This weekend was the sweetest blessing….it was around 85 degrees at the hottest, which here in Charleston is practically Fall weather. I don’t remember the last time we had anything sub-100 with 100% humidity in August — it’s generally a pretty unbearable month here. It was so nice to feel the teeny tiniest change in the air like crisp, cool weather is not too terribly far away.

So although we’re not quite there yet, I’m ready to zip up my boots, throw on a scarf, and head to the pumpkin patch.

Those Frye boots would do nicely. I also quite like this cowl neck scarf from Etsy…

This purse is awesome that I found from this pin on Pinterest but can’t seem to trace back to the store it came from. Look familiar to anyone?

And then we’ll do pumpkin crafts, like this one for example or any of the others from this fun post on Babble: 12 Great Ways to Decorate with Pumpkins.

Now we just need the temperate to drop about another 20 degrees and we’ll really be there :-)

Are you ready for the seasons to change? What’s your favorite season and why?

Ampersands are everywhere lately in the design world. So I couldn’t help but do an ampersand post after I read this description of what they represent in my current read (the font book):

“Much of what one needs to know about the history and beauty of a font is found in its ampersand. Done well, an & is not so much a character as a creature, an animal from the deep. Or it is a character int he other sense of the word, usually a tirelessly entertaining one, perhaps an uncle with too many magic tricks.

Even in its more basic modern form, the ampersand is far more than abbreviation; its creativity provides a heartening reminding of the continuing impact of the quill in type design, and it signifies more than just a link. It also signifies permanence, not least to a professional partnership; Dean & Deluca are clearly in it for the long haul….But Tom and Jerry? Of course they hate each other…”

Source: via A on Pinterest

Source: via hellopoppet on Pinterest

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

If you’re tired of fonts just tell me :-)

I walked out the door this morning and forgot to blog. But then it turned out not to be such a bad thing because I got a taste of what felt like the first bit of Fall here in this hot, humid town – I think it was 74 degrees or so. Cool breeze, and just so refreshing to the soul. THANK YOU September!

I went to Target the other night and bought a few Fall items. I’m so ready. I’ve been pinning ideas on Pinterest too:

I want to look cute on my honeymoon ;-)

But other than the first breath of Fall, September brings lots of things…

  • College football starts tonight and my fiance is so happy.  He also yelled at me yesterday (not really but you know what I mean) because I accidentally wrote “Chic fil a bowl” and it wasn’t the bowl obviously, that’s at the end of the season.  But then we laughed because I was like, none of my readers care, honey… (love you Robert)
  • My mom’s birthday
  • Less than two months before my wedding, which means I’m mailing wedding invitations, which is very very strange
  • A trip to Athens (so happy!)
  • Labor Day weekend

And on that note, I think I am going to take tomorrow and Monday off from blogging to enjoy a bit of a holiday weekend.  So I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend and see you back here on Tuesday!

I don’t have much time this morning, but I found this adorable Etsy shop yesterday and thought I’d share!

Edenswake is a mother-daughter duo who make really really cute clutches and clips at affordable prices. I currently carry a ginormous tote bag so a clutch is sounding pretty nice now….

Happy Thursday!

My fellow “officemate” Alesya of Alesya Bags has had a very big week this week with the launch of her much anticipated designer laptop bag / purse.

It really is such an annoyance when you dress super cute and you have to lug a big heavy laptop bag around with you, so her bag addresses the problem! It officially launched yesterday with her snazzy new website and press releases and blog posting and I’m just so excited for her. Check it out when you have a chance!

I’m kind of a shoe girl. Not as much of a shoe girl as my mother is, but a shoe girl nonetheless. So I wanted to find my shoes before I found my dress, and I wanted them to be flat because my fiance is about 6″ taller than me and I like to keep it that way. But this proved to be a challenge!

I found all sorts of fantastic ones, but nothing under $100. And then I finally found The Dessy Group. Cute ballet flats in any color for $30. Amazing. I ordered a pair but I was kind of skeptical as to how they would turn out.

Well, they got here yesterday and they’re adorable! Simple, pretty, and comfortable. And they even threw in a reusable shopping bag that was really cute.

I think this would be a great find for party stuff too – if you need shoes in a particular color for example. Just wanted to share the tip!

(Sorry if you already about the shoes over at the CWS Blog, couldn’t help sharing that they were what I hoped!)

Lately I’ve been spending quite a bit of time roaming around the internet looking at dress inspiration. I was never one to design all the details of my wedding before getting engaged so now the pressure is on and I have no idea where to start!

But anyway, I stumbled on TheFROCK in my wandering and I just think this is the coolest site. They have a huge collection of vintage dresses from the late 1800’s to the 90’s, and although none of them are in my budget and I’m not sure how I’d feel about that anyway, they are so much fun to look at. It’s amazing how styles change over time.

Elizabeth Arden, 1945

Satin & tulle, 1955

Pierre Balmain, 1960

If you have time for browsing and like vintage fashion, I’d check it out :-) Happy Monday!