Tis the season….

for boxes, boxes, and more boxes! On Tuesday morning, I had several errands to run, an orthodontist appointment, and flu vaccine (yuck), and when I finally got back to the office, this lovely array of boxes awaited me. Something about getting packages is always exciting, even when they are full of adhesive or something equally boring. I just wish the boxes would make themselves disappear once they’re opened!

We are busy with pretty holiday cards, spring wedding invites, and summer save the dates around here. I’m anxiously trying to make sure everyone has everything they need before our Paris trip (16 days and counting!), and printer #2 hasn’t helped by breaking down. So that’s been a lovely little mishap to overcome — thankfully, another is on the way!

I’m excited to go get a tabletop Christmas tree tonight. I decided against getting the normal big one since we will be gone for the holidays, but I just can’t resist having at least a little bit of Christmas cheer in the house. Have you gotten a tree yet?

Also, for more Christmas cheer, come out and see us this weekend at the Lowcountry Artist Market! I’m so excited – it’s such a great way to meet people and find great hidden gems. What are your weekend plans?

Hello blogland! We are just back from a lovely and much needed little getaway to Athens, GA over the weekend and I’m feeling refreshed and recharged.


Although Charleston has been home for most of my life, my four years in Athens were so important to forming who I am today that it’s hard not to feel like going there is going home. Not to wax nostalgic, but it’s just good for my soul to walk by the art school, the orientation hall, the dining halls, and think about where I started and where I am now.


Went grocery shopping when I got home…I have an inability to resist mini pumpkins. I wanted to bring a little fall into the house (which is currently in disarray due to the office move) and these little gourds stole my heart. $2.30 for all of them, throw in some pieces from potpourri I had, the watering can I had, and a cloth napkin over a cake stand, et voila! Easy, quick and cheerful.

Side note: loving my Iphone 5! The pictures are so much clearer.


A few pics from our busy studio lately. I am loving having a place to spread out, meet clients, and be more productive. With 5 weddings this weekends to prep for, I’m doubly thankful!



What have you been up to lately? . Happy Monday!

It’s Fffrrriiidddaaayyy. And I’m pretty excited about it. Why, you ask?

I’ll tell you in our Friday Wrap-Up!

  • Feeling inspired and rejuvenated after an awesome #CreativeCoffee session with a wonderful group of women yesterday.  Growing businesses, design brainstorming, laughter and support are just what the creative soul needs to stay fresh and on top of the game!  A special shoutout to Kristen Solecki, who is a new addition to both our coffee group and Charleston.  Her illustrations are fantastic!
  • Birthday weekend!  This time of year kicks off birthday season in my world – FIL, MIL, *me* – all followed by part two of birthday season in June – hubs, brother, parent’s anniversary, etc.  So this weekend, I  have a special birthday dinner for me on one night (although my bday is Tuesday, which this year most inconveniently is also tax day) and another for my MIL!  Happy bday M!
  • The weather is phenomenal.  Enough said.
  • There was lots of wrapping (and therefore Instagramming) this week as I got lots of beautiful brides orders completed and out the door — thanks in large part to Jeni who spent the nicest rainy Friday folding / gluing / stamping / etc. with me last week :-)
  • I finally managed to give away all my “Sarah Early” business cards so I get to order new ones.  Maybe this will help the confusion about my name!

I also caved and I’m finally reading the Hunger Games. I’m 100 pages in and I started it less than 2 hours ago. It really is a fast paced, entertaining little read. Have you read it?

Have a fantastic weekend my lovely friends!

Sometimes it’s the little things that can really just make your day. For me, one of those things is freshly laundered, soft & clean sheets on the bed. I read somewhere that Oprah has fresh sheets every day so there must be something to it.

It doesn’t even matter that our bedroom looks nothing like this awesome one if the sheets are clean.

I washed our new pretty blue sheets from our wedding gifts over the weekend and I swear it’s better than a sleeping pill. So I got a late start this morning ;-)

What are some of life’s little pleasures for you?

I had a fantastic weekend. On Saturday, the hubby and I attended Night of a Thousand Candles at Brookgreen Gardens in Myrtle Beach (about an hour and a half drive for us) with our families. We had been to this event years ago when we were still in high school but hadn’t made it back since and I’m so glad we did.

Brookgreen is a sculpture garden and at Christmas time they line all the paths with candles and Christmas lights, complete with bagpipers walking around and a harpist and a one-man telling of the Christmas Carol (really really good). I dumbly didn’t bring my good camera so we snapped a few with the Iphone which don’t do it justice…if you’re anywhere nearby, you should go!

It was really wonderful.

We finished up the weekend with a fire in the fireplace, Christmas cookies in the oven, and wrapping the first presents to go under the tree. Feeling pretty blessed these days.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

We all have life goals. Most of the time these are big lofty dreams like financial security or traveling the world.

I have a list like that too. But I also have a list of silly little things from childhood that I thought, “one day, when I’m grown up, I’ll do…..”

One of those items was eat candy and junk for dinner. Did that in college, and there’s a reason not to lol :-)

And another one of the silly items is a date stamp. When I was in 2nd grade, we would write every day in our little black and white composition books and one special kid got to go around with the date stamp and stamp everyone’s notebook.

I pretty much thought being the date stamper was the best thing that could ever happen to you. I was that kid.

I’ve already written about how kind of obsessed I am with making stamps anyway, and it occurred to me the other day that I’ve probably made it far enough in life now that I could afford a date stamp. So off to the office store we went and I got a happy yellow stamp pad and a date stamp (who knew such precious objects were only $4? I’d have gotten one a lot sooner if I’d known that!).

I’m not sure what I’m going to date stamp yet, but the 2nd grader in me feels like I have made it.

Am I crazy or do you have silly items on your grown-up to-do list too? Happy Monday?