Baby + kid invitations are such a fun switch for me amidst the wedding madness. Planes, balloons, strollers — it’s just a whole other world of bright colors and fewer rules than the wedding world.

I cannot tell you how glad I am that Jessica from Learning Loves Life stopped by booth at the Artist Market over a year ago. I met her when she was around 5 months pregnant I think, so being able to be part of her journey and create Dylan’s one year (oh my gosh! one year already) birthday invitation was such an honor for me. She was sweet enough to snap a photo for me too! Check out more of Dylan’s carnival here.

I can hardly believe that this bride is already on her way to mamahood! It is always such an honor when brides return and use dodeline for other events in their life. Fraiche Design did the shower as well and you can check out more of the photos here.

Last but not least, I got to do a little boy’s invitation for Morgan from the Style Stork earlier this year, which was an even bigger switch from my norm and so much fun! She had a “Come Fly With Me” theme with an airplane theme that was just adorable. Check out her pictures from the day here.

It’s such a treat to get to see where my little creations go when I pack them up and ship them off into the world.

And as a bonus, while writing this post, I came across this guest post by Jessica on Morgan’s blog about Planning a Baby Shower that I thought was super helpful. Check it out if you have any showers or small gatherings to plan in the near future!

@RMackles tweeted to me the other day that she was planning a baby shower for men + woman and wanted to know if I had any ideas to share with her. Well, I thought the easiest place to do that would be here instead of trying to do it 140 characters at a time ;-)

This could just be me, but I’m not really wild about baby themed games (i.e. the candy bars in the diaper thing).

Especially for a couple’s shower that has men + women there. Instead, I think it would be a great opportunity to play some of the more old fashioned games that both men and women would enjoy — checkers, chess, card games, maybe even set up a little “bowling alley” or croquet on the lawn. Giving people stuff to do at get-togethers like these is important, I just don’t think your traditional diaper oriented games are the best way to go with both men and women there.

Vintage wooden checkers on Etsy

use what you have

If you’ve picked a color theme — and in this case, it’s blue and white — scavenge your whole house for items that fit. You’re sure to have some blue books or plates or paper or vases or knick-knacks. First of all, it saves you money and lessens waste. Second of all, driving a home a stylistic theme takes more than just a blue tablecloth + streamers — bringing in other elements will make it much more visually interesting.

rocking birds by west elm

This method also allows you to purchase yourself some nice, white or ivory tablecloths. If you use other elements to support your design theme, you won’t need to buy the cheap plastic pink one when the next shower is a girl.

start the decor at the door

This idea I borrowed from Tiffany Lane Handmade, who made this adorable hooray sign for an event she hosted. I think doing a little something special outside – whether it’s a bow or bunting or balloons is a great way to set a festive tone.

speaking of balloons..

I am weirdly obsessed with those awesome perfectly round balloons.

And luckily, you can get those and all the other party supplies you need at Shop Sweet Lulu. Adorable stripey straws, balloons, favor boxes, and more, all from one place!

that’s what I’ve got at the moment, @Rmackles! I hope it helps! :-)

Lastly, I thought it was a good opportunity to share this recent shower invite design I did for Fraiche Design too – a vintage farmhouse baby shower. I can’t wait to see pictures of this little event!

have a very lovely monday, friends!