A whole year of Paper Junkies, already! I remember coming up with the idea last year and being so excited about it, and it really has proven to be such a fun little project for us.

With all the goodies we have around our office at any given time, the possibilities are almost endless for color, type, and setup each month. We really tried hard to make sure that we did something unique and ran the gamut of style from sweet to mod to classic and everywhere in between. That said, like everything, I feel like we get a little better each month too, which is always a good thing!



One big change we’ve made is that signup is open all year round now. Originally when we started the program I wanted to do periods of signups to keep things simpler for us, but we’ve gotten into a groove and we’re going to make it work for year round signups now. It makes a great gift idea for a friend to spread the holiday cheer out past the holidays!

If you want to join and be part of the fun, visit PaperJunkiesUnite.com.

Happy Fall, y’all!


Inspiration struck one afternoon to get clever with some of our cards. The experimentation continues with product photography :-) What are your Halloween plans? Mine usually just involves junk food, a movie, and being amused by trick or treaters, and this year isn’t much different. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

We got into the spirit of the changing season with October’s Paper Junkies mailing.


Kraft or “Paper Bag” folded notecard with ecru envelopes lined in a deep aubergine purple. Classic but oh-so-autumnal.

Happy Wednesday! xoxo

I have to admit, I’m quite fond of this month’s Paper Junkies. A fun script for the names, diagonally set on the shimmery card.


We mix and matched so there are a few polka dot liners and a few striped.



The curry yellow envelope was actually what I used for my own wedding suite, so I suppose it makes sense I’d be a big fan, huh?

Psst…find out more about Paper Junkies here!

This month, Paper Junkies is very on trend, with coral envelopes, a gold houndstooth liner, and pretty shimmer paper. For the card itself, I got back to my roots a bit and drew out a magnolia that graces the corner of the card.



It was a lot of fun to create something rather classic feeling, especially after last month’s modern design. I hope it was as much fun to receive as it was to make!

Happy Thursday – Friday is nearly here! :-)

i’m just going to dive right into this round, ’cause COME ON, APRIL. plain + simple, you are so very good looking.


and oh, what a perfect departure from last month. let’s toot the designer horn for a second. i think the real glory of this paper junkies club is that there has been such a gorgeous + diverse range of styles steadily streaming from the dodeline offices– from last month’s saccharine sweet and feminine to this month’s streamlined subtlety.

i’d liken this month’s set to a cool mid-century modern chair– Eames era with teak legs and gray upholstery or perhaps even rattan. it’s sophisticated and sleek but mellow. very California, circa the late 60’s.

this month will speak to a certain kind of gal, perhaps a cute charlestonian blonde by the name of susie who just so happened to ADORE april’s shipment.


Received my April stationery delivery! Fave so far!! #paperjunkies @dodelinedesign

amen, sister. AMEN! share your #instalove if this april spoke to you.

#paperjunkies #paperjunkiesunite



are we there yet? can we officiate the sprunging of spring? dear weather gods, i hope so! ’cause this month’s stock is so chock full of springtime, it’s nearly exploding at its very own seams.

meet march’s gorgeous, flowery, monogrammed goodness.

Spring Paper Junkies-1

Spring Paper Junkies-2

Spring Paper Junkies-3

for me, this sweet stationery set denotes scents of gardenia and roses and jasmine … a garden party, if you will …ladies who lunch + brunch …and Easter and babies and all of that glory. if last month’s round was teetering at feminine, this month, our favorite design gal said, to heck with it, and gave us full-on girl, like, frolicking in fields of lavender, girl. and i’m so there. in fact, i’m never leaving.


thank you to seastar arts for the lovely photos!

at long last, our lucky paper junkie club members reaped their precious rewards. last week, our personalized paper goods hit the pavement– snail mail at its best!


 the beauty of all of this is that despite my insider standing at dodeline, i, too was left in the dark on the special contents of my paper junkies delivery. i’m just a regular ole’ paying customer. and a happy one, at that.

first things first, hand crafted packages, stamped with someone’s love + care are pretty darn special these days. they’re a dying breed really and i find it really refreshing to be a part of a unique crew of folks who still cherish these things. not to mention the fact that we’re the recipients of (often monogrammed) yet always personalized stationery. i don’t about the other married gals in the scene but as special as my newly appointed wedding stationery once was, its now feeling a bit aged and tired. cue in paper junkies and the wedding paper monotony is put to rest, even if just for short nap.

here’s what i loved about january’s reveal– it had that crisp feeling of a fresh new year with new beginnings. i liked the clean lines and the creative use of size. on a personal note, it felt really nostalgic too because my school colors were orange + navy. ..i’m talking k-12, i was literally soaked in these colors. thankfully, i’m loving them all over again!

and a little shout-out to inventive creator, sarah. she received some undoubtedly hot paper junkies press from our friends + followers on instagram. cheers to instapics and hashtagging paper junkies up the wazoo!


thanks for the love @paulajmcintosh

same goes to you @seastararts

same goes to you @seastararts