I am a sucker for period films. The new Jane Eyre movie did not disappoint!

I think one of the things I like most about period films is the scenery and the music. More than any other genre, it seems like they focus on the cinematography and these vignettes of imagery that are just breathtaking. Two of my favorites: Pride & Prejudice + Atonement (heartbreaking but a gorgeously done film).

Anyway, Jane Eyre is a much darker story than my all-time-favorite Jane Austen, but it’s still beautiful. This version of the story definitely goes back to the kind of darkness and haunting quality of the actual novel, but parts of it are really beautiful..

Also, just have to mention, they managed to make Mia Wasikowska look SO plain, but look at how pretty she is!

So the female perspective: excellent love story, beautifully done film. Kind of haunting.

The male perspective, courtesy of my boyfriend: “If I have to see her run through a field crying one more time…”

Happy Monday friends!