The only phone I have is my iPhone. No landline in the office, no landline at home. I think most newer (last 5 years) businesses operate similarly – we’re small enough that I handle pretty much every phone call, so why increase our costs with multiple phone lines?


All that’s well and good, but my phone has a battery problem. Or maybe I have a usage problem. But either way, it’s out of warranty. There’s nothing wrong with it other than it typically dies around noon or one o’clock, so I need to have a charger handy almost everywhere.

But then my smart hubby got me a Mophie, which is super helpful for increasing iPhone battery life. The only downside really is that you have to give up your case because the Mophie is actually a case. My case was pretty banged up so I didn’t mind.

The way it works is there is an extra battery pack built into the case, so when you plug your phone in to charge, it charges the case and the phone. Then, when your dumb phone starts dying on you in the middle of the day, you flip a little switch on the case and it charges it right back up.

So far, I went from my phone dying just a few hours into the day to being able to go the whole day no problem. I flip the Mophie on probably twice a day and it juices the iPhone back up to about 80% or so. Flip the Mophie off to save its battery and go on my way.

For someone who uses their phone constantly and has no other phone at all, this is an awesome product. Happy Tuesday!

Hello everyone! I hope you have had a wonderful New Year’s. It’s been a whirlwind month of holidays and family time, hasn’t it? Thanksgiving was only a month ago!

Christmas in our family was really special this year. I hosted my side of the family on Christmas Eve and my cooking was mostly successful. I showed my complete lack of understanding of how coffee works and really flubbed that part up, but I think the rest was pretty seamless. I really like playing hostess and had a fun day on Christmas Eve scurrying around decorating, cooking, and wrapping the last gifts. On Christmas, we had a quiet morning just for us which was really the first time we’d ever done that and really nice to share Christmas as a couple.

As for the presents under the tree, we had planned to keep Christmas lower key this year, but we still had all kinds of fun opening gifts, laughing, and making a big ole mess. One of my favorite presents this year was from my awesome husband and it’s called “monbento.”


monbento box review

Last year saw a lot of change for me personally in how I eat and exercise, so packing my lunch became a much bigger part of my world. I’d wanted something to make that a little easier, and R found this product. Let’s just re-cap real quick how much of a slam dunk this was:

  • It’s a French company. We know how I feel about France.
  • It’s blue and white and has a belly band.
  • Design wise, it’s thoughtful, efficient, and intentional.

So yeah, I love it. Before reviewing though, I wanted to make sure I used it a few days so I could give an honest impression. One of the coolest things about it is that you can actually microwave each “compartment” separately (it has a vent in the lid), so you don’t have to mess around with pouring soup from your tupperware into a bowl, etc.


They also have all these cool accessories like sauce cups and cutlery. I have the sauce cups and they are so nice for dressing so you can easily make a quick salad that will stay fresh since the dressing isn’t on it. I also used one for hummus one day and that was nice.

When you get home, throw it in the dishwasher and you’re all set. I don’t know about you, but I dread opening my tupperware cabinet, so it’s nice that I don’t have to mess around with that anymore and I can just throw everything in the bento box and be on my way. I also got a cute little insulated lunch tote that it fits in so I can throw a drink or anything else in there with it.

what’s a bento?

Researcher that I am, I had to get a little more involved to find out about this company and the product. I knew a bento had Japanese origins, but apparently a “bento” refers to a meal in a container eaten outside the home. Of course, the container itself can vary I suppose based on what you buy, but overall there are lots of benefits touted to the “bento box lifestyle:”

  • Eco-friendly since it’s reusable as opposed to sandwich bags / brown bag lunches
  • It’s easier to eat healthy when you plan ahead and don’t end up at a fast food joint.
  • Saves you money and time since you’re not eating out / waiting in lines / etc.

Anyway, I’m excited to pack my lunch oh-so-stylishly this year and I’m already having lots of fun coming up with what would fit well into my bento box.


Do you pack lunches for work / school? Any fun ideas to try?