are we there yet? can we officiate the sprunging of spring? dear weather gods, i hope so! ’cause this month’s stock is so chock full of springtime, it’s nearly exploding at its very own seams.

meet march’s gorgeous, flowery, monogrammed goodness.

Spring Paper Junkies-1

Spring Paper Junkies-2

Spring Paper Junkies-3

for me, this sweet stationery set denotes scents of gardenia and roses and jasmine … a garden party, if you will …ladies who lunch + brunch …and Easter and babies and all of that glory. if last month’s round was teetering at feminine, this month, our favorite design gal said, to heck with it, and gave us full-on girl, like, frolicking in fields of lavender, girl. and i’m so there. in fact, i’m never leaving.


thank you to seastar arts for the lovely photos!

at long last, our lucky paper junkie club members reaped their precious rewards. last week, our personalized paper goods hit the pavement– snail mail at its best!


 the beauty of all of this is that despite my insider standing at dodeline, i, too was left in the dark on the special contents of my paper junkies delivery. i’m just a regular ole’ paying customer. and a happy one, at that.

first things first, hand crafted packages, stamped with someone’s love + care are pretty darn special these days. they’re a dying breed really and i find it really refreshing to be a part of a unique crew of folks who still cherish these things. not to mention the fact that we’re the recipients of (often monogrammed) yet always personalized stationery. i don’t about the other married gals in the scene but as special as my newly appointed wedding stationery once was, its now feeling a bit aged and tired. cue in paper junkies and the wedding paper monotony is put to rest, even if just for short nap.

here’s what i loved about january’s reveal– it had that crisp feeling of a fresh new year with new beginnings. i liked the clean lines and the creative use of size. on a personal note, it felt really nostalgic too because my school colors were orange + navy. ..i’m talking k-12, i was literally soaked in these colors. thankfully, i’m loving them all over again!

and a little shout-out to inventive creator, sarah. she received some undoubtedly hot paper junkies press from our friends + followers on instagram. cheers to instapics and hashtagging paper junkies up the wazoo!


thanks for the love @paulajmcintosh

same goes to you @seastararts

same goes to you @seastararts

Morning, devoted dodeline blog followers!

Allow me to very briefly re-introduce myself. I’m that gal, Lisa, who joined the ranks back in the fall + I recently attained an ever-so official slot on our blog calendar. I look forward to spreading some fresh dodeline-centric love your way, coupled with some of my own creative inspirations and finds.

So, for my big debut in the blogging world, I’m going super personal. Let’s just dive right in. Why wait? SO…I’M HAVING A BABY. Yep. To share some words (some real to the core honesty here)– I’m completely + utterly consumed by all things BABY. And I think pure + simple, that’s how it rolls when you’ve got a wee bun in the little oven. I vow right here and now to never become one of those obnoxious lady moms whose once mutli-faceted life takes a single turn and upon his/her arrival, mommy exclusive eats, sleeps and breathes their little bundle. However…

Today, at five and a half months preggo, this is what’s relevant. Baby Tripp is his name and my newest obsession resides in his nursery. Admittedly, (for a bit of a design/decor nut), this adventure has been way fun. It allows for us gals to be playful and exercise some of our childlike sensibilities. The room is a clean slate + the world is our oyster!

For our little dude, I’m thinking classic boy, so I’ve kicked things off with gray walls and a navy + white aesthetic for furniture. Ultimately, a nursery shares two roles– that of a practical space with utility and purpose, paired with the nurturing baby dreamland. It’s all about finding that perfect happy medium. I  discovered the Newport Cottages Devon Line (at an embarrassingly early stage in my pregnancy). It’s a reliable brand that is modern and whose Devon style leans towards the minimalist end of things. My next step is to spruce up the room with a print that is, yay, childlike but not childish. Insert: my mad love for the elephant and my most favorite childhood pastime safariing and tada, a John Robshaw print that made me swoon. I plan to spunk up the room with framed rock n’ roll posters from the good ole’ days on the road, scouting out my favorite live tunes and I’ll supplement with some kid-friendly pieces from Minted, personalized just for our little man.

for further perusing, visit

for further perusing, visit

Cheers to this little vision + making it a precious reality!



Hello Dodeline Design readers! Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekends. If you happened to stop by Sarah’s blog a little while back, you may remember me from this post about adventuring to Philadelphia, and today I’m back again for my second guest post. If we haven’t met yet, my name is Carly Totten, and I love writing and the wedding industry. What else do I love you ask? If it were possible, I would dip my life in chocolate and set up a tent on the beach on Kiawah Island and live there forever. Combining both would be wonderful. : )

Because Sarah happens to be on a beach getaway, I thought it only fitting to talk about Kiawah Island, which should just be renamed My Favorite Place in the World…Ever. Even though it’s only about 14 miles long, it sets my heart on fire and makes me feel alive in only the ways that time spent on Kiawah can. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Kiawah many times each year for my entire life (23 years), and sometimes I wonder why I am so lucky. Let’s just note the fact that it’s a 13-hour car trek from Philly to Kiawah. Willingly traveling in a car for that long to visit an island is true love, y’all!

Kiawah’s formal name is actually Kiawah Island Golf Resort (not My Favorite Place in the World…Ever…yet    ; ). As you can obviously tell from its name, Kiawah is an athlete’s paradise with five public golf courses and two tennis centers. The golf and tennis are beyond awesome, which my dad will tell you on a long tangent; however, I love Kiawah for other reasons – reasons that don’t really have anything to do with either sport.

Like I mentioned earlier, I love Kiawah because it makes me feel alive, reinvigorated, and Below is a peek at my most recent trip to Kiawah (and what every summertime visit includes)…

Beach Days: Walking on the beach is usually how I begin every morning. Toes in the ocean = happiness. With that said, I did a lot of running during this trip (a whole other story entirely), but the beach still created an awesome atmosphere. The rest of my day is filled with boogie boarding – I’m very young at heart – and sometimes jumping twirling ballerina style in the waves. A good book and a lounge chair also add to a perfect afternoon.

Scenic Bike Rides: One of the first things my parents and I do when we arrive on Kiawah is rent bikes. I bike everywhere, no joke. I’m the one riding to the beach while balancing my bag, boogie board, and chair in a basket. It’s an art form. ; ) Not only does a bike make a great mode for beach transportation, it’s also the best way to explore the island. I love wandering, and I am happiest when I happen upon a long bridge or a road I have yet to explore while viewing some of the island’s wildlife (read: alligators). If you rent bikes, make sure to ride up to Freshfields Village (gorgeous marsh views) and, once there, hop over to Vincent’s Soda Fountain for a milkshake. Other favorites include Rhett’s Bluff (stop by the boat launch where you will be greeted by a gazebo that I am obsessed with on the dock and possibly a dolphin); Flyaway Drive; and Captain Sam’s Inlet, which is where Kiawah meets neighboring island, Seabrook, on the beach at the western most end of the island. Be sure to pick up an island map before you start your ride or become fast friends with Google Maps just in case!

Yummy Dinners: My favorite place to eat on the island happens to be where a pro golfer will earn the title of 2012 PGA Champion in August: Ryder Cup Bar, located in the Ocean Course Clubhouse. The food is delicious (try the Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad, Ryder Sliders, or Crispy Fried Shrimp), the views of the sunsets are unreal (time your visit!), and some of the staff have become like members of our family. Another one of our new favorite haunts is La Tella Pizzeria, a family owned and operated Italian restaurant located in nearby Freshfields Village. The portions, by the way, are in the dictionary under “massive,” so my parents and I decided to share the Chicken Parmesan and Ricotta Pizza (ah, so good!). I thought of Sarah’s paper loving heart while I was there because La Tella had a stamp designed which they use to brand all of their pizza boxes – creative packaging for the win!

Sunrises & Sunsets: I love mornings because I love beginnings more than endings. With that in mind, my goal while I was on Kiawah was to watch the sunrise one morning. I set my phone’s alarm, and I willingly got up and ready at 5:45 (insanity). I biked over to the beach, and the view of the sun rising over Turtle Point golf course was worth the ride alone. Then I got to the beach. Holy, sunrise! It was beautiful! Everyone stood still for a solid 20 minutes and stared at the sky…

…which is exactly what happens when the sun sets. Even though the sunset marks an ending, I am one of the people staring at the sky every night. The sunsets are mesmerizing and possible thanks to the fact that Kiawah runs west to east.

If you live in Charleston, take a day and visit Kiawah – go on a bike ride; walk on the beach; jump in the waves; and watch the sunset to complete your day. If you don’t happen to live close by, book a flight (Southwest offers many inexpensive options) or take a road trip and plan to do the same thing. I’ll meet you on the beach, and I hope you will have a serious love for My Favorite Place in the World…Ever even after only a day.

have you ever been to kiawah? where is your favorite vacation spot?

Enjoy your day! I will see you again soon.

Hello, Dodeline Design readers! It’s so nice to meet you. My name is Carly Totten, and I met Sarah a couple of months ago at Hope + Union (aka: the cutest coffee shop I have ever visited) in downtown Charleston while I was on vacation. I left our meeting feeling pumped about life, so I could not have been more excited when Sarah asked me to guest blog while she is off on her adventure!

Here are some fun facts about me: I’m from outside of Philadelphia, and Kiawah Island stole my heart a long time ago. As a result, sometimes I say “y’all” – I feel like a rebel, and I love it. I graduated from college a year ago with a degree in journalism, and I love the wedding industry, which I blog about here. I wear TOMS or sandals whenever possible. If I could dip my life in chocolate, I totally would.

While brainstorming ideas for this post, I kept coming back to writing about my hometown. Because Philadelphia is a quick plane ride (or a 13 hour drive…) from Charleston, I thought I would talk about the top five things that you should do if you decide to visit with your beau, family, or a couple of close friends.

See the sites on a Segway: Y’all, riding a Segway is fun and worth the slightly steeper price tag (that’s me in the photo!). Because you are moving at a quicker pace, you will be able to see so many of the city’s sites on your three hour tour. DeTours and I Glide offer tours, and both seem like great options. I would recommend going on this tour first because it will allow you to become acclimated with Philly and help you to determine which places you want to revisit and spend more time. If you’re not feeling super adventurous, a Trolley Works tour or the Ride the Ducks tour are both options to consider.

Museum hop: Both the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall are must-sees for first time visitors. The Constitution Center is also a favorite among visitors and locals alike. The same can be said about the Philadelphia Museum of Art (pull a Rocky and run up the stairs!) and the Franklin Institute.

Eat(!!): Philly is famous for many things; however, we may be the most well known for our food. Be warned: the following foods are all are delicious, but I never said they are particularly healthy. : )  While you’re visiting, you really have to have a Philly cheesesteak from the town where it gets its name. Be sure to specify the type of cheese you would like on your steak because some places will want to top it with Cheese Wiz. I don’t highly recommend this option. You also have to be sure to try Herr’s potato chips, a Philly soft pretzel, and TastyKake’s Chocolate Cupcakes (or any of the brand’s other sweet treats). Pat’s and Geno’s are two of the most popular haunts for cheesesteaks, but Reading Terminal Market is my favorite landmark to go to for any of these must try Philly foods.

Shop: Walnut Street is home to many stores, such as the Gap, Apple, and H&M. With that said, Free People, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters are also on this street and call Philly their hometown. It’s a little pricey, but you have to at least go inside of Anthropologie. The flagship store is four stories, complete with a stone façade, fireplace, wrought iron staircase, and one awesome ceiling (pictured above). I die! After, hop across the street and take a stroll through my favorite park: Rittenhouse Square. You may even catch a glimpse of a wedding party if you visit on a weekend.

Go for a walk: My favorite aspect of Philadelphia is that it’s smaller than its neighbor, N.Y.C. Walnut Street, City Hall and LOVE Park, the Comcast Center, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and many more famous sites form a loop, which you can easily walk. This allows you to truly experience the city’s architecture and unique feel. (Side note: It can get pretty chilly in the winter, so I would strongly suggest visiting when it’s warmer outside. The spring and summer are perfect because the city looks beautiful when the flowers are in bloom.)

Have you ever been to Philly, or are you planning a visit?

Guest blogging has been so much fun, and I hope to return again in the future. Until then, happy Monday, readers – enjoy your day!

A guest post today! With the holiday season quickly approaching and cold weather already arriving in some places, I’ve got a tribute to winter for you while Sarah is off with her new hubby!

Hi, I’m Tiffany from Tiffany Lane Handmade and Tiffany Lane Creations and I’m so excited to be sharing with you today. I love seasons. I love that they are each unique and offer up something special every year. It’s too bad Southern California residents don’t see many seasons, but I always appreciate a good reminder of the beauty of the seasons we’ve been given!

[Photo Credits: Snow Flurries via Eye Poetry Photography | Fox via Oh Pioneer | Snowy Pathway via Death will Tremble to Take Us | Snowy Cabin via Blonde Episodes | Pine Branch via A Wishflower | Mittens + Pinecone via Tiny White Daisies ]

Thanks for letting me join you today and I hope you enjoyed the inspiration!

Greetings Dodeline readers! I hope you all are as pleased as this Gourmand Pear with your Thanksgiving meals.

My name is Drew McKevitt and I draw a comic strip called Angry Pear. Angry Pear is about pears– their troubles, their joys and their anger. Angry Pear is a recurring character who is angered by everything and everyone.

Sarah has been huge a supporter of the strip for several months now, and she has graciously allowed me to show off some of my pearaphenalia on Dodeline.

I love just about every kind of crafting, so I wanted to incorporate pears into other projects and hobbies I was working on. All of this culminated into the opening of an Etsy shop for Angry Pear. Products range from stationary (Stationpeary), polymer figurines, and pins (but everything is pear related). In the works are designs for silk screened prints and knitted or possibly needle felted pears.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and joyous Holiday Season.

Today’s Wedding Wednesday post is brought to you by Layla of Simply Savannah Events – thank you Layla for stepping in while I am traipsing around Rome looking for Thanksgiving dinner.

How much time do we have to send out thank you notes for our wedding gifts?
Wedding gifts thank-yous should be sent out within three months of the wedding date or sooner, so be sure to acknowledge immediately to any presents you received before then. Be sure to put the pen and paper soon after you return from the honeymoon, share the writing duties and you’ll have your thank you notes out in no time. (Diane Forden, Editor in Chief of Bridal Guide )

Don’t forget Dodeline can also make your thank you notes to match your wedding invitations! Or if you are looking for some fun thank you’s make sure you look at the Etsy shop.

Sample Wording for Wedding Thank You Cards
Make Writing Thank You Cards Easy By Following These Examples

When writing wedding thank you cards, it’s easy to get stumped on what to say, particularly when you don’t know the person well, or when you just don’t like the wedding gift. Make it easy on yourself by following these samples.

With all of these examples, use the more formal greeting “Dear Mr. Smith” or the more casual greeting “Dear John depending on how well you know them. You can also adapt the closing accordingly, e.g. “Sincerely,” “With love,” “Best Wishes,” and the like.

A thank you card to a close friend or relative:

Dear Aunt Ann and Uncle Joe,
Thank you so much for the gorgeous lace tablecloth! It is beautiful and
we were both incredibly touched that you gave us this family heirloom. It was wonderful, as always, to see you at the wedding – I especially loved jitterbugging with Uncle Joe. I can’t wait to catch up on your news and tell you all about the honeymoon and newly married life.

With love,


A thank you card to someone you don’t know very well

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Johnson,

Thank you for the beautiful vase that you sent Christine and me as a wedding present. I know we will enjoy it for many years to come. It was wonderful to finally get to meet you at the wedding. We really appreciate that you were able to witness such a happy day for us and our families.

Sincerely yours,

Todd Markham

A thank you card when you’ve received cash or a gift certificate

Use the thank you card to tell the givers how you used it. For example:

Dear Terry and Vicky,

Todd and I wanted to thank you greatly for the check you sent for a wedding gift. We are saving to buy a new car, and your gift will help us reach our goal. We can’t wait to take you for a spin around the neighborhood.

Best wishes,

Christine Markham

A thank you card for an item off of your registry

Dear Jack,

I am writing to thank you for the place setting of china that you so kindly sent for a wedding gift. Todd and I now have a service for eight. I’m sure we’ll use it for years to come. Wedding china is such a thoughtful gift and an instant family heirloom.

Thanks again,

Christine Markham

A thank you card for a donation to a charity

Dear Alice,

Thank you for your thoughtful wedding gift to the ASPCA in our names. As you know, this charity is very dear to both Todd and I; they do such wonderful work for all of the animals in our area, as well as across the country. We can’t imagine a more wonderful present than a donation to such a cause.

With best wishes,

Christine Markham

A thank you card when you don’t like the gift

Dear Mrs. Goreham,

Thank you for the wedding present of the velvet painting of dogs playing poker. It is certainly a unique gift; you are always so thoughtful and generous. It was so nice of you to join us at our wedding, and Christine and I hope to see you soon.

With love,

Todd Markham

A thank you card for someone who sent a gift but wasn’t at the wedding

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

Thank you so much for the gold-plated doodad you sent Christine and me as a wedding gift. It was so thoughtful of you! I’m so sorry that you couldn’t attend the wedding – it was romantic and went just as planned. I’d love to get together soon so you can see the pictures!


Todd Markham

And with that my friends, let’s go be thankful for everything we have – Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Dodeline Readers! I am Jessica and I write on my blog Learning Love’s Life. I met lovely Sarah in Charleston while on my babymoon; her personality is bubbly and warm, and we instantly connected. The first thing that drew me to Sarah though was her clean work. Her
creations are clever and heartwarming, and her stationery is unique and full of character.

Among the things I’ve purchased from Dodeline since meeting Sarah was this simple, but
beautiful notebook. In seeing the front cover saying, “Dreams of faraway places,” I knew that I
wanted this to be for my new baby girl Dylan.

Since buying this book in my second trimester, I’ve written letters to Dylan in it. My dreams for
her, my fears, my weaknesses, my desires for our relationship, how much I love her father, how
amazed I am by her daily, and things I hope she’ll know about my love for her. We live life in
such a rapid pace that we often forget to slow down to appreciate and reflect on the small things.
No matter where life takes our little family, I want Dylan to know what love she came into when
she was born. I want her to know how much of a blessing she is to us and what joy she brings to
our life through these writings. Writing has the power to build or destroy, the power to impact
relationships with a simple pen to paper. In an age of technology overload, I hope that we never
lose our desire to express ourselves through writing to each other… because even in years to
come, those writings still carry weight and are our voice long after we’re gone.

Thanks for having me Sarah! I hope you and Robert are having a great honeymoon in Europe. I
can’t wait to hear all about it.

{guest post} to me, the holidays are all about the gatherings. the conversations and memories happening with friends and family. since my focus is more on the people [yeah, okay, and food!], i don’t go all out on themed decorations. i like to keep the decorations simple, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make an impact. here are my curated picks for this year:

foliage expectations
typical, but pretty & so easy to pull off

Images via: 1. Good Housekeeping; 2. Shelterness; 3. Country Living; 4. Martha Stewart; 5. Shelterness; 6. Martha Stewart; 7. Martha Stewart; 8. Martha Stewart; 9. Martha Stewart

for the fashionistas pulling hostess duties this year

Images via: 1. Martha Stewart; 2. Celebrations At Home; 3. Swoon Events via Erin Ever After; 4. Peacock Dark rug by Matthew Williamson via The Rug Company; 5. Martha Stewart; 6. painted ‘feathers’ by bicocacolors, found via Going Home to Roost; 7. La Dolfina

graphically speaking
i’m soo ready to break out the paints. pumpkins, beware!

images via: 1. pure pumpkin awesomeness by Alisa Burke; 2., 3. Dwell Studio for Design Public; 4. HGTV; 5. Good Housekeeping; 6. Style At Home

Kat Miller is an Atlanta area designer behind Cardinal House, a line of accessories & home goods hand made from reclaimed fabric books. World domination by flowers? Wouldn’t have it any other way! Find out more at and connect on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Tumblr.