greetings dodeline fans + friends,

i thought it only appropriate that i formally introduce myself. my name is lisa roy + i’m the newest member of the glorious dodeline troupe! i’m totally elated for this new venture in my life! (please pardon the overt enthusiasm).

ironically i’ve discovered since  this opportunity arose that sarah’s beautiful work was always just under my nose. i just never knew it. her lovely design work found its way into not one, not two but four of my lovely gal pal’s weddings. and somehow this remained entirely unbeknownst to me! birds of a feather flock together. i knew this was a good sign.

i firmly believe that if you follow your heart + instincts, life will simply fall into place, just as it should. for many years, i worked in development at the halsey institute of contemporary art + only recently, made the discovery that as fond as i was of my halsey co-horts, fundraising wasn’t for me. i simply wasn’t fulfilled. period. i felt part liberated woman/part lost soul by this sudden departure. the lost soul in me sought that creative uplift in my everyday world.

cue in sarah reed and the gem that is dodeline.  a friend connected us (thank you, katie edwards). sarah has great energy. i mean, she’s just a total delight and thankfully, i suited her vision for the first-ever-dodeline-stationery-consultant-girl. so, here i am. its such a treasure to see everything falling into its right place.


sincerest thanks to mrs. dodeline, sarah reed for sharing her beautiful blog world with this newbie.

happy friday, folks. xoxo

Joining up with the little things we do for Fill in the Blank Friday today!

1. My favorite new blog of the moment is

Just stumbled on “Oh Hello, Friend: you are loved” and am loving that one – especially the package swap!

2. Something I am thankful for is

My handsome husband and our supportive, wonderful families.

3. Something that made me laugh this week was

This video of a baby crying, and the only thing that will make him stop is when they play Notorious BIG. I would be so scared to condition my kid!

4. An item that is currently on my wish list is

This adorable Ipad case from EightSeasons on Etsy…

5. I am excited about

My trip. Sorry, I know you’re probably tired of hearing about it :-)

6. If I were a color I would be

Blue. I have phases when I’m really into different colors, but blue is probably the one I’m consistently drawn to.

7. My favorite way to spend a chilly fall day is by

Putting on boots and a scarf and walking around downtown or in the park. I have an unfair advantage that our chilly fall day is….65 lol

Happy weekend!

It’s Friday, woohoo! Kind of a random post today…just about the little things from the week. It really is the little things in life that make it wonderful!

Aisle to Aloha

  • Had lunch with my former high school French teacher on Monday, and it was so nice to reconnect!  I love that I’m able to have a friendship with her now – we have so much in common.
  • Reading One Day and totally enjoying just a straight up girl book.  Going to have to see the movie next.
  • Read this post: 4 Reasons to Leave Your Cell Phone at Home, and was definitely inspired.  We are way too attached to our cell phones (no  offense to Steve Jobs of course, whose death is much mourned!).
  • Watched the Office, Modern Family, & New Girl.  New Girl is one of my new faves – Zooey Daschenel is so beautiful!  What’s your favorite show?
  • Had dessert fondue with my favorite person in the whole world.
  • Heard good news from a blogger friend that I couldn’t be happier about…

What are the little things that made up your week?  Happy weekend!

Joining up with Aisle to Aloha’s Little Things link party today.

Sometimes I can be a little like the dog in Up – only instead of being attracted to squirrels, it’s colors & graphics for me :-)

So a few weeks ago, while wandering through the grocery store, I decided to take a few snapshots of all the things that caught my eye. Food and labels and colors can be beautiful things! Are you the same way?

Happy weekend!


Just a quick post today as I have a busy Friday in store. I’m just so excited about Fall! Now, can the weather please start acting like it here in Charleston?

Favorite things about Fall…

  • The Fair always comes in late October and it’s usually perfect timing with the weather (as in it’s finally cold).  And this year we’ll be brand new newlyweds!
  • Along with the Fair: sky rides.  I freaking love the sky ride.  It’s right up my alley – low key and I can people watch from above :-)
  • Pumpkins.  Specifically mini ones.
  • Color.  Even though we get very little of that here, we get a stray orange tree or two here and there.
  • Day after Thanksgiving shopping.  Won’t get to do that this year but I love to get up at the crack of dawn and see the craziness.  I’ve never really stood in line for anything, I just go for the novelty of shopping at 4AM.  But sometimes that does backfire (remember that year, Mom?).

What are YOUR favorite things about Fall?  Is it acting like Fall wherever you are?  Happy weekend!

It would really stink to have a hurricane named after you.

I guess I don’t really think of hurricanes as that big of a deal. I have been in Charleston my whole life and never evacuated.

I was only 2 years old in 1989 when Hurricane Hugo came through, but it was a doozie and I do remember bits and pieces.

Then in 1999 Hurricane Floyd came through and I was an oh-so-fun-to-be-around 12 year old. We lost power for several days but Dad had a generator and for the most part it was just boring. We did get a week off from school and we did also lose a few huge oak trees that turned our backyard into a disaster zone and crushed my dad’s old trucks.

In between those two & since we have had countless hurricanes that were headed our way. It seems when they’re out off the coast of Africa they ALWAYS think it’s going to hit Charleston and then it turns to (bless those people) cream the Outer Banks instead.

But first thing on Monday it was all Irene talk and I find it interesting that, as Charleston has grown and there are so many people here who aren’t natives, the reaction to potential hurricanes seems much more exaggerated than it ever did before. Most native Charlestonians have been through at least a few. It feels kind of like a rite of passage to me.

That said though, my fiance said he was going to kidnap me and evacuate me whether I liked it or not. Evacuating just sounds miserable – 14 hours on the Interstate. What if you get stuck there?

But, thankfully, it doesn’t APPEAR at this moment that Irene is heading my way. I am however worried about all of my friends and readers further north because they are definitely not as used to storms like this threatening their shores (kind of like the panic that sets in around here in a snowfall). You are all in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that big mean storm takes a right hand turn!

Happy weekend dears.

As much as I love clothes and shoes and style and design, I’m not one to make purchases lightly.  Working since I was legally able to and never having a ton of disposable income instilled that “value-of-a-dollar” mentality in me and I hope I stay that way.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to splurge every once in awhile.  And you know what I really want right now?  Frye boots.  Wouldn’t these be the perfect traipsing around Europe on a honeymoon style accessory??

Yeah, they’re $700. Better known as several nights in a hotel on the honeymoon lol.

Source: None via Sarah on Pinterest

I’m also kind of mad at Pinterest for introducing me to that incredible bag. I chased it through like 42 repins only to find it’s $1,000.


Those would be mega splurges that I won’t be making anytime soon. But it’s still fun to dream, right?

What do you want to splurge on right now?

Have a great weekend! & don’t forget, giveaway is open through Tuesday! Sign up!

It’s been a busy, exciting, and all-around wonderful few weeks.

This week, I…

  • Fought extensively with Quickbooks and have finally won, I think.  And really I have to say Robert is the one who really won that battle :-)  But it does feel really good to have it organized and be able to generate all sorts of nifty reports.
  • Had a great coffee hour (or two!) with Jeni to brainstorm all sorts of lovely things.  New, AMAZING product photos coming soon!
  • Have managed to successfully keep the office neat and tidy – week two.  Moving more orders out daily!
  • Did a quick reno on one of my very favorite client’s site – Boston Food Finds.
  • Got really distracted by an AWESOME design quote website 
  • Posted over on my resource blog – The Questions I Get – a simple tutorial on embedding You Tube videos in your blog posts for a client who needed a run-through on that.
  • Spent time with my little brother (sorry, he’s not “little” anymore, but he always will be to me) who was nice enough to help me knock out some paper orders.
  • Finished the prototype of the very last product that’s been holding up the release of some more dodeline stationery….details coming soon :-)
  • Was thankful and thrilled to be busy, able, and lucky enough to do so many exciting things.

I leave you with a quote that I found when I got distracted on that sidte the second time lol.  It’s not completely design related, which is kind of why I liked it…

Take a walk. Dance a jig. Get some sun. Don’t take yourself to serious. Cook something ethnic. Play the 3 chords you know on guitar. Go get coffee. Tell a bad joke, to yourself, and laugh. Look at the way a leaf is made. Overhear someone else’s conversation. Write it down. Remember it later. Get some sleep.

— Kyle Steed

Have a fantastic weekend my friends!

Although I adore all things Jane Austen, Southern plantations, the Roaring Twenties, and the like….

…and you know what? Those lovely ladies didn’t have air conditioning. And not only that, but they had to wear a zillion layers of clothing all the time.

No wonder they needed fainting couches – it’s been a record week for heat here in Charleston, and I’m thoroughly over it…..

…I say as I sit comfortably inside, nice and cool, thanks to the most amazing invention ever (at least from where I’m sitting at the moment): glorious climate control.

So here’s to you guy who invented air conditioning – you’re the best!

I am really, really excited about this new website that launched late Wednesday and is having a “grand opening” tomorrow. The brains behind it all – Jordan – and I have been working together for six solid months on creating the quirkiest, coolest shopping website we could think of: I’m With Cupcake.

It is always such a pleasure when a client puts so much into a project the way Jordan has – his product selections have been incredible and so much fun for me to see the other side of the equation as we’ve worked alongside each other for all these months (albeit, in two different countries!).

If you have a chance, check it out, and if you see something you absolutely must have (which I hope you do! I’ve already made a few purchases) – then use the promo code “dodelinedesign”!

Oh, and why “website baby” you asked? We realized we’ve spent so long on it’s practically a baby lol!