Last but not least for our new product week, holiday cards for 2014! I am so pleased with how these have turned out. I mentioned on Instagram awhile back that I ended up with my grandmother’s collection of vintage Reader’s Digest books, which are just so inspiring from a pattern and color perspective. Sure enough, I found myself inspired one day and created a signature Dodeline pattern for the holidays. This year, we are using it as an envelope liner in our four new holiday cards.



Simple, sweet, and classic designs in a deep evergreen ink color. Flat printed with, again, rounded corners and all on coordinating Crane stationery in Pearl. We added a New Year’s card this year, which we hadn’t done before, and I think that’s such a nice option. I also love the “meet me under the mistletoe” as something special for your sweeheart











These cards and more holiday cards are all available at as well as in our Etsy shop.

Special thanks to Seastar Arts as always for her wonderful photography talents!

These interior design inspired cards are close to my heart. As you might know, my background and first path was in interior design, and we often laugh about my obsession with chairs. I have far too many chairs in my house compared to everything else…wishbone chairs, ghost chairs, vintage school desks, armchairs…etc. If it was up to me, we’d probably only have chairs.

So it’s only fitting that the focus of one of our new collections is on iconic furniture designs of the modern era…


Not only that, but we really did it up to make these truly fine stationery – gold foil on a Crane cotton 220# (read: super thick) stock with a black painted edge. The matching Crane envelopes have a letterpressed flap with a black and white stripe. I love how that idea turned out….we might have to start doing that more often!


Not only did we do the cards, but we created a collection of items around the theme of black and gold. So we also have…









Seastar Arts and I played around with different ways to photograph these beauties last week. I always love white background photos, but it was kind of fun to try out something different with bright colors and a dark background.




…and hanging out with Jeni means you always end up in a photograph or two..

2014 Holiday-42


…but this time I got her too!


Hope you love the new modern cards as much as we do! These are available at and on Etsy.

This summer, I’ve been really busy working to expand our stationery lines to include new offerings that make more specialty options available to the average buyer. We do so many really beautiful custom items for the wedding world, why not bring some of those items to the average person who loves paper but maybe doesn’t have a special event to buy it for (i.e. people like me!)?


So this week, get ready, because I’m introducing a whole bunch of fun new items all at once. First up, letterpress recipe cards. Sweet little cards in a neutral, more modern design. Letterpress on the front and back, printed on super heavy weight but easy to write on stock. All capped off with rounded corners because, as Kellie said, “that’s no surprise.” Love me some rounded corners ;-)

Check them out in our Etsy store here or maybe pop over to our main store at – we’ve been doing some renovating there as well. Stay tuned, new holiday cards + a few other special items will be unveiled this week too!

Special thanks to Seastar Arts for the fabulous photography. You’ll be seeing her a lot this week too ;-)

We’re hardly out of the holiday season, I know, but Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.


The talented Jeni from Seastar Arts was sweet enough to take a few snapshots of of our Valentines cards this year which turned out so fun. I just want to pull that chocolate right out of the picture :-)

Dodeline 2014 VDay-18

Dodeline 2014 VDay-23

Dodeline 2014 VDay-33

Dodeline 2014 VDay-25

Check out the Etsy shop to see the full collection! Happy Wednesday!

Hello friends! First of all, I want to thank everyone for such positive and awesome feedback about our Paper Junkies program. You guys are amazing and I’m glad you’re excited to keep the art of correspondence alive with us!

As part of the stationery club rollout, I wanted to introduce a new greeting card line as well. You know how it is, good ideas come in waves! So without further ado, please meet NotesOfConfidence.













Just fun cards to put a smile on a friend’s face and tell them you think they’re great. Those are my favorite kind of cards to receive :-) All are available in our Etsy shop. Happy Tuesday!

We might not be attending the National Stationery Show in New York, but we do happen to be nominated for a Louie (eep!). So I felt to celebrate our nomination and the show (which we are so sorry to miss), we should at the very least put out some new cards.


I am jokingly calling this summer 2013 collection “the missing pieces.” Because of the way I’ve always approached our cards, which is really just to create them when the inspiration strikes, I’ve realized over the years that I was definitely missing a few occasions. So, I’ve been simmering on many of these ideas for those missing cards awhile now, and this week I finally took the time to design, print, photograph, etc. I hope you like them!

Check them out…Father’s Day, wedding anniversary, wedding congratulations, and graduation cards.
















I experimented with some hand lettering with it…a few of them are actually my handwriting :-) Kind of fun and different from my usual.

Happy Friday & have a wonderful weekend!

Valentine’s Day always sneaks up on me after Christmas. Amazingly, January is half over already!


I was feeling creative one afternoon this week and decided it was time to add to our Valentine’s day cards line.

We brought back all the oldies because our Valentine’s cards are probably my favorites of all the holidays. But for our new ones, I decided to do some sweet smaller flat cards, so they feel a little bit more like the actual Valentines we used to do in school.



They’re printed on pale pink shimmery cardstock and matched with a shimmer gold envelope.



Okay who gets that one? :-)


Hope you like them! What kind of Valentine’s Day do you have planned this year?

I have a confession to make. I have 100% broken my no-Christmas-music-before-Thanksgiving rule this year. I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t count if it’s just the Peanuts holiday soundtrack, which has no words, and is more like classical music, right? :-)

I got crafty last week and added a few additional Christmas items to the shop, including holiday gift tags and pretty flat cards.

I’m so excited for this holiday week to unwind a bit, hang out with family, and look towards my favorite holiday of all (and our trip!). What does your Thanksgiving typically look like? Are you a Black Friday shopper?

I haven’t been in a few years, but we used to make a fun day (er, middle of the night) out of it. We never really went in an effort to get a laptop for $4, but more for people watching and something novel to do, and also a little shopping for ourselves while we were at it ;-)

I’ll be taking Thursday and Friday off for family time, and I don’t know if Black Friday will play into that this year or not. What about you? I know one thing though, I am definitely not a fan of stores opening on Thanksgiving. I don’t think anything disastrous is going to happen if you have to wait a few hours.

Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving! Check your inbox for a new post over the weekend…we have something special coming up :-)

Well hello there! I took an unscheduled blog break at the end of last week in an effort to marathon-finish the crazy # of orders I had to complete. I’m still not quite there, but feeling pretty good about everything I’ve gotten done.

So, don’t hate me for putting out Christmas cards already (I know, I know), but I have to make them early so they’re ready and waiting when the holiday season gets underway. And that actually is not very far away at all (less than three months to Halloween!).

I had a lot of fun with geometric designs this year and went with very clean, modern and crisp new designs.

A few quirky ones of course, because it wouldn’t be me without them. I really like the “good tidings to you” and “cheers” as great all-purpose cards…they would be good for Christmas and New Year’s, as well as people of all different religions.

There are also a few returning favorites of course…

All will be available in the Etsy shop in the next week or so.

Speaking of which, I would love some feedback from you!

Typically, I sell Christmas cards as singles, boxed sets of 8, and value packs of 20. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for this? Would you like to see packs of more or less? I’d love to get some feedback from you while we’re still kind of in the planning stages of the holiday season.

And while you’re at it, I’d love to hear all about your weekend! Missed you guys at the end of last week.

Happy Monday!