There are so many amazing options for unique, handmade gifts nowadays, especially here in Charleston. I love that it’s such a supportive community of makers and the arts. So to continue in the holiday spirit, I rounded up another assortment of lovely little gift ideas from some of my favorite small businesses and makers around town.


1 | monogrammed tote from Stitch-Able Designs $40  2 | element ceramics bowl sold at Surface Craft Gallery $295 3 | No Charleston gift guide is complete without a Rewined candle $28 4 | 8″ Pearl and Aventurine Jade Multi Strand Bracelet from the Pearl Girl of Charleston $75 5 | The Fresh Stitch makes the cutest things for the little ones in your life, organic bib & burp cloth set $19.5 6 | green leaf and botanical illustration by Kristen Solecki, one of my favorites $24 7 | bonjour notecard set by yours truly $15.5

Happy shopping!

My oh my, shopping season is upon us! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It’s hard to believe it’s over already and we’re on to the gift-giving holidays!

Since time starts to run so short at this time of year and gift ideas are always helpful, we put together a few bright and colorful gift ideas for the girls in your life – mother, daughter, hostess, girlfriend, etc. – that you can find right here in Charleston. We do love to support the #shopsmall movement, of course!


1 – Turquoise Stud Earrings by Birdsong Designs, $50 | 2 – Moroccan Woven Basket by Proud Mary, $78 | 3 – Lemon Chevron Cardholder by Myla’s Bags, $7 | 4 – Yours truly, letterpress recipe cards by dodeline, $14 | 5 – Sand Blooms Print by artist Teil Duncan, $50 | 6 – Signature Candles by Southern Protocol (shop in store or call to purchase)

Stay tuned, we’ll be posting a few more roundups of gift ideas from some of our favorite small and local businesses over the next few weeks. How are your holiday preparations going? Do you like to shop more in person or online? Do tell!

Yummy food is always a good gift in my book. Luckily, in Charleston, we have no shortage of good culinary treats!


One of my favorites is Sweeteeth, made right here in North Charleston. And I’m sure I don’t even have to tell you that one of the best parts is that awesome packaging! I love that the company started out of one person’s experimentation and drive and that it quite literally grew out of one awesome restaurant’s kitchen (EVO) into having its very own.

It’s the last weekend before Christmas, can you believe it? My how the time flies. I cannot wait to show you guys some of the cool pictures we took in NYC! Stay tuned & happy weekend :-)

I am a big fan of experience gifts. In many ways, I think a lot of us adults have what we need and buy what we want when it’s within reason. What’s usually more lacking is time.


So here are a few fun ideas for “experience” or “quality time” gifts for anyone to enjoy. They’re also good last minute possibilities!

Have you ever received anything cool as an experience gift?

Boys are so hard to buy for. I am probably biased but girls are just easier, which is probably why most of my finds so far have been more girl centric. So today I’m throwing one in for the fellas.


Brackish Bowties are awesome, unique bowties made right here Charleston. I’ve been a follower of theirs on Instagram for awhile, but I checked them out a little more to write this article and it’s really cool what they’re up to. Featured in GQ and sold all over the world, as a matter of fact!


One of the things that is so cool is that each one is absolutely unique. There are different design styles of course, but the feathers themselves are all their own. Love that!

It’s a busy day around here as I recover from my redeye (thanks, weather) flight back to Charleston last night. Trying to jump back in as best I can – wish me luck! :-)

For today’s post, I decided to see what happened when I explored the Shop Local feature on Etsy, and I came across this lovely shop: ChaosToArt. She makes lots of different things, but I thought her recycled quilt Christmas stockings were seriously awesome.



Stockings are an important part of our Christmas tradition. How does it work in your house? Stocking first, stocking last? Does the stocking have wrapped presents or unwrapped ones? I always love hearing how different families set up the minutiae of the bigger traditions.

Happy Tuesday! Can you believe we are one week from Christmas Eve?

I have always loved Kristen’s work, and original art is one of the nicest presents you can give I think. She has this wonderful whimsical style and vivid colors you have to love.


She also teaches at Spacecraft from time to time, where I took her linocut class once and had a ball. It’s a challenging medium but also a lot of fun.

Not all of her work is Charleston centered – she has great images of animals and music and other fun things too. Check out her Etsy shop to explore – you’ll be glad you did!

Rewined Candles is an awesome success story. I remember setting up in markets when I was first starting, and now I’m amazed to see them all over the place. Such a simple, elegant idea presented so well that it’s not a wonder it’s a resounding success.


They redid their website fairly recently, and one thing they included was this great slideshow about the process of how it all works. Great touch and really well done.

You’ll find them at most of our local markets it seems, but then you can also check them out on their website. Great gift for candle and wine lovers, made right here in little ole Charleston!

Happy weekend!

{Photo from the Rewined Candles website}

Inspiration struck yesterday after my session with Terra Locale…I’m loving my involvement with Lowcountry Local First and all the cool local vendors I know, so why not celebrate it here on the blog? So to take us all the way up to the Big Day, I’m going to do a series of 12 days of local Charleston Christmas gifts, and to kick us off, I’m going to start with my old office-buddy, Alesya Bags.



Alesya saw a common problem for women and took it into her hands to fix it. We simply carry too much stuff nowadays. And more often than not, we need our laptops, our folders and papers, our normal purse stuff, chargers, etc., resulting in our traveling like pack mules with zillions of bags all the time. So, she invented a bag to fix the problem.

It’s a wonderful and chic piece that would be a great gift for any woman. Check out the demo on her website to see how it all works. And plus, they come in fun colors, which is always a bonus!

Back in our days at Spark – the summer of 2011, wow, has it really been that long? – I got to spend some time with Alesya as she was getting ready to launch the very first bag. It’s so neat to see how both our businesses have come along since then.

So that’s it for day one…stay tuned for more fun Charleston Christmas gifts!

Image Credits: Alesya Bags