I haven’t done Friday wrap up’s in awhile, although it doesn’t feel like that long, but it seemed like the perfect way to end a week when I’ve been bad at blogging. So, here goes nothing!


It’s always such a challenge to find the time and devote the resources to “business improvement” activities. The daily tasks list is usually enough to deal with on its own, but I’ve been trying to do a little bit everyday to work on the big-picture list too.

One tiny piece of that puzzle involved making up our very own lovely letterhead, complete with pretty blue envelopes printed with our signature stripe. The final package came together this week and I’m in love. Among other secret projects, the letterhead is going to be used for the welcome letters we’re now sending out to new wedding clients. Little by little, we are improving the “customer experience” every day and I am so proud of that.


On Tuesday, Charleston Weddings magazine and Middleton Place hosted a fabulous industry event and totally spoiled us all rotten. Strawberry cheesecake icecream, chocolate cake with peanut buttercream icing, champagnes with fruit purees, beautiful ambience, swag bags and the whole bit. It was well worth the trip across town, especially because it was a great way to hang out with so many good friends! Pictured here – the beautiful ladies of Yoj Events, from whom I stole the photo.


It’s crazy time and that’s really all I can say about that. I estimate we will make in the neighborhood of 750+ program fans this month. So, yeah, we’re a paper-cutting bow-tying factory these days.

Christina McNeill Barndiva

This beautiful bride popped up on the Brides magazine blog this week. Her rustic but modern wedding suite is still one of my favorites, and it’s not a wonder since it looks a lot like what I did for my wedding. We totally got each other’s style :-)


It’s not all weddings though. New websites have gone online in the last few weeks for Agaves Cantina, Terrace Oaks Antiques, Mount Pleasant Memorial Gardens, Lowcountry Investment Advisors, and others. We also did some amazing collateral for Magic and More Travel and Pure Luxe Bride that I cannot wait to lay eyes on and take pictures of.

Otherwise, we’re just loving getting used to neighborhood life and home ownership. We planted flowers over the weekend and got a grill, which I am so excited about. We can’t wait to put it to good use this weekend. Do you have any weekend plans? Hope the weather is lovely in your neck of the woods & that it’s a fun one!

I meant to post this week, but between moving, a friend in town, and our normal busy lives, it just didn’t seem to happen. So here’s what we’ve been up to!


We did some really fun paper for a wedding in January with Katherine Miller Events. Black, ivory, and pretty scripty type. We even got a shoutout from Style Me Pretty on Instagram (who happened to be attending the event)!


Photo credit: smpweddings

Moving was a pain.


I have been dying to open that rug for weeks so the first thing I brought to the new place was the rug and the Ghost chair. Unfortunately, there was a lot more to do after that but I felt complete.


Moving did allow me to rediscover some dode-history.


I totally forgot that I made it up that long ago, not even halfway through college. It was really fun to see it on those drawings from school and know that now I had actually made it a real thing.

We’ve also been mailing lots of pretty correspondence to card lovers all over the world.


…and making some with card lovers here in Charleston.


I am, of course, referring to Charlie, who is the only one posing for this picture. (Photo credit: Seastar Arts)


We had a very special Creative Coffee at Spacecraft this week with Dannielle, who visited all the way from Australia. It was so much fun to hang out with her and get to know her better — we only knew each other through blogging and social media. What a cool opportunity it was to meet a fellow blogger in person!

What have you been up to?

Tis the season….

for boxes, boxes, and more boxes! On Tuesday morning, I had several errands to run, an orthodontist appointment, and flu vaccine (yuck), and when I finally got back to the office, this lovely array of boxes awaited me. Something about getting packages is always exciting, even when they are full of adhesive or something equally boring. I just wish the boxes would make themselves disappear once they’re opened!

We are busy with pretty holiday cards, spring wedding invites, and summer save the dates around here. I’m anxiously trying to make sure everyone has everything they need before our Paris trip (16 days and counting!), and printer #2 hasn’t helped by breaking down. So that’s been a lovely little mishap to overcome — thankfully, another is on the way!

I’m excited to go get a tabletop Christmas tree tonight. I decided against getting the normal big one since we will be gone for the holidays, but I just can’t resist having at least a little bit of Christmas cheer in the house. Have you gotten a tree yet?

Also, for more Christmas cheer, come out and see us this weekend at the Lowcountry Artist Market! I’m so excited – it’s such a great way to meet people and find great hidden gems. What are your weekend plans?

It’s that time of the week again! The weekend is only a day away and I, for one, am very happy to see it. No plans really, but I could use a quiet weekend so no complaints here.

I delivered a big invite order (190!) locally this week and it was so much fun to get to wrap it up for an in-person hand-off. We can only do so much when we have to ship things as sturdiness / water proofing are paramount to cute factor, so I had fun with this order.  I was in a rush so only had time to snap a quick photo but you get the idea!

As for the rest of the week…

  • Yesterday was #CreativeCoffee and I really enjoyed it as always.  We brainstormed a bit about the upcoming worldwide Etsy Craft Party (Friday, 8/24 if you haven’t heard! – details here) being held locally here at Spacecraft.  Very excited for that!  It’s always great to chat with other creative business owners.
  • A former bride client who’s also a business client just re-branded her awesome jewelry line as Birdsong Designs.  We also just did some work to her blog – go show her some love!  She just posted a few beautiful wedding photos.
  • Speaking of brides and websites, Mountainside Bride launched this week!  It was great to be a part of her re-design and evolution from Hindsight Bride to Mountainside Bride.
  • Unspeakably excited about an invite that went to print this week.  Mum’s the word but I can tell you this: peach, gray, chevron, letterpress.  O. M. G.
  • Also working hard on getting things ready for Indie Craft parade, which is just around the corner.  I have to print approximately a gazillion cards, so I’m working on redesigning the branding on the back and getting all the supplies in.  I also have to figure out how to design this teensie weensie little booth we have.  Trying to reign in my grandiose ideas!
  • Had a mid week frozen yogurt date during which we were supposed to win the lottery.  Apparently the lottery is broken because we didn’t win.  The nerve.

What’s going on in your life? Happy weekend!

Last weekend I got to do a little wrapping for a baby shower we attended. It was out on Seabrook Island so it was nice to ride out there and go to a part of Charleston I literally haven’t visited in a decade or more (ridiculous right?!).

let’s wrap up the week!

  • Last Saturday, we got to attend the soft opening of Burton’s Grill here in Mount Pleasant and have FREE dinner! I saw it on Facebook and was one of the first people to call, so Robert, my MIL, and I got dinner on the house. It was delicious and I was really impressed with their attention to food allergies – they had an entirely gluten free separate menu with separate dishes. Very cool!
  • The PGA is here at Kiawah this weekend, and we were lucky enough to get some tickets. It’s not like I’m a golf fan or anything, but it should be a neat experience.
  • Gotten lots of orders and projects done, but there is always more to do it seems, not that I’m complaining!
  • I am super excited for two movies this weekend – the new Bourne and the Will Ferrell Campaign one – how to choose? I love to go to the movies. Do you go often?
  • Speaking of movies, we rented “Friends with Kids” from Redbox and it was actually a hilarious and cute movie. I loved it.
  • Starting to daydream about possible trips. Le sigh.
  • We still don’t have a coffee table. Ha.

how are things in your neck of the woods?

Unbelievably, it’s Friday already folks!

to {{ wrap up}} the week

  • I solemnly promised not to tear our apartment a part this weekend in a decorating frenzy.  I will instead pin ideas and think of more things to try next weekend.  Or perhaps my good friend who’s getting a new house will let me share in her decorating adventures?
  • We had #CreativeCoffee yesterday and it was probably the last time I’ll visit Hope and Union as they are closing for good on Monday.  I am seriously so sad about it.  I dug back through my blog archives and I originally wrote about it in September of 2010 when I first went there.  It’s an institution for Charleston entrepreneurs and creatives.  Hate to  lose such a great little local spot!

An homage to Hope and Union because I can’t resist.

  • Weekend plans?  Right now I’m just looking forward to some relaxation.  We have lots of events and a very busy September planned coming soon, so a little R&R in these miserably hot days of summer is fine by me.  What about you?
  • My organization frenzy resulted in my feeling a lot calmer and more relaxed in the studio the last couple days.  Purging lots of old stuff and cleaning up the shelves always does wonders for my feeling of being in control and on top of everything.

Til Monday!

Hurray for Friday!

the weekly wrap-up

  • Somehow R and I BOTH forgot our phones at home yesterday and were subsequently lost all day.  It’s so funny how used to having it you can get and you just feel naked without it.  When we went to Europe, I didn’t carry it at all and it was so freeing in some ways – I felt like I paid attention to the world more.  But I think not having it is just stressful if you’re not on vacation because there are so many things to do.
  • Had a great chat / brainstorming session with Katherine Miller Events yesterday too about our three amazing brides.  Always fun to see her and boy does she have some AWESOME ideas about these Fall weddings!
  • The Momtrepreneur’s Market was a lot of fun last night.  I’ll post pictures Monday.  My dad tagged along with me and it was nice to hang out with him and Fraiche Designand other wonderful crafters on a nice summer evening.  The rain made it cool enough that it was really nice to be outside.
  • Also had time to catch up with my brother this week and put him to work tying welcome kits.  Poor guy, he knows if he comes to my house he’ll get roped into some kind of weird project.  I always feed him though :-)
  • The quest for a coffee table continues.  In the meantime I kind of like the spaciousness of no barstools, IKEA chair, or coffee table.  I can sit in one of my three favorite chairs and survey the land.  :-)  Any suggestions for where to look though?
  • Churning out invites like crazy.  September brides are starting to send theirs out – can you believe it?  It’s amazing how the time goes by!  Pretty sure we’ll be at our one year anniversary.  Wow.

How was your week friends?

A more manly packaging / wrap-up example today…Moonshine Cologne! We found it in the Southern Curator awhile back.

Of course, they sold me on the packaging before I even smelled it…I love how the packaging reflects the name and the down-home tradition of “moonshine.” Luckily it doesn’t smell like moonshine though :-) It has a great scent!

So let’s wrap up this week!

  • Kellie, our dode-assistant, was on vacation with her family this week, so the wonderful Shawnda of Your Time Charleston stepped in with a helper for me on Monday.  Her name was Hollie and she has an amazing sense of style and awesome blog, so that was a pretty great way to start the week by meeting a talented designer!
  • Got my much delayed mini blog makeover done finally.  Yippee!
  • Finally got around to designing this year’s Christmas cards.  I’m excited to share them with you soon!
  • Have been a printing demon.  You know how when you leave the beach sometimes you can still hear the ocean in your head?  (or maybe I’m just crazy?)  Well, that’s how my life is with printer noise right now.  But that means we’re busy and I’m thankful for it!
  • Had a great lunch with Ashley from Fraiche to plan on being at the Momtrepreneur’s Market at Mixson next week.  Excited about that!
  • Found time for creativity, which was incredible.  I need more creative-for-creative’s sake time!
  • Have no plans for the weekend, other than a morning meeting with a new bride, and am looking forward to relaxing.  What are your plans?

happy happy weekend!

Holiday weeks are the best. Even though I really didn’t take much time off, it’s nice when other people are taking it off because it means my inbox is quieter and I can catch up some. So let’s wrap up 4th of July week!

  • I started the week off right with finding out I had been accepted to the Indie Craft Parade!  This will be the first “show” I’ve done that involves traveling (albeit, not too far), more than one day, and also one of the biggest.  From what I can tell it seems very Artist Market like in that it’s hip and cool and all about the young, fresh craft movement.  I am stoked.
  • Made our annual 4th of July cake and it was delicious: white cake with holes poked in it and then strawberry jello poured over it (before it’s jello), Cool Whip for frosting, and blueberries and strawberries to make the flag.  Yummy.
  • Signed up for my first class at Spacecraft next week, taught by the talented Kristen Solecki.  Linocut printing here we go.  Good friends + creating-just-for-the-sake-of-it time is the best.
  • Am officially obsessed with my Roomba.  If someone could also invent a laundry folding robot, we’d be in serious business.

Hmm, guess I’m out of thoughts for today :-)  How was your week + what are you up to this weekend?

Friday is here and it is HOT. As in, almost too hot for the beach, much much better to close all the blinds and eat ice cream :-)

Let’s wrap up this week….

  • Random, but I’m totally bummed they let Ann Curry go from the Today Show. She seems so sweet and I hate to see anyone in a tough place.
  • Finished some gorgeous invites — one set was a collaboration with Calligraphy by Paige Tanenbaum and another for amazing Boston blogger Fun and Fearless in Beantown.
  • Feeling a little disillusioned with owning a business lately. It seems the better you do, the more bills show up in the mail – hundreds and thousands of dollars in business licenses, sales tax, business property tax, income tax, etc. I feel a little bit like a hamster on a wheel, and it’s hard not to resent all the money that goes out the door just so we can stay a legal business. None of it does anything to contribute to growth, bringing in money, or anything else directly beneficial. Disturbing to think about it this way, but every fourth website or so that I make goes purely to taxes and licensing. It is out-of-this-world expensive to run even a teeny tiny little business like mine in America. Ok, rant over.
  • To happier things: I am dying to see the new Steve Carrell movie, “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.” Anyone seen it?
  • Did a quick makeover for The Economical Eater. Stop by and say hi to Michelle!
  • Spacecraft opened this week. Congrats Allison!
  • Dropping off new cards to the market today. Working on designing Christmas already — can you believe?! And I’m pretty sure I’m behind. Sheesh.

how was your week, and what’s in store for your weekend?