at long last, our lucky paper junkie club members reaped their precious rewards. last week, our personalized paper goods hit the pavement– snail mail at its best!


 the beauty of all of this is that despite my insider standing at dodeline, i, too was left in the dark on the special contents of my paper junkies delivery. i’m just a regular ole’ paying customer. and a happy one, at that.

first things first, hand crafted packages, stamped with someone’s love + care are pretty darn special these days. they’re a dying breed really and i find it really refreshing to be a part of a unique crew of folks who still cherish these things. not to mention the fact that we’re the recipients of (often monogrammed) yet always personalized stationery. i don’t about the other married gals in the scene but as special as my newly appointed wedding stationery once was, its now feeling a bit aged and tired. cue in paper junkies and the wedding paper monotony is put to rest, even if just for short nap.

here’s what i loved about january’s reveal– it had that crisp feeling of a fresh new year with new beginnings. i liked the clean lines and the creative use of size. on a personal note, it felt really nostalgic too because my school colors were orange + navy. ..i’m talking k-12, i was literally soaked in these colors. thankfully, i’m loving them all over again!

and a little shout-out to inventive creator, sarah. she received some undoubtedly hot paper junkies press from our friends + followers on instagram. cheers to instapics and hashtagging paper junkies up the wazoo!


thanks for the love @paulajmcintosh

same goes to you @seastararts

same goes to you @seastararts

I got to meet Lex through our BNI group and I am so happy I did. Really, I get to meet the coolest people. Lex is an entrepreneur who started OMAJ Inspection Ready Clean, and she definitely means business. Her military background means she just is not messing around when she says she gets a place ready for inspection. brand identity design Not only does she own OMAJ, but she and her husband also run a mobile hotdog cart called Slingers, and she does roller derby in her spare time. brand identity design The concept for the brand identity design came largely from Lex – she really wanted to capture that sort of breath-of-fresh-air feeling you have when you walk in to a clean house and all is right with the world. We also sort of thought that bright sunshine feeling went well with the “inspection” theme – no dark dingy corners here! I got to deliver her business cards yesterday so it’s really exciting to see the brand identity design come to life. Happy Wednesday!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike from Amelia’s Spicing Pecans for several years now after he gave me a ring for help with a Facebook page. From there, we’ve worked together on reinventing the Amelia’s Spicing Pecans brand and carrying it through to a website, collateral, and packaging. It is one of the coolest part of my jobs to get to see a project become real, and on Friday I got a chance to finally meet Mike in person when he came to visit our local Whole Foods.

spicing pecans

Amelia’s Spicing Pecans is based in Birmingham, so it was great to see them expanding all over the south and into the Charleston market. Mike brought the whole setup and it was awesome to see the logo we designed together take center stage on a banner, business cards, shirts, and labels. Even cooler to see them all lined up on the shelf, working together with their colors & bold type just like I had imagined!

spicing pecans

I also got to try them in some of the recipes that he’d brought for samples, and they were AMAZING. Herb pecans in a parmesan, cream cheese, and lemon juice spread. Cinnamon pecan brownies. Pimento cheese and coffee pecans. Really yummy.

I took a jar of cinnamon pecans home over the weekend and topped my zucchini bread with them. I’m also going to try them out on a salad for lunch, which can’t get here too soon!

Check out their website at if you want to get some…I highly recommend it!

While wandering through Southern Seasons over the weekend, I couldn’t stop swooning over the package designs for all of the lovely gourmet and homemade products. In particular, the incredible confectioneries won me over, heart & appetite both!

There must be something special about chocolate bar packaging of which I’m not aware…some sort of secret competition or something, because the chocolate bars really shine with their inventive designs. Here are a few fun package designs I couldn’t resist…enjoy!

package designs

package designs

package designs

package designs

package designs

package designs

package designs

package designs

package designs

package designs

In looking at all of the various approaches, I couldn’t help but notice a few things:

  • Color. Almost every single brand utilizes color as a way to differentiate one product from another – i.e. a unique flavor, origin, etc.
  • Dimension. The twine touch on two of them definitely does give them a bit of texture and dimension on the shelf since the majority were more traditional paper or cardboard wraps. Have to wonder how much cost that adds in labor wise though.
  • Personality. I always love package design with a little humor or snark. I don’t really love the parchment like overlay on the last one, but I do like the quirky sayings.
  • Less is more. Even the more vintage / colorful designs keep the information on the front to a pretty bare minimum, sharing just what you need to know.
  • I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to sample them all :-)

I had the good fortune to meet Jennifer Fernandez with Charleston Events Hair and Makeup through our mutual friends at Southern Protocol. We had such a great time working together to create a fresh new brand design for her business!


I always think it’s fun to see where we started and how the process went along. A solid brand design doesn’t happen over night – there are many aspects to be considered so going through a few rounds to play with color, emblem, and typeface is really important. Here are a few with which we started..

brand design


That’s the best part of the whole brand design process – collaborating with a client until we create something unique, special, and just-right for their brand.

And I just love brand boards. They make me happy. I’ll have to start sharing more of these projects now that I’m back to being a better blogger! :-) Hope Monday treats you well friends!

greetings dodeline fans + friends,

i thought it only appropriate that i formally introduce myself. my name is lisa roy + i’m the newest member of the glorious dodeline troupe! i’m totally elated for this new venture in my life! (please pardon the overt enthusiasm).

ironically i’ve discovered since  this opportunity arose that sarah’s beautiful work was always just under my nose. i just never knew it. her lovely design work found its way into not one, not two but four of my lovely gal pal’s weddings. and somehow this remained entirely unbeknownst to me! birds of a feather flock together. i knew this was a good sign.

i firmly believe that if you follow your heart + instincts, life will simply fall into place, just as it should. for many years, i worked in development at the halsey institute of contemporary art + only recently, made the discovery that as fond as i was of my halsey co-horts, fundraising wasn’t for me. i simply wasn’t fulfilled. period. i felt part liberated woman/part lost soul by this sudden departure. the lost soul in me sought that creative uplift in my everyday world.

cue in sarah reed and the gem that is dodeline.  a friend connected us (thank you, katie edwards). sarah has great energy. i mean, she’s just a total delight and thankfully, i suited her vision for the first-ever-dodeline-stationery-consultant-girl. so, here i am. its such a treasure to see everything falling into its right place.


sincerest thanks to mrs. dodeline, sarah reed for sharing her beautiful blog world with this newbie.

happy friday, folks. xoxo

Last week I put together some samples to send out to a few different places under the expert advice of Cat from Blue Light Public Relations. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to create something fun to open up in the mail that would hopefully make our little studio stand out.


For me, packaging anything, whether it’s samples or a wedding invitation or a corporate packet, is a process of layering. It could be many layers or just a few, but fully considering how each piece works with the others makes all the difference.


On this little project, I pulled out what we had around the studio (which thankfully is a pretty awesome place for random paper goodies) and decided to see what I came up with. Since these weren’t packages the recipients were necessarily expecting, I really wanted it to be a fun minute or two while they were discovering the contents.

If you can believe it, a few weeks ago I designed and printed the first ever marketing postcards for dodeline. Somehow I guess I just never got around to that. It has lots of pops of yellow on the front, so I decided the little yellow chevron bag needed to be involved. I think it turned out brighter and more cheerful that way.


In my view, there’s no replacing the handwritten touch, so a personal note and a tag are the finishing detail.


Packaging up goodies is one of my favorite ways to spend a rainy afternoon in the studio!

We have been getting more consistent rain lately than I remember us getting in a long time. I’m not much of a fan, although I do love a good rainy Sunday afternoon every once in awhile. That was the case this past weekend, and I spent some time doing a little DIY decor I’ll have to share soon. Til next time!

I wandered into my new favorite store The Southern Curator over the weekend and discovered the Duke Cannon Supply Company.

As soon as I saw this, I thought it would make an awesome Father’s Day gift! My dad is a true salt-of-the-earth kind of guy, so soap that donates to veterans and “isn’t for sissies” is kind of perfect.

And the bonus is that their marketing is kind of impressive.

They have a real manly man approach and a fantastic sense of humor. Check them out if you have a chance for a few laughs. I love companies that present themselves in such a clever and humorous way.

How was your weekend friends? Hope all is well in your part of the world!

Hello Friday, I’m very happy to see you. Especially seeing as how you brought a day off with you.

Do you have Memorial Day off? Lucky I’m the boss, so if R has it off, Dodeline is closed :-)

So let’s wrap up this week!

  • Had dinner last night with a friend we’ve known since high school. We even left home and went away to college in Georgia together. She’s been in Georgia at law school the last few years and just graduated, so it was so wonderful to catch up. Amazing how the time flies..we’re married, she’s a lawyer. I’d swear we were in our argyle socks just yesterday :-)
  • Been playing a lot with my camera and trying to get better at pictures (which for me mostly means better at Photoshop). Kind of proud of myself for this one. More on that to come.
  • Cooking class was a blast and we made all kinds of delicious food. I am dying to have some more rice pilaf like we made. I’m also grateful to have my wonderful cooking class buddy, who was willing to accompany me to the walk in freezer that I strongly dislike :-)
  • Made it to the Wajiba meeting for the first time in awhile. I don’t do 7:30am across town very well, but I got there this week and was glad I did. So many amazing professionals. Great speaker. And so important to keep your people skills sharp…working at home in PJ’s is great, but getting out in the world is really integral to good business.
  • Have met some wonderful new brides for 2013 — can hardly believe it’s that time already! — and am working hard on the lovely Fall weddings that are getting closer. Meeting new brides is one of my favorite things about my work – it’s all excitement and happiness.
  • Just working hard every day and being happy to have my husband to spend the evenings with. Can’t ask for much more than that!
  • anything exciting happen in your world this week? What’s your weekend plan? I’d love to hear from you!

Have you ever checked out Wanderlust? It’s another excellent wrapping and packaging resource. I just adore the photography on Oh, Hello Friend blog and if you enjoy pretty packaging, it’s a good one to add to your daily reads.

Now, for the wrap-up!

  • Back from Chicago and literally hit the ground running.  Walked in the door at 11 PM and started printing.  Going away is wonderful, but this week has been more than hectic trying to catch up.  Plus it is a HUGE wedding weekend so I am cranking out menus, programs, welcome kits, and other paper pretties by the hundreds (literally)!
  • Getting away did get me inspired on some new greeting cards though.  Can’t wait to share those with you soon.  Also ran out of my boxes + bags for packaging so it gave me an excuse to order more.  I have some fun ideas about that too!
  • Joined Hello Cotton.  Have you checked that out yet?  Found it from Krysten’s blog and it’s a pretty neat community + way to find new blogs to read.
  • Feeling especially lucky to have my sweet husband, who is currently cooking dinner and dealing with tech support for me, because my crankiness is out of control after working through lunch.  Girl’s gotta eat.  And I am really bad about uber focusing and not even realizing lunch skated past me.
  • Super enjoying New Girl + Modern Family + Parks & Rec lately.  What are your favorite shows?

What have you been up to this week lovelies?  Anything exciting happening this weekend?