We have really settled into homeowner life and I must say, it agrees with me. I’ve always been someone who much prefers a good book and a bowl of popcorn or a movie night at home to being out on the town, so having a little more space all to ourselves is just the thing.

With this wonderful warm weather, it’s also been a lot of fun to dive into “yard work.” I know it seems weird to call that fun, but isn’t it funny how as you grow up, tasks like that become so much less of an issue? I remember how, as a kid, it was the worst thing ever for my mom to tell me I had to vacuum the stairs or help in the yard,. While it may not always be my first choice of activity, I take a lot of pleasure in taking care of my life and home nowadays.


My green thumb is still developing. Batting 50% on these little vincas. Hopefully the beautiful blue hydrangeas and lorepedalum (I’m learning the names of all sorts of flowers and shrubs all of a sudden) will do better in the front yard.


The other fantastical thing about having a house is the grill. We got one a few weeks ago and we’ve had all kinds of fun with it already. Over Memorial Day weekend, we even tried out grilling pizza which, in my view, was a smashing success. There was something so nice and smoky it added to the crust, and it was so quick to make which was fantastic too. But my all time favorite grilling item: zucchini. It’s delicious. Try it.

Things are quiet around the blog, I know, but that’s because they are so busy in the studio. My previous estimate of program fans was grossly wrong – we will make closer to 2,000 during May and June. Coupled with all the awesome Fall weddings we are gearing up to make invitations for, it’s one giant paper party around here. Stay tuned for many sneak peeks and follow on Instagram for the on-the-go updates.

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

Growing up, Mr. Jack was always around. He taught my dad a whole lot of what he knew about building and carpentry – knowledge he subsequently used to help us on our new house.

2014-02-26 17.21.15

Mr. Jack came over one night after work to help us with the challenge of crown molding around the awesome fireplace Dad had built. I hadn’t seen him in awhile and it was nice to catch up with an old friend and introduce him to my husband and MIL.

Mr. Jack, you will be very missed, and every time I look at the beautiful crown molding in my living room, I’ll think of you.

Happy weekend, friends…

It has been a very strange and very busy week.

First of all, we had two more “snow days” that weren’t snow days at all. They hardly even qualified as ice days. Since we had that scare a few weeks ago with ice falling from the Ravenel Bridge, they are being extra careful and have had it closed. Let me tell you, that wreaks havoc on this little city, especially for us Mount Pleasant-ers.


Anyway, between that and my second job – er, house renovation – and then just normal life, I feel a bit out of sorts. Isn’t it funny how you don’t realize how used you are to a routine until it gets thoroughly destroyed?

So Thursday afternoon I miraculously managed to get ahead of my emails and caught up on projects. With a little time on my hands, I broke out the vacuum and organized the office a bit, which is the only space belonging to me that isn’t in transition. Thank goodness. We’ve been so busy though that there were lots of stacks of papers, samples, and odds and ends everywhere.

Something as simple as a clean surface with everything put away can just make you feel lighter somehow. Like it’s all under control. It will be a little while before I can get to that place in the apartment & home spaces, but I’m having a great time getting to know our little home and making it ours. It’s a project but no one likes projects more than I do :-) Well, maybe my dad does. It might be a tie.

Seeing as how it’s Valentine’s Day, the hubs and I are taking the night off though to dress in nice clothes, avoid any dust / dirt / insulation, etc., and eat really good food. I can’t wait. Then it will be back to making our house a home! What are your plans? Happy V-Day + Valentine’s Day!

Photo Credit: Olivia Rae James | my bulletin board that’s been in every office since the start (given to me by my MIL – thanks M!)

Filling holiday orders and listening to Christmas music all day pretty much since Thanksgiving definitely has my holiday spirit in full swing.


There are so many cool Etsy shops and fun crafts I’ve found I’d like to share, but alas, it would be pretty counter productive to do that before the holiday presents are unwrapped. So instead I’ll ramble a bit.

Over the weekend my brother and I got busy making holiday cookies. That’s one of my favorite traditions – nothing beats a regular old sugar cookie all decked out like a Christmas tree in my book. Throw in some Charlie Brown Christmas and it was a great evening. What are some of your holiday traditions?

Yesterday Liv from Terra Locale stopped by and we had a great brainstorming meeting about some of her exciting projects. She was sweet enough to bring me a piece of her work – these awesome little ceramic boxes – with a sprig of berries in it. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of that.

Speaking of photos, I got a GorillaPod a few weeks ago and I also finally figured out how to deal with shutter speed and aperture on my camera. I mean, duh, what a dummy I can be sometimes :-) I don’t have a particularly steady hand when it comes to these detail shots, so being able to set up the tripod and step away I think is helping out a bit with my photos. I am determined to take pretty Christmas light photos in NYC!

What have you been up to lately?

Weekends are always nice, but you know, some are just better than others. And this weekend was so wonderful – the kind of weather where you open up all the windows, air out the house, and the crispness in the air just makes you feel so refreshed and alive.


It really started on Friday too, when I got to spend time catching up over coffee in the morning with my friend Paula, who writes a blog called Sea Island Drive, and then I got to head over to drop off a very happy delivery for Jeni, who was sweet enough to let me help her with her sure-to-be-amazing invitation project. It is just good for the soul to be around other creative people, swap stories and frustrations, ideas and excitement.

Saturday we spent running around town, trying out a new restaurant here in town called Zoe’s Kitchen, and then finding ourselves at a costume contest over at Towne Center for dogs. I know, I know, I should have taken pictures. But in the moment it was just too amusing to mess around with that.

We finished off Saturday with a whatever-you-feel-like dinner and reading on the couch as the sun went down. My friend Carly from Carly is Inspired sent me A Paris Wife, and boy if she doesn’t know what kind of books I like! I think I’m 200 pages in already… :-)

It’s funny how as you grow up even the days you spend cleaning and tidying and doing “chores” can be so pleasant. I take so much more joy in that now and it doesn’t feel like a chore. Sunday was a quiet day, with beef stew in the crockpot cooking and the usual Sunday to-do list, but something about the fresh air and sunshine makes it just the thing you need after busy and hectic work weeks.

I hope you had a nice weekend too, and here’s to a productive and just-as-nice work week!

I have decorating on the brain lately. We have been looking at houses for awhile and maybe, just maybe, found “the one” recently. I’m really excited and will share more as things move along. On Sunday while waiting for a table at brunch, I doodled this quote on the cover of my dedicated decorating notebook (because everyone needs one of those)…


I had to laugh when Jeni tagged me the next day in an Instagram post with the same quote. Kindred spirits!

Another of my blog world friends, Dannielle, has been writing some really wonderful posts about building a home on her blog “Style for a Happy Home” lately. I’ve never read the book “Principles of Home,” but it sounds like I would very much agree!

So, what do you think makes a house a home?

As of today, I officially made the 30 day challenge I set out last month to get back to blogging daily. I am excited to have made that goal, and I hope to keep it up!

Another goal I set for myself recently as part of my endeavor to get healthier was to run a 5K. Last Saturday, I woke up early and drug myself over to Isle of Palms to experience my first race…


…and I’m proud to say I made it! No speed records here, but that is okay by me. It was such a cool experience. I think I might try to do one every few months or so just to keep the motivation to workout going. Having something I’m working toward is so helpful for that.

It can be so hard to look up beyond the daily to do list to longer term goals. The little tasks can bog you down so you never get anywhere new – you’re just staying afloat. I’m trying to be more mindful of that tendency and make little steps each day towards big picture goals too. Not sure what’s next yet, but I’ll be sure to share.

Right now, I’m just pretty happy it’s the weekend. We have survived almost half of October, which is a feat in the wedding world, and still have quite a few amazing weddings ahead of us. Time to rest up a bit this weekend and be ready to tackle paper projects next week! Hope you have something fun planned!

fall in the south

Being Charleston born and a Southern dweller my whole life, I have never really experienced a true Fall in all of its glory. I imagine it must be a wonderful thing to have the whole world evolve into those beautiful autumn colors before your eyes. I am bound and determined to see it one of these days.

Fall in the South is more to do with no longer boiling when we go outside, which is nice, and Football. Yes, football with a capital “F.” And college football, to be exact. I guess because there are fewer pro football teams down here it’s just not nearly so big a deal.

I didn’t grow up in a football family, and I still remember being a little confused when I went to Georgia about all the fuss. You just don’t get it until you’re there, but there is definitely something amazing about going to a school and feeling that true bond and camaraderie that goes with supporting your team.


In a place like Athens, where the whole city is pretty much built around the university, it’s just a crazy feeling. The entire town is almost electric – you can feel the excitement in the air and every single hotel, restaurant, and available couch to crash on is booked.

There’s really nothing like it. So friends, I’m off to Athens to watch the Bulldogs play and reminisce about college days. Wishing you a great weekend and I’ll be back to normal Monday!

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greetings dodeline fans + friends,

i thought it only appropriate that i formally introduce myself. my name is lisa roy + i’m the newest member of the glorious dodeline troupe! i’m totally elated for this new venture in my life! (please pardon the overt enthusiasm).

ironically i’ve discovered since  this opportunity arose that sarah’s beautiful work was always just under my nose. i just never knew it. her lovely design work found its way into not one, not two but four of my lovely gal pal’s weddings. and somehow this remained entirely unbeknownst to me! birds of a feather flock together. i knew this was a good sign.

i firmly believe that if you follow your heart + instincts, life will simply fall into place, just as it should. for many years, i worked in development at the halsey institute of contemporary art + only recently, made the discovery that as fond as i was of my halsey co-horts, fundraising wasn’t for me. i simply wasn’t fulfilled. period. i felt part liberated woman/part lost soul by this sudden departure. the lost soul in me sought that creative uplift in my everyday world.

cue in sarah reed and the gem that is dodeline.  a friend connected us (thank you, katie edwards). sarah has great energy. i mean, she’s just a total delight and thankfully, i suited her vision for the first-ever-dodeline-stationery-consultant-girl. so, here i am. its such a treasure to see everything falling into its right place.


sincerest thanks to mrs. dodeline, sarah reed for sharing her beautiful blog world with this newbie.

happy friday, folks. xoxo

I forget sometimes how lucky I am to have been born and raised here. We’re never far from the water, and growing up within an easy drive to the beach is really special. Just like anything you’re used to, sometimes you take it for granted.


This summer though, we’ve definitely taken advantage of it, spending many of our Saturdays on the beach, much more than we have in the last few years. And while Charleston is a beautiful city, in August, it is a bit intense with the 100% humidity and 100 degree weather. So the beach is exactly the place to be.

For me, something about the salty sea air and sand between my toes just inspires such peace and a happy heart.

I hope you spent a refreshing weekend in a place you love!