I am a huge reader. I have been my whole life – I always had a spot in the house where I would curl up with a book and a big bag of popcorn and everyone knew not to mess with me when that happened. Especially before we had computers and devices in our hands at all times, it was my first choice of entertainment.


I feel like that’s more important now that we do have all of these other means of entertainment – for me, I so strongly associate them with work, so even when I’m off I start wandering into emails and stressing out all over again. Can’t do that with a book :-)

Between the library book sale and my renewed voracious appetite for good reads, I’ve gotten through quite a few books lately. Here’s a few in my just-read stack in case you’re on the lookout for a beach read or getaway book.

Empty Mansions
A heavier book since it’s a biography but such a good read about the very intriguing life of Huguette Clark. While it is a biography, I didn’t find it dry at all – it was filled with such interesting facts and anecdotes that I read it in only four days.

Bridges of Madison County
Somehow I had never read this book, and what a heart-wrenching story it is! It certainly makes a case for soul mates.

The Time in Between
I’m not done with this one yet, but I love it already. I’m a little over halfway through. It’s a wonderful coming-of-age sort of story about a young girl living through the tumultuous 30’s in war-torn Spain and later war-torn Europe. Love, intrigue, interesting characters. All the good stuff.

The Mayor of Casterbridge
This is an old book, written in the late 19th century by Thomas Hardy. It’s a wonderful read if you enjoy the stories of that era, which are generally my favorite. Of course it is Thomas Hardy, though, so don’t expect happily ever after, at least not entirely.

Have you ready any good books lately?