I am in the process of slowly addressing those little things that annoy me every day as best I can. Like, for example, the bathroom cabinet and my jewelry organization. Done. Then there was the mini-office-reno (which I need to share) — done, and my day is so much smoother when you tackle the little problems.

The next big one was the spice cabinet. Now that I am actually cooking pretty often, these things matter. For example, when you are at a critical point in your cooking process and the garlic salt is running around the cabinet laughing and pointing at you as you knock everything over in a frenzied pursuit. I am over it and going to fix it.

Here’s where we were at before.

The most annoying thing is how there are so many different shapes and sizes of spice containers, some from one store and some from another, so it was hard to get it to stay organized no matter what I did.

So I did some looking around and found these glass jars with lids and the shaker piece. It was only about $20 for the bottles I needed. I would make sure to order a few extra though — you’d hate for your fancy new organization system to be immediately shot if you add a new spice!

Next up was the more exciting part in my world: designing the labels. I decided to go colorful and fun. I set them up to print on Avery labels, 2″x2″ square. You could also just print them and tape them. To make them waterproof, I placed clear packing tape over the label anyway.

Here is the NEW spice cabinet..

I feel better already.

Want to re-do your spice cabinet? Download the labels below!