A whole year of Paper Junkies, already! I remember coming up with the idea last year and being so excited about it, and it really has proven to be such a fun little project for us.

With all the goodies we have around our office at any given time, the possibilities are almost endless for color, type, and setup each month. We really tried hard to make sure that we did something unique and ran the gamut of style from sweet to mod to classic and everywhere in between. That said, like everything, I feel like we get a little better each month too, which is always a good thing!



One big change we’ve made is that signup is open all year round now. Originally when we started the program I wanted to do periods of signups to keep things simpler for us, but we’ve gotten into a groove and we’re going to make it work for year round signups now. It makes a great gift idea for a friend to spread the holiday cheer out past the holidays!

If you want to join and be part of the fun, visit PaperJunkiesUnite.com.

As promised, we’re running a little sale today through Cyber Monday! Save 15% in our Etsy shop with coupon code, “BLACKFR1DAY.” As you’re kicking off your holiday shopping, make sure you remember to #shopsmall!  Lots of fun holiday cards, gift items, and great stocking stuffers available in our Etsy store and in our main online store.


Some of our friends and local businesses are running great sales too – here are just a few:

  • Surface Craft Gallery – 30% off select items! A great destination for really beautiful, artisan made goods.
  • Southern Protocol – a little bird tells me you might want to check out their Instagram for some special savings…

Know of any others? Do tell! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Hi friends! What a busy time of year we find ourselves in. I just love it. Cozying up to the fire, wearing boots, seeing the leaves change. It’s a most welcome change after the heat of summer.


I can’t wait to host a Thanksgiving gathering for family at my house. Now to figure out how to make a turkey…hmm…maybe these recipe cards will get some use then :-)


These recipe cards showed up in Lowcountry Parent magazine. Very exciting!

Some of our holiday cards also cropped up in Charleston Magazine’s gift guide…


I really love how those turned out, and such an honor to see them published so quickly! Along with all the other normal stuff, we are also busily preparing for the Buy Local Block Party coming up on the 22nd. Hope we’ll see some familiar faces there and some new ones too!

Otherwise, life is continuing on as normal around here. We will be closing next week – the 26th thru the 30th – so I’ll see you back here the first week of December. Pay attention to your email and social media though…we just might be running some fun promo’s (I know, along with everyone else in the world) after Thanksgiving!

What are you up to lately? Anything new and exciting?

We’re active members of Lowcountry Local First, and I am so excited that the organization is hosting a “Buy Local Block Party” on November 22nd. We haven’t vended at a fair or anything in awhile, so it’s going to be a lot of fun to get back out in the community with some of our cards, meet new people, and shop a little too.


An awesome part of this event is going to be the “Maker Tours.” One tour will be of downtown and another will go up to Park Circle, taking you to the workspaces of some of Charleston’s makers (think Rewined, Landrum Tables, etc.) and, of course, a brewery too. I might have to find someone to mind our table so I can catch one of the tours! If you are interested, you can buy tickets here. They’ll be available the day of the event if they don’t sell out, but don’t count on it! :-)

Hope to see you there – we’ll have lots of goodies and holiday cards just in time for the holiday shopping season!

I stumbled on Zio & Sons on Design*Sponge one afternoon while eating my lunch. I absolutely fell in love with their awesome product styling and, on a whim, reached out. Luckily, Anthony, the owner, has a thing for paper, so it was a great match. We have some really lovely collateral we’re working on for Zio (can’t wait to see the photos of those), and in the meantime they took some fun photos of some of our stationery.



IMG_3256 - Copy





I love the more lifestyle feel of these photos. Product photography is something we small business people always seem to be struggling with – white backgrounds, colorful backgrounds, in use or just the product itself, etc. I don’t think I’ll ever settle for good on one way or the other. I spent a fair amount of time over the summer re-shooting almost every card we have on a nice white background in order to get our wholesale catalog looking consistent and clean. But, I really love these beautiful lifestyle shots to compliment all the straightforward white background ones. That’s where I am right now with it – but who knows what I’ll decide later on :-)

Don’t they just make you want to sit down, eat a yummy pastry, and write a letter?

hello friends! I haven’t been much of a blogger lately, I’ll be the first to admit. But I truly do miss sharing what’s going on in our world and seeing what’s going on in yours. So, I’ll ramble a bit, and get to my point eventually, I promise.


Things are going swimmingly here at dodeline. It has been interesting and fun to get used to being truly a team of three instead of a team of two. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I definitely have moments when I look around and am just so in awe that this bustling little office is my creation. Overall, it’s been great and such a relief to be able to handle curveballs and hectic times with less stress knowing there are more of us around to get things done.

In addition to learning how to manage our team, I’ve also been working a lot on workflow and systems and processes. I don’t think that gets mentioned very often in the discussion of starting a business and it’s something of which I’m becoming much more aware. In reality, it doesn’t matter as much I guess until the business is comprised of more than just the owner, but it’s quite the task to figure out even so.

When I worked for American Eagle during college for example, there was a set process for how everything needed to be done. There was a form or a script or whatever it may be. When you make up a business out of thin air, not one scrap of that exists until you (the owner) remember to make it. And that just isn’t easy.

For me, the most difficult thing to work into my day to day task list is bookkeeping. It is so far from my favorite thing to do. Not once did I say along this journey, “I want to start a business because I think invoicing, expense tracking, and general accounting are a really good time.” Nope, not this girl. But it literally doesn’t matter what kind of business you start – bookkeeping is part of it.

So over the past few months, I’ve been working really hard to establish rituals and systems for the things that never seem to get done when they should. Bookkeeping is one of them. Marketing a little more consistently is another (i.e. our email newsletter). Working on our standalone shopping website was a big one (hey, check it out here if you’re so inclined). Developing our wholesale catalog (done! Thank goodness).

Blogging is another. I used to be a lot better about that when things were not quite so busy and it was just me. But it occurred to me over the weekend that if I just gave myself a more manageable plan – say, a weekly blog post – it’s much more likely to happen. So friends, here’s the first of what I hope will be many weekly blog posts!


I was so excited when the girls at Hazel Lane reached out to us to include us in their Charleston subscription box.


If you haven’t seen them before, Hazel Lane is a curated selection of goods from a different city every month. One thing I really love is that they have a bunch of options – a couple different price points of boxes and several lengths of time you can sign up for.

This lovely service was just featured in Travel and Leisure magazine too! We sent out our items a couple weeks ago and you’ll find a sneaky peek on their Instagram of some of what will be included…


So if you signed up for a box this month, you’ll be getting some goodies from dodeline!

Last but not least for our new product week, holiday cards for 2014! I am so pleased with how these have turned out. I mentioned on Instagram awhile back that I ended up with my grandmother’s collection of vintage Reader’s Digest books, which are just so inspiring from a pattern and color perspective. Sure enough, I found myself inspired one day and created a signature Dodeline pattern for the holidays. This year, we are using it as an envelope liner in our four new holiday cards.



Simple, sweet, and classic designs in a deep evergreen ink color. Flat printed with, again, rounded corners and all on coordinating Crane stationery in Pearl. We added a New Year’s card this year, which we hadn’t done before, and I think that’s such a nice option. I also love the “meet me under the mistletoe” as something special for your sweeheart











These cards and more holiday cards are all available at shopdodeline.com as well as in our Etsy shop.

Special thanks to Seastar Arts as always for her wonderful photography talents!

These interior design inspired cards are close to my heart. As you might know, my background and first path was in interior design, and we often laugh about my obsession with chairs. I have far too many chairs in my house compared to everything else…wishbone chairs, ghost chairs, vintage school desks, armchairs…etc. If it was up to me, we’d probably only have chairs.

So it’s only fitting that the focus of one of our new collections is on iconic furniture designs of the modern era…


Not only that, but we really did it up to make these truly fine stationery – gold foil on a Crane cotton 220# (read: super thick) stock with a black painted edge. The matching Crane envelopes have a letterpressed flap with a black and white stripe. I love how that idea turned out….we might have to start doing that more often!


Not only did we do the cards, but we created a collection of items around the theme of black and gold. So we also have…









Seastar Arts and I played around with different ways to photograph these beauties last week. I always love white background photos, but it was kind of fun to try out something different with bright colors and a dark background.




…and hanging out with Jeni means you always end up in a photograph or two..

2014 Holiday-42


…but this time I got her too!


Hope you love the new modern cards as much as we do! These are available at shopdodeline.com and on Etsy.

This summer, I’ve been really busy working to expand our stationery lines to include new offerings that make more specialty options available to the average buyer. We do so many really beautiful custom items for the wedding world, why not bring some of those items to the average person who loves paper but maybe doesn’t have a special event to buy it for (i.e. people like me!)?


So this week, get ready, because I’m introducing a whole bunch of fun new items all at once. First up, letterpress recipe cards. Sweet little cards in a neutral, more modern design. Letterpress on the front and back, printed on super heavy weight but easy to write on stock. All capped off with rounded corners because, as Kellie said, “that’s no surprise.” Love me some rounded corners ;-)

Check them out in our Etsy store here or maybe pop over to our main store at shopdodeline.com – we’ve been doing some renovating there as well. Stay tuned, new holiday cards + a few other special items will be unveiled this week too!

Special thanks to Seastar Arts for the fabulous photography. You’ll be seeing her a lot this week too ;-)