As I’m buried in paper (albeit, pretty paper), disobedient printers, lines and lines of website code, and shipping shrink wrap today, I thought we’d wander back to Rome for a Monday daydream. That prompted me to start looking through my posts and realize I did a terrible job sharing the places we’d seen and the 3000 photos we took on our trip-of-a-lifetime. So look forward to more travel posts to come!

Today I wanted to talk more about Campo de Fiori in Rome. It’s quite close to Piazza Navona, another famous square where Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers can be found.

Campo de Fiori, though, is a little more about food and shopping. In the mornings Monday through Saturday, there is a market there full of fresh produce, flowers, and trinkets. I thought it was kind of fun to look at in comparison to the Charleston Farmer’s Market post I did last week.

It’s also a big nighttime destination though, full of bars and restaurants and sidewalk cafes. For me, I’m more of a people-watching kind of girl, and it was definitely great for that.

But, if you ask me, the most important thing about Campo de Fiori is this place. Pizza. Oh. my. goodness.

Forno Campo de Fiori was the best pizza we had while we were there. It was inexpensive (which is hard to do in Rome), simple, and full of Italians, which has to be a good sign :-)

There were no tables, so they literally wrapped up your square pizza slice in brown paper and sent you on your way. We ate there more than once leaning on the fountain in Campo, watching the market and the people. It was fantastic.

Other than that, we didn’t eat too many places in Campo de Fiori. We always make good use of Trip Advisor and try to find the hidden gems. I will have to pull out my travel journal so I can remember the names — the funny thing about Italy that’s so different than the States was that all the restaurants were named what they are + where they are.

So “Forno Campo de Fiori” is “Oven Campo de Fiori.” They were almost all like that, whereas here in America we’re like, “ooh let’s get fancy and name it ‘Opal.'” Their way made it easy to figure out where the restaurant was and what kind of food in general, but that also makes it less of a memorable name. Does that make any sense? ;-)

How was your weekend friends?

Thought I’d share a few random shots from Rome today. Many more to come!

Ceiling in the Vatican. Just one of so many amazing ones.

It’s amazing how many street performers there are in the European cities. We just don’t have that much here in the States, or at least in the South anyway. Thought it was funny that this guy decided to be the Statue of Liberty in the middle of the sidewalk.

The morning market in Campo de Fiori was awesome – gorgeous array of colors and flowers and fresh produce. Also, the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life is in a corner of this square – Forno Campo De Fiori. Go there if you ever have a chance!

The “wedding cake” or “typewriter” building that most Italians don’t like and that’s why they call it that. It was for Vittorio Emmanuel and the unification of Italy and only built around 1900 so in that city it’s brand new. It’s huge and serves no function whatsoever. A bit of ego you think? :-)

The Villa Borghese. GO THERE if you can! Absolutely amazing Bernini’s statues there. One of my favorite things from the whole trip – but we weren’t allowed to take pictures of that part. When we got there they had a sign on the door that they were striking until 3:00 lol. Oh, Italy!

My Catholic grandmother was so silly about my going to Italy and how I needed to see the Pope – as if he would be like, “OH, your Mary’s granddaughter?” – so we made her a little sign and took this picture in front of the Vatican.

Have an awesome Friday!