We kicked off our Athens weekend off with a late lunch at a local favorite: Mama’s Boy. It opened while we were still in school, but somehow I’d never gotten there. Since we left and only really get back on gamedays, we’ve never been because it’s so popular the lines are always huge – which means it’s really good!

mama's boy

Since we drove up Friday, we took the opportunity to get in there and it didn’t disappoint. I am a big fan of biscuits and they have HUGE ones.

I’ve also always loved their clean and fun logo.

mama's boy

mama's boy


mama's boy

It’s not very big and on the east side of town, but you could still walk there from downtown if you wanted to. Probably better to drive although there isn’t a huge amount of parking.

Besides the biscuits as big as your head, I had a delicious BLT and they had great fries too. Good tea as well. One of the things they’re famous for is “chocolate cake for breakfast,” which is probably a big part of why they were voted the Best Breakfast in Athens by Flagpole :-)

To sum it up, I love any place with kind of quirky style and delicious Southern food. Highly recommend!

How was your weekend?

Couldn’t resist popping in and sharing a little snapshot of the beach this morning. Nothing refreshes my spirits like toes in the sand and the sound of the waves.


It’s such a treat to wake up, roll out of bed, and take a nice long walk! Can’t wait to see you back here next week. Happy Friday!

Although #UGA lost, I had a fantastic weekend, because I spent it here:

with my favorite person in the world.

When it came time to pick a college, the choices were overwhelming. I remember the mailbox being stuffed full of promos from different colleges all through my later years of high school. When I decided I wanted to do design and we knew Robert wanted to do business, we somehow landed on UGA and it was the perfect fit. After visiting I was hooked. Here’s a few reasons why…

The Arch.

The Arch is the gateway to beautiful North Campus. UGA and downtown Athens meet here. It’s one of several hubs of action in the huge campus.

But the bigger reason is the tradition that I’m proud to have upheld: I never walked under it until the day I graduated. It was a really neat thing to have done and every time I walked by it I thought of the day I would be an official Alumni and had earned the right to walk under it. It’s pretty neat when I go back now, although some part of me would trade that for being a student again :-)


I went to a relatively small high school. So I went the total opposite way with college – I think we might be up to 40,000 students at UGA now (don’t quote me on that). The collegiate atmosphere, the marble buildings and rich history just sold me on it.

And although I don’t care about football just for football’s sake, I will say, there is almost nothing like standing in a stadium with 92,000 other people and you all have a common goal. High fiving strangers when things go right and feeling the whole mega crowd collectively groan when things go wrong. And Larry Munson’s voice on the loudspeaker – it just makes you feel a part of something really big.

Downtown Athens, GA.

I’ve always seen downtown Athens like a mini-Charleston, sans ocean. There are about a million bars and music venues of course (we are famous for that!), but there is also an awesome arts and culinary scene because of the University. And it’s right there across from the Arch…so a lot of times in between class we would meet up for lunch downtown or a little midday shopping. It was really neat to be integrated with the city but still have a proper “campus.”

So, how was your weekend?