So as you know I’m on a sort of “working getaway” at the moment with the fiance. Sorry I missed yesterday’s post – so hard to do when you’re on the move!

But I can’t complain too much, because here’s a glimpse of my blissful, solitary breakfast this morning. Just me, my book, and the ocean…

It’s kind of overexposed, but the ocean is over there, promise. Now it’s off to do a few things before the fiance gets done with his meetings, and then we’re celebrating the big 2-5 for him today! When did we get so grown up? I always feel like I’m playing adult when we travel together and people call me “Mrs…” I guess you never get over that, huh?

Oh, and for the sweet words part, while I’ve been gone two lovely wonderful people have written really sweet posts that I wanted to mention – and you should check out their blogs if you can! – see them below..

  • Dannielle Cresp – I read her blog everyday – is also a writer for Scoutie Girl and she wrote this wonderful post about where craftiness comes from. It was an honor to be interviewed!
  • A recent client, Serena Norr, whose blog Seriously Soupy is so much fun to read, included me in her “A Soupy Look Ahead” post. I love how her blog redesign turned out!

Happy weekend my friends!

Participating in Fill in the Blank Friday from the Little Things We Do Blog today!

1. People always tell me I look like

…everyone in my family. I am somehow a perfect 50/50 of my mom and my dad, and my brother and I look so much alike it’s funny. I have also gotten Leeann Rimes before.

2. Friends don’t let friends

be tacky.

3. A sunny day is perfect for

a bike ride and a lunch outdoors, then walking around and people watching someplace outdoors.

4. My favorite accessory is

Hmm probably jewelry in general.

5. If I could afford it I would

Travel more. Lots more.

6. The cure for boredom is

Creating a project for yourself! I do too much of that lol…

7. I am currently “in like” with

Anthropologie, Shop Ruche, the color yellow, Italy as we’re planning our trip…

Happy weekend!

Happy Friday my dears! Hard to believe Father’s Day is just around the corner, which means summer is really and truly here. It snuck up on me a bit this year so I’m kind of late getting these out, but here they are! Sorry the photos are so bad, I had to take these pictures last night in my house, and it’s so hard to get good artificial light.

And then on another note, I’ll be at Holy City Artists and Fleas at Eye Level Art tomorrow with Man Art (aka my dad!). It’s his first endeavor into the world of handmade shows (other than helping me) and I’m excited to be there with him. The nonprofit I work with – Nest – will also be there and I’ll be helping out with a table. If you’re in Charleston, please stop by! Have a great weekend!

I adore birthdays. Your birthday, my birthday, doesn’t matter: it’s just so great to have a day in the middle of all the chaos of work and responsibilities that’s special.

{couldn’t help it, this made me laugh – borrowed from Mr. Humperdink’s Birthday Party on poppytalk handmade}

I still remember one of my earliest birthdays, probably the first I was old enough to know what’s going on, and my mom explained to me the whole concept. And she said, “and we’re going to have cake and ice cream and presents and everyone’s coming!”

Well, head-case that I was and still am, I still remember the images I had in my imagination: everyone’s coming? Where are they going to fit? Our house is so small, how will the whole world fit into our house? Will there be lines to get in? How will there be enough cake? So my birthday is like a national holiday huh?

Hence the reason everyone teases me about how much I love birthdays. It was my boyfriend’s mother’s day yesterday, and mine is on Sunday, and then boyfriend, brother, etc. are all coming up soon. And everyone will be there I’m sure!

Have a lovely weekend, friends.

So I know the saying is NOT to judge a book by its cover, which is pretty true for people, but I as a designer + book lover cannot help but to do so with actual books. I thought it would be fun to do a post from time to time about how that works out for me!

This version was published by Harper Collins.

A quick note – I love to read older novels. I adore history and biographies, but fiction from the late 1700’s to the mid 20th century is my favorite. So most of these are probably going to be oldies but goodies.

This book cover spoke to me at once – the colors are gorgeous, and the simple but interesting design is awesome. It has a Deco-y kind of feel with the building in the middle…

….and the book did not disappoint! It’s the story of a woman in the very early 1900’s and her son, and the woman is a lover of beauty who ends up as a farmer’s wife, but manages to provide a better life for her son. Her son becomes part of that somewhat “lost generation” that Ernest Hemingway talks about though…a bit superficial and discontented.

It’s very character driven, so if you’re not into that, it’s probably not a book for you. But at any rate, it would be a very pretty addition to your shelves!

Happy Friday!

Happy April, otherwise known as Sarah’s-birthday-month!

This is absolutely the best time of year to come to Charleston. Well, maybe the beginning of March might have been a little more preferable since the pollen wasn’t as bad, but all the rain we’ve had this week has washed a good bit of it away. It’s not hot yet (and boy does it get hot in Charleston), and the weather is unbelievably gorgeous. Flowers and trees in bloom, the works.

And, we have about a zillion things going on this weekend! The bridge run is always a big deal, which is a huge event that goes on here over our beautiful Ravenel Bridge…

{found on}

That bridge was built I guess about five years ago, and we used to have these rickety beauties that were the terror of every 16 year old learning how to drive…

By the time I started driving over it it was – thankfully – one way, but anytime you got on that thing with an 18 wheeler you were just praying he wouldn’t try to pass you!

So for years Charleston has held a bridge run, and this weekend is the 34th annual…

I really like the poster this year – lots of color and really fun. People literally come from all over the world to participate – and do you know, I, the Charleston native, never have?? It’s on my punch list.

We also have Flowertown Festival this weekend, and I’ll be sharing photos of that on Monday! Till then my friends!

In the stationery + greeting card world, I have to be way ahead of the holidays when developing my products. So, I am trying to get on some sort of schedule with that, and have developed my Mother’s Day cards this past week….

…and there they are!

So, have any plans for the weekend? I’m taking a little mini roadtrip to Savannah, Georgia, and I’m excited to get out of town and go somewhere different, even if only for a day or so!

Happy weekend :-)

This event is just amazing. This will be my third time doing it and I can’t wait!

If you’re in Charleston, please stop by – the weather should be nice and there will be 35 amazing handmade and vintage vendors to browse through. Thanks to Kristen at the Music Farm for putting it on again!

Happy weekend :-)

I had a different post planned for today, but since I woke up late and am therefore posting later than normal, I thought I’d join in on Fill in the Blank Friday.

I need a receipt holder. This one from elliven is adorable!

Here they are for this week:

1. My biggest accomplishment in life thus far is…

Becoming confident enough to really embrace who I am, that I’m a little weird and rather dorky, but that that’s me and I love it. It’s so nice to feel I’m finally coming into my own in that regard.

2. My favorite place to sit in my house is…

At night on the sofa with my boyfriend when we’re winding down at the end of a long day.

3. My fashion philosophy is

I love keeping up with trends and embracing them, but my mother also taught me that some things never go out of style. I like to be fun and quirky because – well – I am a designer, but I also love to hit on those classic elements that never go out of style. I spend more money on those items: the little black dress, a nice pair of black heels, a nice pair of khaki-colored pants, etc., and then I shop vintage or less expensive items for the accessories that are trendier and will go out of style.

I do have to say I hate shoulder pads though, I don’t care if they’re in style or not. Not doing it.

4. Something every girl should have is

a good girlfriend to laugh with and support each other!

5. If you looked in my purse right now you’d be….

appalled. There are receipts and all sorts of other nonsense everywhere. I love my big purse but sometimes it’s a curse!

6. My favorite music right now is

the Beatles. They make me happy.

7. My favorite part of my body is

I’ve been growing my hair out so I’m pretty excited about that!

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If March 2011 were your last month to live, how would you live it?

Wow, tough one.

{image from lovely teaandbrie shop on Etsy, check it out!}

Here’s the highlights:

  • I would sleep as little as possible, but every four or five days I would have a delicious sleep in and stay in bed until I was ready to get out of it “catch-up” day.
  • I would get up and walk the beach early in the morning. I always want to do that but work or lack of sleep gets in the way.
  • I would eat whatever I wanted, and try all the restaurants that have been on my list for far too long.
  • I would go back to Paris, because it was the most magical few days of my life.
  • I would call old friends. The ones that you want to talk to and miss but you feel like it’s weird to just call them out of the blue.
  • Volunteer. I would make more time to give back.
  • Spend all the time I could with my favorite people, even if it’s just doing nothing. Sometimes those are the best times.
  • I wouldn’t want to quit my job. Or at least, not in that, “haha suckers I’m out of here” kind of way, because I love what I do. I’m so very fortunate to be able to say that. But you have to make time somewhere!

What would you do? Happy Friday!