Knowing that we will be moving in the next few months, we are stuck in a bit of a transitional phase.  I don’t know that that bothers the hubs as much as it does me, but it annoys me to feel like it’s useless to decorate or super organize because it’s all just going to get relocated.  That said though, my little office is bursting at the seams and I am dying for a more permanent place to call our own. When we do, there is going to be some serious shelf hanging + organizing.

So at the moment I’m left to thinking up ideas for when that day comes.  Here’s what I’ve got so far…

I love the soft colors of this art print by EvgeniyaMaslakova. I want pretty graphics and photographs all framed in white.

These vintage card catalog drawers are awesome. I think they would be perfect to hold my cards, don’t you?

I am always trying to figure out how to get the most work surface. What I really want is a big giant table that I can spread my projects out on to work. So I was thinking I could get something like this little rolly laptop table where my computer could live, and that way there are no cords or annoying things on my work table, and I can also move it around.


In dream world, I have two of these babies lined up on one wall, filled with paper and envelopes. I have the paper and envelope part covered, just right now they are all in boxes.


Somewhere comfortable to sit! My snazzy green desk chair is great, but it would be so nice every once in awhile to be able to sit back and reflect / rest my back a little bit. Not only that but the printer needs baby sitting so I could just sit next to it in a nice cozy chair and keep it happy.

Stay tuned for the living room of my dreams…and bedroom…and kitchen…

so, what’s in your dreams lately?

I have always loved crafts. When I was little my mom was always coming up with fun crafts we could do together and they are some of my favorite memories. One memorable year we made three nutcracker soldiers out of clay pots. It looked so simple but it was such a complicated project lol. They were so neat and we still have one of them today, the other two being given away as lovely handmade gifts.

Of course in college and stuff I was a bit busy with “serious art” and didn’t have any place to decorate hardly anyway. And then Pinterest came on the scene, and now I’m dying to make about a million different holiday crafts this year!

Cupcake Liner Carnations

How easy is this? And so cute!

Yarn Wreaths

I made a yarn wreath a few years ago that I donated, but I would love to have one to keep. This little snowman is so cute!

Source: via Carolyn on Pinterest

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Book Pinwheels

It would be so cute to make a bunch of these for the tree, and inexpensive too.

Source: via Sherry on Pinterest

Snowman out of Wreaths

This is SO clever & easy.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Salt Dough

The other thing I’m loving is this salt dough tutorial posted by Simply Savannah Events. They would make the cutest ornaments!

So, are you a crafter? Have any good ones to share as we gear up for the holiday season?

If you know me at all, you know that my heart lies with modern, clean design. I love almost all design genres, but the simplicity and cleverness of the modern movements just speak to me.

Which is why my amazing husband (insert silly giggles of delight) picked the perfect wedding present: a REAL Phillipe Starck Ghost Chair. O. M. G. We pretty much still have all college furniture…you know, assembly required, particle board furniture. I long to have beautiful, quality pieces…and I am just so thrilled to have my first piece of REAL grown-up designer furniture.

Then last night I headed over to the Design*Sponge event at Dwelling yesterday, where they set a blank piece of paper in front of me and said, “make whatever you want.” Ahh, the possibilities! A blank piece of paper is so intimidating sometimes.

So naturally, my mind drifted off to my newlywed bliss and that thoughtful gift.

The craft event part was limited to 30 people and was just unbelievably cool. Grace was so friendly and fun to talk with – she and the other members of the D*S team walked around and chatted and it was just really neat to interact with these design goddesses!

The project was really simple and is actually in the book. You either traced one of the images provided or you drew your own onto sticky back foam. Cut it out, stick it on a piece of cardboard, and you have yourself a DIY stamp.

I had bought a pack of white napkins at Target so that’s what I stamped on. I kind of wish the material had been different so the stamp would have been more solid. But, it was still fun! Here’s how they turned out…

There were lots of familiar faces there…of course, Leigh from Dwelling is always so much fun to see, Jeni from Seastar Arts, Alesya of Alesya Bags, Charlotte from Charlotte Elizabeth Photography, Laura from Laura Olsen Photography, Melissa from Charleston Weddings Mag. So much fun to see everyone and just relax and paint! It was a great night.

I love to get involved with local events as much as I can, and I’m really looking forward to two in particular in the next few days!

Buzzworthy is an art show taking place at the Terrace Theater this evening that I can’t wait to check out. It’s hosted by the amazing Beehive PR and is sure to be great fun!

Next up is a Day of Correspondence hosted by Mac & Murphy this weekend…

…which of course I think is a completely adorable idea. I’m so honored to see “Dodeline Design” listed with those other amazing local designers!

Have any fun plans as we near the end of the week? I’m also getting my marriage license today….it’s starting to feel so real!

Ampersands are everywhere lately in the design world. So I couldn’t help but do an ampersand post after I read this description of what they represent in my current read (the font book):

“Much of what one needs to know about the history and beauty of a font is found in its ampersand. Done well, an & is not so much a character as a creature, an animal from the deep. Or it is a character int he other sense of the word, usually a tirelessly entertaining one, perhaps an uncle with too many magic tricks.

Even in its more basic modern form, the ampersand is far more than abbreviation; its creativity provides a heartening reminding of the continuing impact of the quill in type design, and it signifies more than just a link. It also signifies permanence, not least to a professional partnership; Dean & Deluca are clearly in it for the long haul….But Tom and Jerry? Of course they hate each other…”

Source: via A on Pinterest

Source: via hellopoppet on Pinterest

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

If you’re tired of fonts just tell me :-)

Big news today! I have secretly been working for several months on, a new site where I can share all of my stationery and invitations. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Etsy, but it is nice to have a little more control over your products on your own site!

And part of the new site launch involves quite a few new products (although sweet Lauren of Stamp 48 caught me sneaking a few of the items into my Etsy shop in her post on Tuesday lol! Thank you Lauren!).: meet Sucre, dodeline’s very first cohesive stationery set!

{the amazingness that is these photographs I owe completely to Seastar Arts}

Notebooks, 2012 Calendar, gift tags, boxed stationery, and more! It was such fun to go through this process and really take the time to develop packaging, presentation, design, and cohesiveness of the line. I think it’s a nice compliment to my sort of free-for-all approach to greeting cards, which I don’t really want to change :-)

I’d love to hear what you think of everything. Also, if you have a chance to mosey over to and check it out, I’d love to get your feedback! As always with a new site, I might have some kinks to work out, so any advice is helpful. And while you’re there, you could always sign up for a 10% off coupon!

Okay, so one more thing and I’ll shut up. I don’t do this very often, but to celebrate, I want to offer a giveaway! Win a box of Sucre stationery in the “Merci” message.

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Yay!  Thank you all you lovely blog readers!

It’s a busy day here at dodeline design with a few more orders that need to rush out the door, but I’ll take busy over bored any day!

This was on Leeann’s blog over at Join the Gossip the other day and it cracked me up, hope it makes you smile too!

Coco Chanel: born in 1883 and died in 1971. What an incredible period to have lived and worked! To go from the very earliest days of electricity, the telephone, etc. all the way through the 60’s to cultural revolutions, television, and a man on the moon. And she was such an integral part of it!

Chanel is most famous for her suits + little black dresses. She borrowed from menswear to give women more options and – of course, sophistication – in their wardrobe. And for that we are forever indebted to her!

I leave you again with another fun video…you do need to know French lol, but it’s still interesting to watch! This is the debut of her 1959 collection. I wish we still dressed like this!

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”
– Coco Chanel

All of a sudden it seems like Food Trucks are everywhere. First my amazing client Audrey of Boston Food Finds started blogging about them, so they crept onto my radar, and then one of my favorite diners Jack’s Cosmic Dogs got an Airstream, and it seems like the next thing I knew, they were in the City Paper, the NY Times, and now the Food Network has a show about them!

So yesterday Jeni of Seastar Arts organized an impromptu visit to the mobile Food Truck Court with her neighbor Kathy, Ashley of Fraiche Event Design, and her Aunt Pat too. It was such a fun to chat with these lovely women and eat delicious food from Roti Rolls & Diggity Donuts!

And of course, the photos are from the amazing Jeni, who very nearly got run over to get a few of them – that’s dedication ;-)

….and by Jam, I mean Jim and Pam, and by Jim and Pam, I mean the Office.

The first time I watched it I was utterly confused – I just thought Michael Scott was a jerk (it was the Christmas episode with the Chinese gift swap thing, and the Ipod), and didn’t understand it at all. But at some point in college, we were bored so we rented the first season and I was hooked.

I’ve always found the Office to be a “controversially funny” show – you either love it or you hate it. And those of us that love the Office, judge people who “don’t get it,” and the people who don’t like it, judge us because they think Michael Scott is just mean or painful to watch or something. Do you agree? Don’t worry, I won’t judge lol.

I haven’t decided if I’ll watch once Steve Carrell is gone. But at any rate, the Office is back on tonight and Will Ferrell will be on it – can’t wait!