And all of a sudden it’s summer. The heat and humidity have arrived in Charleston for sure, and I for one am ready to hit the beach! Wedding season definitely isn’t over yet, though, and we are loving being busy creating so many pretty, unique things for all the different wedding personalities out there.

Since we’ve been a bit distracted by all the programs and projects, it’s been awhile since we caught up on some of the press, and there are some very exciting ones to share!


Ashlee and Jonathan’s incredibly romantic, intimate wedding from the winter of 2013 popped up on Style Me Pretty. It was a paper-rific wedding too thanks to the talents of Katherine Miller – personalized “placemats” with the menu spelled out in gorgeous calligraphy style writing, sweet escort cards and fun sparkler tags. Not to mention, completely personalized invitations with the guest’s name written on the invitation itself. All in black and white – doesn’t get more classic than that!


Last summer, my friends Jeni, Sarah, Carly, and I pulled together a really fun “treehouse” photoshoot meant to be for a small, elopement style affair. It was a super hot day but it was fun to hang out with the girls and create something just for the sake of being creative. The pretty photos showed up on A Lowcountry Wed last week!

Tree House Wedding-24

Just out in print this past week, Charleston Weddings magazine has a stationery feature of which we were excited to be a part. Jackie and Chris had so much fun paper in their wedding, and their save the dates are still ones we pull out all the time when we meet with new clients!

Happy #WeddingWednesday!

Few things are more exciting for an Etsy seller than when – out of nowhere – order after order starts piling up in just a few short minutes. I learned a long time ago that there is usually a very good reason for that small miracle, and it’s probably got something to do with the Etsy home page.


I literally remember calling my mom and dad and R the first time I got on the home page – it felt like winning the lottery! And really, it still does. I actually haven’t found myself on the home page since November 2012 (something I attribute largely to my lack of treasury involvement)! So when I woke up this morning to a flurry of conversations and sales, I had a feeling there must have been a home page appearance unbeknownst to me. Luckily Craft Cult stores that information so you can find out when you made a front page appearance. Thank you to ShirlyRov on Etsy for making the beautiful treasury that got us there!

In other news, my copy of Stationery Trends magazine arrived a week or two ago as well and I was so excited to see Laura’s beautiful mint and peach invitations gracing the pages. Bridgit McBee took the lovely photo and I so appreciate it!

Otherwise, it’s a busy time of year for everyone with beautiful weather bringing graduations, weddings, garden parties and more. I have so much to share and no time to share it – slowly but surely, as they say, but for now I’m trying to enjoy the weather and family time as much as I can. Happy Monday friends!

You can imagine my delight to see Caren’s gorgeous wedding in the Spring Weddings Unveiled issue!


It was such a pleasure to work with the talented team at Yoj to create all the neat paper for this wedding. We made the adorable paper cones that they filled with rose petals to toss as the couple came down the aisle, the custom monogram cake topper, straw flags, and more. So nice to see the gorgeous results of some of the more labor intensive projects like that ;-)

Happy weekend and happy Easter!