..here she is in the old apartment, hanging out the in the background…


…in the background no more, because she is RED!


It’s funny how you can have not enough furniture or too much furniture or just the wrong furniture. Because my dad and I built this table together for my first apartment way back during my sophomore year of college, it’s not one I really wanted to get rid of, but it also somehow doesn’t fit anywhere in the house.

R came up with the genius idea that it would be an excellent serving table on the porch we love so much. Since the rocking chairs went blue with cheery red and white pillows, what better than to to have a bright UGA red serving table?

If anything, we are definitely ready for Fourth of July. :-)

When we moved into the new house, we inherited some old porch furniture from the previous owners which we were more than happy to accept, not really having any of our own. Our move coincided beautifully with the arrival of spring, so the porch has quickly become one of my very favorite parts of the house. It’s no wonder then, that I sit out there and dream up ways to make it better.


While the rocking chairs were fine like they were, the cushions were so faded and tired and I just thought a fresh coat of paint would really make them feel a little less like a free old pair of rocking chairs. In my head, I saw a vivid, smooth, lacquer-like bright yellow to really punch it up in our sea of wooden porch + furniture. I bought a couple cans of spray paint and got to work.

Unfortunately, my best laid plans quickly shattered. After two coats of yellow spray paint, I was left with this monstrosity.


Holey moley that does not look like I imagined it. My best guess is that the wood was so dry and completely unsealed that it just sucked the paint right up, and I was left with the grain showing through in a very pronounced way that made the yellow look dirty and blotchy.

That’s about when Robert started wondering allowed if anyone’s ever sued Pinterest for giving them bad ideas. Determinedly, I decided I would not end on a Pinterest fail, and instead I’d embark on the rescue mission.

The guy at the Lowe’s paint counter gave me the insightful advice that I might just need to do a new color. Yellow is apparently a notoriously hard color when it comes to paint. Lesson learned. So the weekend before last, I got out the plethora of flat white paint we still have from our renovation, a paintbrush, and set to work “resetting” the rocking chairs. Let me tell you, it takes awhile to paint something with so many rungs and nooks and crannies by hand.


Bye bye yellow.

Once I did that and let it dry overnight, I moved onto the new color: dark blue. I landed on it because it’s a color I like and also I knew that it would hide the grain if it still insisted on rising up and creating dark spots. The contrast would be a lot lower. So here we go…


Tip: painting rocking chairs is an obnoxious task if you don’t prevent them from rocking. Some old 2×2’s made a good “platform” of sorts and also made it easier to paint the bottom edges / keep it off the plastic.

Thankfully, this plan seemed to work better than the first go round.


So we are now the proud owners of the most thoroughly painted yellow-white-blue old rocking chairs ever. I am glad I did it because they are so cheerful now, but I sure didn’t set out thinking it was going to be a two week project. Has that ever happened to you?

Morning, devoted dodeline blog followers!

Allow me to very briefly re-introduce myself. I’m that gal, Lisa, who joined the ranks back in the fall + I recently attained an ever-so official slot on our blog calendar. I look forward to spreading some fresh dodeline-centric love your way, coupled with some of my own creative inspirations and finds.

So, for my big debut in the blogging world, I’m going super personal. Let’s just dive right in. Why wait? SO…I’M HAVING A BABY. Yep. To share some words (some real to the core honesty here)– I’m completely + utterly consumed by all things BABY. And I think pure + simple, that’s how it rolls when you’ve got a wee bun in the little oven. I vow right here and now to never become one of those obnoxious lady moms whose once mutli-faceted life takes a single turn and upon his/her arrival, mommy exclusive eats, sleeps and breathes their little bundle. However…

Today, at five and a half months preggo, this is what’s relevant. Baby Tripp is his name and my newest obsession resides in his nursery. Admittedly, (for a bit of a design/decor nut), this adventure has been way fun. It allows for us gals to be playful and exercise some of our childlike sensibilities. The room is a clean slate + the world is our oyster!

For our little dude, I’m thinking classic boy, so I’ve kicked things off with gray walls and a navy + white aesthetic for furniture. Ultimately, a nursery shares two roles– that of a practical space with utility and purpose, paired with the nurturing baby dreamland. It’s all about finding that perfect happy medium. I  discovered the Newport Cottages Devon Line (at an embarrassingly early stage in my pregnancy). It’s a reliable brand that is modern and whose Devon style leans towards the minimalist end of things. My next step is to spruce up the room with a print that is, yay, childlike but not childish. Insert: my mad love for the elephant and my most favorite childhood pastime safariing and tada, a John Robshaw print that made me swoon. I plan to spunk up the room with framed rock n’ roll posters from the good ole’ days on the road, scouting out my favorite live tunes and I’ll supplement with some kid-friendly pieces from Minted, personalized just for our little man.

for further perusing, visit http://www.pinterest.com/elizabethdecker/tripps-pad/

for further perusing, visit http://www.pinterest.com/elizabethdecker/tripps-pad/

Cheers to this little vision + making it a precious reality!



I had been waiting to have glossy, perfectly-in-order photos of the office to share, but I finally realized that this is a working studio and is best shown that way. So, here is the new place, in all its middle-of-the-day on Tuesday busy-ness.

Here’s the view from my desk. If you remember from the announcement post, the office is a roughly 200 square foot box. We have a great window in the center and decently high ceilings (11′), so that does help a lot.

My interior design training has been a huge help in working with a very small (basically nonexistent) decorating budget to make a small space work for us. It is bigger than the second bedroom we had at home, but unlike in your house where you can kind of spill out wherever you want, everything has to stay within our space here.

The biggest thing I think you can do when you don’t have a lot to work with (space or money wise) is address the floor and ceiling. It’s the funniest thing, but literally everyone that walks into this office comments on how much they love the chevron rug. And if you notice, the carpet underneath is this fabulous (sarcasm) dark purple with green dots (gag).

This awesome chevron rug pulls the whole space together and makes it look intentional – the gray wall, the espresso + white furniture, etc. If I’d left the walls and carpet as they were, even throwing nice furniture in would have felt random. If you don’t have a lot of money, get the walls and the floor right (and the ceiling if you have that option), and it will give you the backdrop you need.

The other thing I did was to create two zones in the space. Yes, I have a floorplan, and no, I’m not obsessive.

Since the amazing Kellie works with me three days a week now, I really wanted to be able to have two distint zones in the office for when I was meeting with a client and she was here too. I didn’t think that would be that often, but that scenario has turned out to be quite frequent, so I’m glad I planned it this way. It also makes it feel a bit more like a “public” zone and a “private” zone, so we also have an area that’s ours to throw our purses and be a bit messy while working on projects.

At the same time, it was important not to compromise the biggest reason for getting an office, which was to help us with our production / space needs, so I opted to get two ottomans + two chairs. The ottomans are great to move around the office and give us lots of flexibility.

I accomplished that with the “credenza” (which is actually an extremely heavy modern style dresser from Target – thanks honey for the heavy lifting on that one) up to which I backed my desk. It also doubles as a fantastic overflow workspace + pickup counter for client orders.

Another Target find – a simple cube storage shelf for all the tools we need all the time. I am trying as hard as I can to hide clutter away in neat containers, especially since clients are here quite a bit now (which I love!).

The paper hanging on the wall came from this super smart pin on Pinterest and works great for my wrapping paper and large sheets that we use for oddball projects.

And then there’s the gallery wall. It’s still a work in progress. I want to keep adding and playing with it over time I think. The frames I found from the most amazing store on Earth – Hobby Lobby – 50% and in all of these incredible shapes. My MIL and I had a field day picking them out!

Now I am just slowly working on picking what should go in each of them. I also worked in my wedding sign which was already done in a cool white frame, plus this little owl I bought on Etsy. I wanted a little something unusual thrown in. I also purchased these tea towels and figured when I’m tired of it in the frame I can use them at home.

So, that’s where I spend my days now! I have been surprised at how easy a transition it was for me. It was a major lifestyle change but I think I must just have been ready for it. Going home is so nice, and I love going to work too. It’s a luxury to have them a bit separated and to love them both!

So I mentioned on Tuesday that I’d been on a real DIY kick lately.  Poor R had no idea those two chairs at the Celadon outlet were going to send me into such a frenzy of inspiration + craftiness.  Admittedly, neither did I, these things come in waves when you least expect it.

It all started when the new chairs came home and I started messing with our furniture and decor, which I haven’t done in, honestly, years.  When I got out of college and moved back to Charleston, I wanted to do fun interiors stuff, but I was so darn broke and jobless that it went on the back burner and stayed there until pretty recently.  Plus beige apartments are not so inspiring.

Which brings me to the coffee table.  This coffee table, to be exact.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally fine, and has functioned perfectly well as a coffee table for the last five years.  But I was over it.  And it’s not worthy of these incredible Wishbone chairs, which will get their own well deserved post later.

So I promptly Craigslisted it to its new home.  R says I have no mercy for furniture.  He’s probably right.

The only trouble is I did not realize how much R likes having a coffee table. In fairness, it does do double duty as a dinner table most nights (are we the only ones?), so that’s been a little weird, but it’s all in pursuit of a prettier living room in my world. I’m pretty sure that’s rather far down any boy’s priority list.

So then I suggested I bring this table (an Ikea LACK table, also from 5 years ago) that was in the office out to the living room for awhile.

Five years of wear and tear + its recent paper cutting duties meant it was in a pretty rough state too. I started Googling away at ways to spruce up Ikea furniture and inspiration struck: I could recover it in wallpaper or contact paper! It would hide the nicks and avoid the mess of painting. Easy. Done.

Good to know: Lowe’s does not carry wallpaper in stores anymore. I decided that I actually liked a clean look anyway, and white contact paper is water resistant and perfect for the job.

I’ll go through the process another day, but the end result was that it turned out pretty well, although the top was very hard to do and turned out kind of wrinkly. I didn’t care because I had plans to do something cool on the top…

…like maybe a design with wood. Chevron? Diagonal? But then you’d have to top it with glass. Tempered glass. Lowe’s doesn’t stock that either.

And then I realized it was kind of silly to spend $75 saving a $20 table. I think sometimes DIY does get overboard like that and luckily I realized it before I went too far. $12 roll of contact paper, not so bad.

So now it’s a cute little bench in the office.

And we still don’t have a coffee table.

Sometimes being a perfectionist designer can bite you. And occasionally your family members. I am actually really happy that I redid it and now have something cute and cheerful in the office, because I don’t take time to do it for my workspace much. But a normal person probably would have just lived with the coffee table, and in some ways that probably would have been better.

The hunt continues. I know the perfect coffee table is out there waiting for me!