Over the weekend, I finally started playing with the most-fun part of moving: accessorizing! All of our bigger pieces have been in their places since we moved in, but all those little touches take longer to find their way. Art, books, knick knacks…that’s the really fun part.

beautiful fireplace

I have to confess that this beautiful fireplace intimidates me a bit. It is so gorgeous in its own right that I hardly wanted to put anything on it. But when your husband asks when you’re going to do something with the fireplace, you know it must need something :-)

Especially after the move and renovation and all the expense associated with that, I knew I wasn’t ready to commit to buying anything major for this, especially when I have a 100% empty dining room waiting for furniture. For some reason I have been kind obsessed with greenery and boxwood wreaths and topiaries lately, and the color scheme of the house is mostly deep grays, navy, and green, so it seemed like a good place to start.

I found these fun little vase fillers at Pier 1 along with that really freaking cute potted topiary. I guess it’s still a topiary even though it’s not on a stem? Beats me, I like it.

Out came the botanical prints I had gotten for that pesky corner of the apartment, and I think the combination of accessories and prints bring some nice life and color to the molding. Still very simple though, which I love. It’ll do for now!


I had left off the first fireplace post before addressing the surround, so I’ll just say this — there was going to be white marble in the house somewhere, and the fireplace was the most logical place for it to go. No concerns about wear and tear since it’s a gas fireplace and plus it’s not a huge area which helps on the bottom line.

I did first buy marble subway tile before changing my mind and going with the small sheets of marble tile. I’m really glad I did. It was easier to install and I love the effect of the grades of color. One thing to note when buying sheets of natural stone tile – LOOK AT EVERY SINGLE SHEET! I made two or three trips to Lowe’s before I got sheets that looked good together – some were really uniform, some almost all gray, etc., and if you don’t get that right, you will be able to tell they are sheets. Definitely worth spending some time with that. Otherwise, tile is a messy but not too complicated job. Thanks Dad.

My best laid plans to practice my photography skills and take photos of the house died with the camera battery, so perhaps one day this week I’ll manage to have the battery charger and the camera in the same location. I can’t wait to share photos of what we did in the kitchen and the other little projects going on. Have a wonderful Wednesday friends!


  1. Absolutely stunning.

  2. Katherine Doane says:

    so beautiful! I absolutely love it!! Enjoy!

  3. Carly Totten says:

    Sarah, I did a double take. My exact words were, “Wait. That’s not from Pinterest?! That’s Sarah’s house!” Your living room/fireplace looks so lovely. Well done, girl (and Robert ; )!