It’s been awhile since I’ve shared any of the honeymoon photos so I thought I would bring a few in today in honor of the cacio e pepe Robert made me last night (delicious!!).

Venice really is a maze. There are no cars so you walk or boat everywhere, and although there are street signs, the city is such a labyrinth (no block system here) that they didn’t exactly help that much. But the nice thing about it was that I never really felt unsafe there, and we probably walked down almost every little alleyway in the three days we spent there.

Probably the single best thing we did while we were there was take a tour with Luisella Romeo, who is #1 on TripAdvisor for a reason. She was amazing. Super knowledgeable and took us to see what we wanted to see. We got to ask all the millions of questions we’d been wondering as we’d walked around to someone who was born and raised there. I highly recommend that tour!

Of course St. Mark’s Square is probably one of the most famous parts of Venice. And you can see why as it’s really the biggest open space there is!

Cafe Florian in St. Mark’s Square is quite famous as well, and had AMAZING hot chocolate. It was so cold when we were there and that night after our tour it got really damp and foggy, so sitting down and warming up in this adorable historic cafe was a lot of fun.

Of course you have to do a gondola ride. We did ours a little before nightfall because it was so foggy and really enjoyed it. It definitely is such a tourist thing though and we literally were in a gondola traffic jam a couple times that I don’t think I would say it was quite like the movies…where it’s just you and your significant other gliding down the Grand Canal. But still something you can’t miss in Venice, if only because everyone will ask you about it ;-)

The Doge’s Palace was really beautiful. This was the staircase for the Doge to enter his private chamber. Can you imagine?

All in all, we fell in love with Venice. There’s nowhere else like it in the world! I would say as a travel tip though, that people had told us two days was enough in Venice, and they were definitely right. It isn’t very big so you can really feel like you saw it in only a couple days — now Rome, on the other hand…

Have a wonderful day friends! Hope you enjoyed a little voyage to Europe on a Monday!