I’m so close to being done with the office move. Not quite close enough for glossy pretty photos, but I’m happy to share a few of my favorite details…

I love those poufs. Ottomans. Call them whatever you want, everyone who comes in seems to have a different opinion :-)

The pillows I got at the Indie Craft Parade (still need to do a wrap-up post on that!) from A Darling Day. It’s an ikat fabric she actually brought back from France and turned into these pillows…and really, could the colors have been more perfect?

We spent several hours on Saturday assembling a ridiculous chest that I bought so I could start putting envelopes in drawers like this. It will make it so much easier to see what we have rather than boxes and boxes that you have to move and open to see what’s in them. I *almost* fit them all in there.

I also love the chevron rug, which was actually an Overstock.com find! For an 8×10 rug, it was really inexpensive, and I just knew that it was the best way to make a statement (and hide the purple carpet I rather dislike). Thinking about the floor + ceiling too and not just the walls makes a big difference in a space.

This is just outside. We are in I’on Town Square which is in the front of a really nice neighborhood in Mount Pleasant modeled to look much like downtown Charleston. It’s only a mile or two from the bridge to downtown, so it’s a great location, close to home, has parking, and a coffee shop a few steps away!

The two boxes standing in my way of completion. Also need to hang stuff on the walls.

My little “pick-up” basket just inside the door. I’m having so much fun filling it up with pretty orders and sending them out as people stop by. It makes it so much easier for me and for clients.

So that’s a quick tour for now!

I’ll share more as I figure out what to do with walls and get everything really settled. I’m sure I’ll change things as we use the space, but already it was so much more functional yesterday. And it was so nice last night to go home and be home.

I hope you like the new space! Til tomorrow!


  1. So cute!!!

  2. SeaStarArts says:

    SO very very EXCITING!

  3. How fun, it’s really coming together. Can’t wait to see photos when it’s finished!

    • @SeaStarArts:disqus is coming next week to take much prettier photos than I can muster, and I’m so excited about it! Now to tackle the walls today :-)

  4. I met Sarah at her new office on Tuesday! Her location, her choices in furniture, colors and the poufs express Sarah’s wonderful personality, her ability to see things outside of the box and her work perfectly!!!! By the time I was ready to leave, I wanted to buy some of the things she had created for other occasions even if I didn’t need them.