One of my favorite things to do is explore new places – whether it’s a new city or just a new restaurant down the road. When we heard that our favorite restaurant – Wild Olive – was going to have a sister restaurant much closer to our side of town, we were so excited to try it out.


The Obstinate Daughter opened on Sullivan’s Island only a couple weeks ago and we were so happy to be “done” renovating (ha! like that ever ends) and moving enough that we got to try it out. I completely fell for the beautiful interior decor they created – nautical but not too literal, with a modern coastal vibe that was perfect for the delicious but not too fussy cuisine.



Of course, even a gorgeously designed restaurant has to back it up with the food, and The Obstinate Daughter definitely did. Pictured below – the “Old Danger” pizza – was out of this world delicious, as were the Geechie Frites and pasta dish I had. Dessert was phenomenal. We were stuffed & happy!


Have you tried any new restaurants lately? Happy Monday!

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Over the weekend, I finally started playing with the most-fun part of moving: accessorizing! All of our bigger pieces have been in their places since we moved in, but all those little touches take longer to find their way. Art, books, knick knacks…that’s the really fun part.

beautiful fireplace

I have to confess that this beautiful fireplace intimidates me a bit. It is so gorgeous in its own right that I hardly wanted to put anything on it. But when your husband asks when you’re going to do something with the fireplace, you know it must need something :-)

Especially after the move and renovation and all the expense associated with that, I knew I wasn’t ready to commit to buying anything major for this, especially when I have a 100% empty dining room waiting for furniture. For some reason I have been kind obsessed with greenery and boxwood wreaths and topiaries lately, and the color scheme of the house is mostly deep grays, navy, and green, so it seemed like a good place to start.

I found these fun little vase fillers at Pier 1 along with that really freaking cute potted topiary. I guess it’s still a topiary even though it’s not on a stem? Beats me, I like it.

Out came the botanical prints I had gotten for that pesky corner of the apartment, and I think the combination of accessories and prints bring some nice life and color to the molding. Still very simple though, which I love. It’ll do for now!


I had left off the first fireplace post before addressing the surround, so I’ll just say this — there was going to be white marble in the house somewhere, and the fireplace was the most logical place for it to go. No concerns about wear and tear since it’s a gas fireplace and plus it’s not a huge area which helps on the bottom line.

I did first buy marble subway tile before changing my mind and going with the small sheets of marble tile. I’m really glad I did. It was easier to install and I love the effect of the grades of color. One thing to note when buying sheets of natural stone tile – LOOK AT EVERY SINGLE SHEET! I made two or three trips to Lowe’s before I got sheets that looked good together – some were really uniform, some almost all gray, etc., and if you don’t get that right, you will be able to tell they are sheets. Definitely worth spending some time with that. Otherwise, tile is a messy but not too complicated job. Thanks Dad.

My best laid plans to practice my photography skills and take photos of the house died with the camera battery, so perhaps one day this week I’ll manage to have the battery charger and the camera in the same location. I can’t wait to share photos of what we did in the kitchen and the other little projects going on. Have a wonderful Wednesday friends!

Morning, devoted dodeline blog followers!

Allow me to very briefly re-introduce myself. I’m that gal, Lisa, who joined the ranks back in the fall + I recently attained an ever-so official slot on our blog calendar. I look forward to spreading some fresh dodeline-centric love your way, coupled with some of my own creative inspirations and finds.

So, for my big debut in the blogging world, I’m going super personal. Let’s just dive right in. Why wait? SO…I’M HAVING A BABY. Yep. To share some words (some real to the core honesty here)– I’m completely + utterly consumed by all things BABY. And I think pure + simple, that’s how it rolls when you’ve got a wee bun in the little oven. I vow right here and now to never become one of those obnoxious lady moms whose once mutli-faceted life takes a single turn and upon his/her arrival, mommy exclusive eats, sleeps and breathes their little bundle. However…

Today, at five and a half months preggo, this is what’s relevant. Baby Tripp is his name and my newest obsession resides in his nursery. Admittedly, (for a bit of a design/decor nut), this adventure has been way fun. It allows for us gals to be playful and exercise some of our childlike sensibilities. The room is a clean slate + the world is our oyster!

For our little dude, I’m thinking classic boy, so I’ve kicked things off with gray walls and a navy + white aesthetic for furniture. Ultimately, a nursery shares two roles– that of a practical space with utility and purpose, paired with the nurturing baby dreamland. It’s all about finding that perfect happy medium. I  discovered the Newport Cottages Devon Line (at an embarrassingly early stage in my pregnancy). It’s a reliable brand that is modern and whose Devon style leans towards the minimalist end of things. My next step is to spruce up the room with a print that is, yay, childlike but not childish. Insert: my mad love for the elephant and my most favorite childhood pastime safariing and tada, a John Robshaw print that made me swoon. I plan to spunk up the room with framed rock n’ roll posters from the good ole’ days on the road, scouting out my favorite live tunes and I’ll supplement with some kid-friendly pieces from Minted, personalized just for our little man.

for further perusing, visit

for further perusing, visit

Cheers to this little vision + making it a precious reality!



I realized I did a terrible job sharing the photos that Paige Winn snapped in the studio a few weeks ago, as in, I didn’t share them at all.  We had such a lovely time posing for pics and how could you not be in a great mood with those awesome flowers by Branch Design Studio brightening up the space?




















Happy Wednesday!

I had the best time on Wednesday night spending time with some of my favorite locals. The Lowcountry Local First event at Dwelling was held to promote the beginning of Buy Local month, which is something I can definitely get behind.

LLF Dwelling-11

LLF Dwelling-14

LLF Dwelling-21

LLF Dwelling-22

LLF Dwelling-34

LLF Dwelling-37

LLF Dwelling-40

LLF Dwelling-49

LLF Dwelling-70

LLF Dwelling-80

LLF Dwelling-107

LLF Dwelling-121

LLF Dwelling-128

Even though I am a very new member, I got to get a bit more involved with this event since Leigh and Tim at Dwelling are friends and longtime clients. I always love working with them, and any excuse to hang out in their gorgeous store is fine by me! To top it off, the wonderful Jeni from Seastar Arts was taking photos which she was kind enough to share with me.

A good time was had by all. I love any event where I can meet financial planners, people who make wool socks on their alpaca farm, health coaches, popcorn entrepreneurs, caterers, and more all in the same place.

Happy weekend!

This is probably the first question I get when I tell people I work from home. “How does that work?,” they say. “When I’m home I get nothing done.”

Well, it’s not always easy, that’s for sure.

Here are a few tips for how to be productive while working from home:

  • Try to keep hours.  It’s oh-so-tempting when you first start to sleep til 10, work for awhile, go grab lunch, then work again around 9PM, etc.  Doing that will make you feel like you never have a break, even though ironically you’re taking lots of breaks, and will really inhibit your productivity.  Even though it’s less fun, you really should keep the hours that businesses in your industry keep.  If most people are open 9 to 6, you should at least be available, up, and ready to answer phone calls / emails during that time.  It’s better for your business and it’s better for you to have some sense of schedule.
  • Leave the house once.  If you end up staying home for hours and hours on end and not leaving, you can definitely end up feeling very blah and out of touch with the world.  I try to leave the house even if it’s just for 20 minutes or so in the morning to run up to the post office, bank, etc.
  • Take a shower!  Again, tempting to stay in PJ’s all day, but that also tends to make you feel like you haven’t woken up and kind of in a fog.  Not only that, but should you get a “Hey, can you meet me over here really quick?” phone call, it’s not going to sound good to either (a) say no because you haven’t had a shower (b) show up in your PJ’s anyway (c) be super late and show up with wet hair because you tried to play it cool and take a shower lightning fast.
  • Clean when you’re cleaning.  This is one of my bigger issues.  It’s distracting if the house is not in order so you can find yourself feeling like you need to clean it up before you can work.  If you have serious tasks to get done, that can be an issue.  Try to plan when you clean and stick to it.  I’m still working on this one.  A pin has been floating around on Pinterest and I’m going to try to use its suggestions (Monday vaccuum, Tuesday dust, etc.).  Not only that, but we got a Roomba yesterday (our vaccuum died) so now I have a little robot slave to take care of the vaccuuming! :-)
  • Find a favorite spot to go.  Sometimes the house is messy and you just do not have time to deal with it, or you’ve been there all day every day for three days and you’re stir crazy.  If you have that option, which most of us do so long as we have a laptop and a WIFI connection, pick up that computer and go somewhere.  Almost all coffee shops have internet connections.  I have a few favorite spots around town and it’s always nice to be around people.  Plus, I’ve made great connections that way, both new friends and new business acquaintances.

A great website  that covers these kinds of topics is Working Naked.   It has a great funny but informative spin on the work from home topic.

Have you ever worked from home?  Know what it’s like or wish you could?  Some people I meet wouldn’t want to because they say there’s no way they could be productive.  What about you?

It was such a treat yesterday in between a chaotic day of meetings and errands to stop by and see Allison at Spacecraft. The last time I’d been in the space it was literally a storage unit, but it most certainly is not anymore!

Isn’t this reception desk to die for?

Allison has taken a “vintage schoolhouse” approach to the decor (love the office sign!), globes, lockers, the whole bit. I can’t wait to share photos of the finished space as I just think she has done some really clever and amazing things in there.

The button-maker is up and running and it was a blast to do that — I seriously don’t think I’ve made a button since elementary school. There is a whole stack of vintage magazines just full of adorable graphics and photos that would make seriously cute buttons / magnets. Here’s mine…

It was an excellent little Zen moment for me on a hot and busy day :-) And now she’s making my refrigerator way cooler.

In other Spacecraft related news, dodeline greeting cards will be available for purchase in this adorable shop!

Allison and I went through and picked some designs for her shop and I am thrilled with how she is going to display them. Pictures coming soon.

Hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday, friends! I am off to the sunny beach for some much needed relax + rewind time. I’ll miss you but have an amazing time while I’m gone!

Unity Temple was built in 1909 in the Oak Park district I wrote about last week.

It was considered by FLW to be one of his finest accomplishments and by many to be one of the first great works of modern architecture.

It was a very interesting space to see because, as I’ve mentioned, the thing about modern architecture is that we’ve become used to it. For us, it’s the norm. So it’s hard to comprehend what’s really revolutionary or interesting about it.

I love touring churches because the architecture of the space is so reflective of the belief system. For example, Sainte Chappelle or Notre Dame or St. Peter’s Basilica all have more of an imposing, grand feeling, where the churchgoer is meant to feel his smallness in comparison to the greatness of God.

By comparison, in the Unity Temple, there is no seat in the house that is more than 40 feet away from the pulpit. It feels intimate, cozy, and welcoming. Pretty cool, and I bet that was a rather novel idea in 1909.

As always, the light and details were incredible.

Here’s the obligatory Sarah-being-dorky shot. Thanks R.

If you ever make it to Chicago and you like architecture at all, Oak Park is definitely a great place to visit.

Happy Thursday!

Unfortunately Mr. Wright was definitely not a “Mr. Right” kind of guy (hardiharhar) — what an egotistical ladies man he was! But, that aside, you can’t take away from him that he was an incredible visionary when it came to architecture.

We took a tour of his personal home + studio on our first day of our Chicago trip. The fascinating thing is how his own home is decidedly not prairie style, which is the movement he was so much a part of and is so prevalent in Oak Park. Instead, his home was very much his laboratory…he added and changed and tweaked over the 20 years he lived there.

If you know anything about FLW, you have to know the importance of the hearth. For a guy with many wives and affairs and not a great track record, he somehow still recognized the importance of the hearth as a family gathering place.

especially in those times, the hearth was a source of all the important things: warmth, fuel for the cooking fire, and consequently, socializing and fellowship.

The living room that you see when you first walked in. One of the more traditional spaces as it was the first part of the house he built, but definitely not Victorian, which is what his contemporaries would have been doing more of.

This was the original dining room, which he later turned into the children’s study room. So when he did, he scaled everything in the room down to be child friendly.

The light in the dining room is intricately designed. He never left any details to chance or mail order catalog. A total control freak.

The master bedroom has a bit more feminine feel because, in fact, it was partially a woman’s space too. It also has some native influence which is kind of interesting and reflects some of his Wisconsin roots.

The playroom is crazy awesome. It was an addition on the house, and can you imagine having a space like that for your playroom as a kid?

Ahh the studio. Be still my heart.

What an incredible space this is. We could get into all sorts of details about how the roof holds up the balcony, etc., but really, it just comes down to visual impact. The light is lovely, the space feels open and welcoming and inspiring. And that’s really what matters, isn’t it?

Visiting Chicago? Set up a tour at I highly recommend!

I am such a sucker for good clean design. The moment I walked into Black Tap Coffee last week for another Creative Coffee therapy session I fell head over heels in love. Seriously, I could live there it’s so perfect, right down to the logo and the bleached white floors. And the farm table. To die for.

All of these photos came from their Facebook page because I didn’t have my camera on me that day, and I’m hoping they don’t mind my gushing over their pictures :-)

They do cold brew iced coffee, espressos, tea, and all sorts of other delicious drinks along with pastries from Wildflour.

If you make the rounds of Charleston coffee shops the way I do, I would definitely add Black Tap to the list!

Hope you enjoyed some prettiness this morning. Sorry about my unscheduled disappearance last Thursday + Friday – it was such a busy week, I was out of steam by Thursday!

How was your weekend?