Hi friends! What a busy time of year we find ourselves in. I just love it. Cozying up to the fire, wearing boots, seeing the leaves change. It’s a most welcome change after the heat of summer.


I can’t wait to host a Thanksgiving gathering for family at my house. Now to figure out how to make a turkey…hmm…maybe these recipe cards will get some use then :-)


These recipe cards showed up in Lowcountry Parent magazine. Very exciting!

Some of our holiday cards also cropped up in Charleston Magazine’s gift guide…


I really love how those turned out, and such an honor to see them published so quickly! Along with all the other normal stuff, we are also busily preparing for the Buy Local Block Party coming up on the 22nd. Hope we’ll see some familiar faces there and some new ones too!

Otherwise, life is continuing on as normal around here. We will be closing next week – the 26th thru the 30th – so I’ll see you back here the first week of December. Pay attention to your email and social media though…we just might be running some fun promo’s (I know, along with everyone else in the world) after Thanksgiving!

What are you up to lately? Anything new and exciting?

We’re active members of Lowcountry Local First, and I am so excited that the organization is hosting a “Buy Local Block Party” on November 22nd. We haven’t vended at a fair or anything in awhile, so it’s going to be a lot of fun to get back out in the community with some of our cards, meet new people, and shop a little too.


An awesome part of this event is going to be the “Maker Tours.” One tour will be of downtown and another will go up to Park Circle, taking you to the workspaces of some of Charleston’s makers (think Rewined, Landrum Tables, etc.) and, of course, a brewery too. I might have to find someone to mind our table so I can catch one of the tours! If you are interested, you can buy tickets here. They’ll be available the day of the event if they don’t sell out, but don’t count on it! :-)

Hope to see you there – we’ll have lots of goodies and holiday cards just in time for the holiday shopping season!

A few weeks ago, the Charleston Wedding Planners Association put on a great seminar on etiquette. I know, I know – it doesn’t sound like a thrilling topic – but for this crowd, it kind of is. Etiquette questions and guidance are a huge part of our day to day work.



Coleman Hall – formerly Tidewater Chapel – hosted the event and it was beautiful. We got there in style via Lowcountry Valet’s awesome restored vintage buses.

{via Instagram}

Before the seminar, I was so glad to see Brit Croft there photographing. She grabbed a quick shot of Kellie and me – Laurel managed to dodge the camera! We’ll get her next time. She was sweet enough to provide the beautiful photos for this post, so pop over to her blog and say hi if you have a second.


After mimosas and delicious pastries, Peggy Post from the Emily Post Institute spoke and signed copies of her lovely new book. I loved her spin on things and it’s one I fully endorse – etiquette is about considering other people as much as possible. Thinking before you speak. Considering how your words and actions could be perceived. Loving any idea for 5 minutes before raising opposition.



The presentation was followed by a fabulous lunch by Cru Catering. And desserts by Christophe Artisan Chocolatiers arrived on a gorgeous stand.


I could get used to this.

Lovely, lovely day and so much fun to bring the whole Dodeline team (even though I can hardly believe I have a team ;-)). Happy weekend!

What a summer it’s been! It’s already winding down in many parts of the country, although here in Charleston we’ll enjoy the heat for another month at least. Since it’s been a little while since I’ve “talked shop” here on the blog, I thought I’d share a bit about what’s been going on around here.


Spring wedding season was pretty crazy, with what I think was a record number of wedding program fans leaving our little office in I’on. Kellie and I started to get a little overwhelmed and it was decided the time was right to bring in more help. That way we can get things done more quickly for our clients and everyone can feel a little less pressured.

Laurel started working with us a little over a month ago now, so if you call in or stop by, you just might have the pleasure of meeting her. She is a talented artist and such a great energy to have here in the office. As an entrepreneur who started this whole thing alone in my apartment, I have to admit it’s pretty weird sometimes when all three of us are here and the phone’s ringing and stuff is being made and people are stopping by. Those are sort of pinch-yourself moments – did I really start this whole thing??

At any rate, we are so ready for Fall season now with our little team. Lots and lots of pretty things to be made.

Speaking of upcoming things, I am so excited about the Wedding 101 Workshop we’ve cooked up with Amie from Elizabeth Grace Occasions. Back in January, on a SUPER COLD day when the heat was not cooperating in the office, I met Amie for the first time to network a bit. I mentioned in passing this idea I had about doing a little “general stuff you need to know” workshop for just engaged brides, and Amie was totally into it. I never would have actually gotten around to doing it if it weren’t for her! I guess that’s what makes her such a good event planner, huh? I’m just the designer ;-)


And even better, we looped in my friend Allison who owns Spacecraft Studios, so we’ll be hosting it there. Have a friend who’s just engaged and wants to pick our brains for advice and work on a vision board? Hopefully, if it’s successful, we’ll do more in the future, but space is limited and right now this is the only one on the calendar! So sign up here if you’re interested.

I also attended the Good Business Summit this week, which was my first sort of “continuing ed” / conference sort of thing I’ve done formally as a business owner. It was hosted by Lowcountry Local First, an organization which we love and support. I’ll do another post about that in the next couple days with all of the amazing vendors speakers we got to meet.

Happy Friday friends!

It’s been three weeks since my last post, and what a busy and fun-filled three weeks it’s been!


I had the honor of co-hosting a baby shower for a dear friend a few weeks ago, and it was a first in so many ways: her first baby, my first baby shower hostessing experience, our first “large” gathering in our new home. It was also fun for me to engage in some of the other parts of party planning which I don’t see as often – food, entertainment, and decorating. Of course, the paper part was a given for me, and baby Luke already has his very own custom monogram.


Jeni’s sister, Lizabee, and I teamed up to make fun bunting out of paper and fabric. Lizabee also came up with and set up the adorable onesie decorating station which was a big hit with our very creative guest list. I was also lucky to have my mother in law there to help us with all those last minute details and she also brought along some yummy tea sandwiches.

The inspiration was the idea of “tea for the tot,” so we did a “tea bar” in my mom’s antique baby bath. It was the perfect place to ice down some pretty glass bottles of different teas. I also experimented with making lavender simple syrup, which was a first, and it actually turned out pretty well I think. Little sugar cubes and lemons rounded out the tea bar. We also did a “signature drink” – a delicious and very pretty cucumber sangria.


Here I am with the mother-to-be and my fellow host…


It was such a fun day, and so nice to have so many good friends in our new home. Special thanks to the ever-talented Monica of Sablee who made our yummy scones and cupcakes too! Also, thank you to Jordan Tate, one of the new mama’s friends whom I was so happy to meet, and who is a very talented photographer and took these photos while I ran around like a crazy lady ;-)

I had the best time on Wednesday night spending time with some of my favorite locals. The Lowcountry Local First event at Dwelling was held to promote the beginning of Buy Local month, which is something I can definitely get behind.

LLF Dwelling-11

LLF Dwelling-14

LLF Dwelling-21

LLF Dwelling-22

LLF Dwelling-34

LLF Dwelling-37

LLF Dwelling-40

LLF Dwelling-49

LLF Dwelling-70

LLF Dwelling-80

LLF Dwelling-107

LLF Dwelling-121

LLF Dwelling-128

Even though I am a very new member, I got to get a bit more involved with this event since Leigh and Tim at Dwelling are friends and longtime clients. I always love working with them, and any excuse to hang out in their gorgeous store is fine by me! To top it off, the wonderful Jeni from Seastar Arts was taking photos which she was kind enough to share with me.

A good time was had by all. I love any event where I can meet financial planners, people who make wool socks on their alpaca farm, health coaches, popcorn entrepreneurs, caterers, and more all in the same place.

Happy weekend!

As always, last weekend’s Lowcountry Artist Market was a smashing success. I never get tired of that event and all of the amazing vendors that show there! Plus, the nicest people come by our booth…it’s so good to step off the computer / out of the office every once in awhile and just talk to people.

In fact, in preparation for the event, I got to be on the radio for the first time ever. Kristen, the brains behind the whole event, was nice enough to invite me along to 105.5 The Bridge to talk about the market and our work. I was super nervous about it, but luckily I think I came out okay ;-) A couple people who walked by the booth mentioned hearing us on the radio which was kind of neat.

I didn’t make it out wandering around the market as much as I would have liked to, and I didn’t bring my good camera, but I snapped a few photos of a few of my neighbors.


I loved the napkins, table runners, etc. that Onawa Designs makes. They are amazing.


JK Designs has beautiful jewelry and I really enjoyed chatting with her.


Old Whaling Company had lovely soaps and natural bug sprays. I loved her whimsical packaging too.


hey, look! That’s us! Photo taken by Charleston Scene.

The photos I took of the booth are too terrible to share. I will, however, be sharing a super easy DIY display I did later this week!

Check out all the photos in the event gallery on Facebook.

What did you do this weekend?

This weekend we attended the Food Film Fest, and I have to say, I had had no idea what to expect and I was thrilled with what I got.


The whole concept is very clever — you know how when you see a commercial about doughnuts, and you think to yourself, “oh man I could eat a doughnut right now” — well, that’s kind of the idea. You watch a short film (less than 5 minutes) about a food, and while you watch it, they bring you that exact food.


…which is how I met my new favorite thing — Top Pot Doughnuts from Seattle, Washington. I mean truly, they were the best doughnut I have ever come across, maybe even one of the best pastries in general. Sadly it doesn’t look like mail order is an option, so a trip to Seattle may be in order.

That was what was so neat about it though – right here in Charleston, I got to experience food from lots of different places, over-nighted in just for that event. Canadian maple syrup, treats from Dirt Candy…all sorts of goodies.


Look at what a good little film patron I am! I kid. I was quite surprised when I came across that one of me when scrolling through the event photos!

Obviously, I did not take any of these photos, they are all courtesy of Food Film Fest’s Facebook Page and copyright Adam Chandler.

And just so you don’t miss out on the fun, here is my favorite film from the event: Dirt Candy’s “Vegetable: Friend or Foe?”

If you have a few minutes, it’s pretty hilarious. Good way to start the week!

Hello friends! I hope life has been treating you well lately. We have been busy as always, which is wonderful, and also taking time to enjoy spring too.


Of course, beautiful weather means wedding season is here, so we have been busily sending out invitations and printing up fun day of pieces too, like these welcome kits for this weekend’s bride.


I know I’ve mentioned before that, for whatever reason, the spark finally came alive and I’ve become really interested in food and cooking. I think now that I know a thing or two (albeit not much), it’s a lot more fun because I feel like I can get creative.


I’ve also spent the last three and a half weeks really focusing some energy on health. I have to confess it’s not something I’ve spent much time on before in my life — I am a workaholic, so if there is time to be had, I usually work — but I’m really working on a lifestyle change. Making sure to exercise even just 20 minutes a day has made such a difference in my stress level. So it’s been fun to incorporate that into cooking and learning about food and nutrition and exercise. Wish me luck that I can stick with it :-)


In that same spirit, I’m really excited about the upcoming Food Film Fest!


A client of mine is involved in putting it on, so I can’t wait to check it out. Here’s what they have to say about it:

The Food Film Festival – the only film festival in the world where guests get to taste what they see on the screen – will debut in Charleston this spring with two events showcasing more than 15 food films! In Charleston, we will present a “Best of” exhibition of favorite food films from around the globe, along with the world premiere of a film about Lowcountry shrimping from Festival Director and Travel Channel Host George Motz.

Sounds really interesting doesn’t it? I will be sure to share some snaps and thoughts after the event!

In the meantime, though, if you want to check it out and are in Charleston that weekend, they were kind enough to share a coupon code with me that you can use (“MELT10”) to receive 10% off the ticket price. Tickets are on sale here. We hope to see you there!

So that’s all that’s going on around here right now. I’ll try to be better about posting – it’s just hard to find time sometimes between work, exercise, cooking, and play! Tell me what you’ve been up to in the comments…I love to hear from you!

As always, last weekend’s Artist Market was a blast. I wish I had better pictures, but to show you what I was up against, look at my booth:

Yes, it’s the one bathed in heavenly light.

I didn’t realize quite how spotlighted my booth was until I went up to the loft and visited Spacecraft who did a gift tag making station and had all sorts of fun stuff going on.

She also had this rad handmade wrapping paper. Love it!

My booth neighbor ended up being Miyako from cone10studios, whose website I finished recently. Charleston is such a small town and it was fun to see her work doing so well.

This time around I did do something a little different with the display. To make “risers” of sorts, I got some styrofoam planks (they sell them in thick sheets at the craft store) and simply wrapped them up in Kraft paper. They were light, easy to carry and did the trick perfectly for a simple craft show display. It’s always such a struggle to get dimension in your display.

Here’s a photo of me and the booth shot by the one and only Sea Star Arts who likes to take pictures of you while you’re talking to her…

…but she tends to always get great pictures that way :-)

A few of the other great vendors I met…

There were also carolers, food truck Banh Mi (YUM), and it was just an all around fun day. So glad we get to be a part of it.

How was your weekend?