I really did try to make these super simple ideas from materials that anyone might have around.


1. Simple stickers – this concept works great for any time of year, but of course red and green make the most sense for Christmas time. Post-it makes such cute shapes and stickers nowadays, little round price stickers in fun colors, or even some of the round Avery labels could be fun if you printed them with words or images. You can also embellish with a little doodling of your own.

2. Modern Christmas trees – it doesn’t get much easier than a triangle! You could cut a few out of construction paper, magazines, newspaper, or just draw a few if you’d like.

3. Incorporate a card – using your card almost like a display piece on the wrapping can be really cute, and then you’re not losing the card while you’re trying to carry it too.

4. Get crafty – it was super simple to just cut out a little bow shape out of a folded piece of paper. I just cut two and stuck them to the package with a round sticker, or another piece of paper would have worked. A little bending and folding made it more dimensional. In red and green it feels a bit like holly, but it would be cute in any color. Other ideas to try would be to make a paper snowflake like we did way back in grade school and attach to the package. I’ll probably try that one next :-)


How is your holiday shopping and wrapping progressing? Only a week to Christmas Eve!

These invitations are all about FUN, and I just love them. The color scheme is fabulous too – coral and a pretty pale blue just sing spring.


The bride and I hit it off right away – we had all sorts of fun conversations about books and the Great Gatsby and everything in between – so it was so much fun to create these invitations for this sweet couple. We did a mad lib RSVP postcard, an adorable map, and really fun and unique wording for the invitation itself. This couple is tying the knot very soon…so excited for them!




And with that, invitation extravaganza week is over. Hurray weekend! I’ll be back next week with some more house posts and other fun things. Have a great weekend!

Finally, finally, we should be having some springtime weather here in Charleston today. They promised it to us yesterday too but the sun didn’t show up until 4:00 and it was still chilly, so I’m not counting that. Although our “chilly” is probably warm in a lot of places. Oh, well.

So in honor of springtime, we are debuting some cheery springy new cards today! Just in time for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and all those springtime birthdays and parties that will start popping up soon.

Dodeline 2014 Spring-32

Dodeline 2014 Spring-37

Dodeline 2014 Spring-35

Dodeline 2014 Spring-33

Dodeline 2014 Spring-31

Dodeline 2014 Spring-26

Dodeline 2014 Spring-25

Dodeline 2014 Spring-21

Dodeline 2014 Spring-20

Dodeline 2014 Spring-19

Dodeline 2014 Spring-18

Dodeline 2014 Spring-16

Dodeline 2014 Spring-15

Dodeline 2014 Spring-14

Dodeline 2014 Spring-13

Dodeline 2014 Spring-12

Dodeline 2014 Spring-11

Dodeline 2014 Spring-10

Dodeline 2014 Spring-9

Dodeline 2014 Spring-8

Dodeline 2014 Spring-5

Dodeline 2014 Spring-2

We wanted to play with all the beautiful colors on trend right now – golds, mint green, radiant orchid, and pretty pinks. The talented Jeni of Seastar Arts took these fun photos for us so we couldn’t be happier!

Shop these cards in our Etsy shop. Happy Thursday!

Details are so important and so exhausting all at once. As we close in on the end of our renovation (do they ever end though?), the details definitely become more relevant.

It’s funny because in the beginning, you make such sweeping and huge changes in what seems like such a short time. In one weekend, we went from this…

to this…

Those first projects feel so much more substantial in a weird way. Touch-up paint is an important detail but much less exciting, I must say. So since I have been a bad blogger (sorry, only so much one gal can do!), here are a few highlights of what we’ve been up to….I will share more photos of the finished space once that happens. I kind of want to “reveal” it all at once.


Our granite arrived on time and fit no problem, thank goodness. It’s a lot of money and a bit scary. I will be doing a post about the process of purchasing granite one of these days because that in and of itself is difficult.


The beautiful sink also went in and fit. We still haven’t hooked up the plumbing, so it’s yet to function as a sink, but she sure is pretty.


We weren’t sure if we were going to do under cabinet lighting or not because it is a bit of a pricey detail. Of all people, my dad was really into the idea and kind of convinced us to go for it with his help and his electrician friend. So that was last Saturday’s project, and I have to say, it’s an AWESOME detail. They are on a dimmer switch and they’re just these little strips of LED’s that go underneath the upper cabinet. Very cool and so pretty.


We also got to hone our tiling skills we had learned over on the fireplace to put in the backsplash on Saturday & Sunday. I didn’t decide officially what we were going to do until that day more or less, but we went with a beveled subway tile that I just love. They didn’t come in sheets which meant there was definitely more to working with them (i.e. cutting), but we made a pretty good team and it turned out really well.

Speaking of details, grout is one of the higher pressure choices I feel like. You’ve already put all this effort into this beautiful tile and you could mess it up so quickly with the wrong grout pick. Luckily I think we did okay with that, but it definitely was a bit nerve wracking.

And speaking of grout, I never realized how much GOOP holds a house together. I feel like all I’ve done this last month is wipe on goopy stuff and then wipe it off: sheetrock mud, caulk, thinset for tiles, grout, wood filler. Goodness.


Luckily, this goop is not my problem directly. We selected the stain on Monday and the wood floor guys are making that happen this week. Because the entirety of the downstairs has wood floors, we really can’t go into the house. And plus it smells pretty strong anyway so we wouldn’t really want to.

And after all that, now there’s packing to be done…so if I’m a little lax on the blog, hope you’ll forgive me, and I promise to be back to normal soon :-)

…I came home from work, went for a bike ride, cooked dinner, and chilled out? I could go for that right about now…like a lot of that.

We are so in the home stretch though and it’s incredible to see it take shape. The fun details I’ve been waiting for are going in, like tile and lighting. And yes, I successfully worked in some white marble. I know you were worried.


It’s been interesting all the way around. The similarities to wedding planning are astounding – even when you hire people, whether it’s for an event or a remodel, it’s still going to require much of your time just to facilitate the project. Open doors. Submit approvals. Make decisions. Take care of payments. Double check the work. It’s a second job just like planning a wedding.

Luckily this is only a month for us – so seriously, do yourself a favor and bring in a contractor or wedding planner if your timeline is a long one :-)

Cutting myself some slack on the blog for a few days. Be back next week! Happy early weekend!

mornin’ dodeline franz!

so, my hubs michael + I recently made the transition from peninsular folks to suburban family living on daniel island. i must admit, it was a tough call. many friends joke that moving to daniel island is much like moving to some alternate universe. will they ever see us again? but this has to be a good thing, right? what’s keeping all of these happy folks on the island? the last few months have allowed for many great discoveries.

pleasure–  daniel island is home to some of the loveliest walking trails. who knew?

con– it’s slim pickins’ on the DI for dining options (but hey, whatever gets us over the bridge, right?)

pro– this momma-to-be is about to enjoy the creme de la creme of playgrounds. they’re not only everywhere but they are state of the art! i kid you not.

as for social events, my husband, michael + i ventured to one of our first ever official DI events this past weekend. pork, pints + pearls is an annual fundraiser for Windwood Farm. this year, it was held on the grand lawn at family circle cup on a perfect day. first incentives for a cue-loving dude and a hungry lady with child—  PORK. jim n’nicks supplied the eats and didn’t disappoint. and what’s good barbecue without a happy pint pairing (enjoyed exclusively by mike). and i, apparently have the childlike excitement of a 7-year old girl because the petting zoo was a major motive for this gal. shetland ponies, baby goats +  bunnies. oh my! supplement all of this with good tunes and even better friends and you’ve got yourself a hardy A rating event.

photo 1

we’re still settling in and getting to know the neighborhood. it may take a while to call this “home”. could this cookie cutter community one day feel tiresome? perhaps. but for this transplant, i’ve found that i’m happily residing amongst my people. it turns out that daniel island is just a melting pot for folks from all over the country. true southerners + charlestonians are actually a rarity out here.

as for today, we’re happy home owners amongst this place often called pleasantville. but who doesn’t love all-things pleasant? daniel island is certainly a departure from the hustle + bustle of the holy city and its not for everyone. but if this is island living, i think like it.



It occurred to me over the weekend that I really haven’t done a good job actually sharing what we are doing to our new home. So today I thought we would go over the menu.


We bought a home built in the 1970s that was moderately updated but not all the way by any means.

One of the the great things about the house is that, in the early 2000s, a major renovation was done to open the living room to the kitchen and also to add a very nice master suite. Additionally, they put in some lighting in the main living areas during that time. And the final big plus: wood floors throughout the entire downstairs.

Otherwise, in the kitchen, the cabinets were original and not in a “saveable” condition. The tile countertops were a 90’s black granite tile with wood trim. The appliances were definitely on their way out.

There were some popcorn ceilings in the upstairs and the wood floors needed to be refinished. Overall, a good fresh coat of paint was needed all over, and you know I couldn’t go without changing colors anyway. A lot of the light fixtures were pretty fabulously 80s too.

So, that’s what our general list and plan has been for the last few months, of course with a lot of other boring homeowner-y fix-it things too. Some things we’ve hired people for but a lot of them we’re doing ourselves. As we get further into the renovation, the list definitely evolves, such as deciding to go all sheetrock ninja and remove wood paneling.


This past weekend we finally got to start painting that beautifully sanded drywall on which we worked so hard. So far I’m completely in love with the paint colors.

The other big thing was the fireplace. My very awesome dad was willing to help with this project. Of course I had a drawing all worked out of the moulding panels and mantel I wanted, and he made it happen lickety-split.


Yay, more painting!

This week, kitchen cabinets go in. I am so excited about that! It will be amazing to see them real live and in color after all of our agonizing and planning.

Happy Monday!

I am so excited to announce today that we are new contributors to the fabulous blog Bright Bold Beautiful! Our first post just went live yesterday, so pop over there to check it out when you have a second.


We did a little DIY for Valentine’s Day place cards – it’s always fun to make breakfast or dinner a little bit different than the average day! And if you’re visiting us from Bright Bold Beautiful – welcome! Hope to see you around :-)

Here in Charleston, we are having what seems at the moment to be an over reaction to cold weather and rain. There are a lot of people without power so that part is definitely rough — it is certainly colder here than we ever really experience. Often in February we’re already in flip flops and at least out walking on the beach if not swimming, so this has not been a typical winter at all. Schools are closed again. People, we don’t do winter. Goodness gracious.

Happy Thursday!

“a soft + sweet design for a month all about L.O.V.E.”


well, our resident design darling hit the nose on the head with february’s paper junkies delivery. i think we all wondered what direction she’d take– could it be a v-day bonanza with hearts galore? would she go anti on us and rebel against this perhaps tired + sometimes hokey holiday?

as expected, this month’s set offered the perfect notes of love potion no. 9. but its just that, it hints at the L-word with subtlety + this we LOVE.  in its soft and sweet design, is a freshness and femininity that perfectly favors everyone’s readiness for spring and the warmth of the season. and puh-lease, that gold envelope has swoon written all over it.

see for yo’ self, dodeliners.

2014-02-03 12.51.43

2014-02-03 12.50.56

happy pen to paper, friends!




Slowly but surely, I am filling up the “Georgia room” in our apartment with odds and ends that have no business being in an apartment. Think exterior lighting, ladders, and now, a kitchen sink. So really I can’t even say we have “everything but the kitchen sink” in there because we have that too!


Since we have had a few months to meticulously plan our renovation from afar, it made sense to purchase some things as they came available or were on sale. Additionally, because the move-out date for the previous owner is two days before we have scheduled work to begin, there won’t be a lot of time then to purchase things we’ll need pretty quickly, like a kitchen sink.

If you haven’t done this before, the kitchen sink needs to be available after the cabinets go in and before the counter tops do so that the fabricators can properly cut the space out for the sink. A lot of fabricators and counter top vendors offer a basic sink you can buy from them directly, but there were fewer selections and it was just something basic.

At first I really didn’t give choosing a kitchen sink much thought at all and figured something basic was fine, but the more I pinned and Houzzed (that’s a verb, I’m sure of it), I realized the sink was an opportunity to be a little different and create a “high end” or “custom” feeling if it’s done right.

My incessant Google-ing lead me to Overstock of all places where I found our beautiful sink….

choosing a kitchen sink

Isn’t she a beauty?

The major decision for me in choosing a kitchen sink was picking between the split sink (you know how that goes – one side is dirty and the other is where you wash) or the big open one. I ended up deciding the clean modern look of this would be unique and also how nice will it be to be able to just wash a cookie sheet no problem?

It arrived incredibly well packaged on Tuesday. I wasn’t kidding when I said it was a sink in a bag – it was literally in its own little drawstring bag. So far so good – we pulled it out and no scratches or anything. Now it’s just fingers crossed that it will fit and work well in the kitchen!